70’s VIBE! Reaction to Doja Cat “Say So”

Watch Two Old Dudes listen and react to Doja Cat “Say So” for the first time.

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next react to shontelle impossible


You guys need to listen to STREETS by Doja. Such a unique flow


"oh I had that shirt and pants" "yeah we all made that mistake"
me thinking about what I wore to school in 2005 😭


react to dua lipa levitate !!!




Loved this channel


reaction to Nicki minaj


reaction to wap


Been loving your guys’ reactions, discovered your channel earlier this morning and have been binging all day, your humor is a nice touch to your reactions! I love to see it! <3


Can you react to nafe smallz elegance


I'm just downloading the playlist to watch later.
I like the way you notice the seventies details.
And the vinyl collection. I'm always watching the backgrounds too.
I used to work in a used record store so I like the joke about how they must have raided a record store.


Do get into yuh


More like two cool dudes.


Love from Tanzania..love your reaction guys


This song reached number 1 on billboard in 2020😀


Streets by Doja duh also Rules


please react to “love to dream” by doja cat. you’ll love her vocals


70’s fashion is like the best 🔥🔥🔥🔥 my favorite era of fashion especially for men .


❤️❤️❤️ making the magic number!


please react to the metal version she did on this song!:)


this new decade brings many retro sounds, singers like the weeknd, dua lipa, doja cat, Bruno mars have brought many rhythms from the 80s and 70s


I really hate how much i like Doja lol


I am so glad I found this channel I've already watched 6 videos lol you guys should check out song in different styles, she does this song in a jazz and rock cover. The rock cover is sooo good. Highly recommend also love your videos! Definitely subscribing! 💛


3:24 why did they pause on that faceeeeeeee lmaooooooooo


I loved watching you guys react to this, because you completely get all the imagery, and the sets and clothing and hair, cause you guys were there!! I am in love with this video, the song, and the whole esthetic.


Please react to BTS “Dynamite” or their Tiny Desk performance for NPR


Please check out Keemy Casanova it definitely has a great '70s vibe


One of my favorite things about this video is at 5:16 when she’s dancing, it’s a dance someone came up with on tik tok and it was awesome seeing her kinda pay homage to her fans!


You guys should def react to “rules”by doja cat !!


I love that I'm 28 and I can totally relate to these dudes talking about being a kid and waiting for your fave song to come on on the radio so you can record it. Except for me it was on a cell phone so I could have a cool ring tone whenever I got calls (this was pre-bluetooth and infrared or being able to buy and download songs). It's nice having that similar, yet different, experience generations apart 😀


I liked your reaction


You should react to ain't shit by doja cat hahahaha


Please react to Miley Cyrus midnight sky


You can say it ! Doja is. Hot


I really like this channel thanks guys


These guys are great 😊


Please react to women, aint shit by doja !!! Loveeee the reaction , binge watching your vids now !!


The one the right was fine back then. You still look fine. But damn.🙂


doja is another name for weed. she came up with it bc she likes weed and cats


Watching from Detroit, Michigan.😎😎


love your reaction! pls keep reacting to more doja cat songs and music videos, shes my fav artist! Thxxx


React to more doja cat


LMAO not the Senior Moment😂😂😂😂 I love it!! She did a Rock version of Say So at the European Music Awards (EMAs) last year. I love music!!!!


react to Dua Lipa and DaBaby Levitating?


Please react to “The Weeknd - Blinding Lights” I know you’ll like it


Doja Cat is versatile she can do any genre like literally...you name it...Pop/R&B/Hip-Hop/Rap/Disco/Reggae/Rock....she even did a metal rock version of this song y'all just reacted--Say So :D...and it's really hard for artists to usually dive into different genres...but with Doja she does it effortlessly..she is also an amazing live performer..her live vocals and live dance is amazing...PLUS she can sing, dance, rap, act, produce her own music, and write her own lyrics/melody.....she really is talented....I recommend you to listen to her song Kiss Me More...it also has disco-y vibe


new subscriber! react to more doja <3


Doja is an amazing artist and soul and a real musical chameleon. Loved ya'lls reaction. Her song Kiss me more has a similar vibe im sure you guys would like it too.


Loved this video! I hope y’all can react to f it I love you by Lana Del Rey!
Thank you 😊


React to Kiss Me More and Need to Know!!


Doja was her favorite strand of weed & cat because she has cats lol.


I liked your reaction. I hope that you two will react to more of Doja Cat's discography, as chaemil has stated, she is a "super versatile" artist. Michael I love your hair.


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