80’s VIBE! Reaction to Black Eyed Peas, Shakira – Girl Like Me

Watch Two Old Dudes hearing and reacting to Black Eyed Peas “Girl Like Me” for the first time.

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Hey ya’ll, just dropping this little bonus track on Thanksgiving Day! We’ve come a long way in a short time and it’s all thanks to viewers like you. Happy Turkey Day!


I love your reaction, but I saw that you were unsure of their names (names of members) William, Taboo and Aple di Ap. ❤


Yea the note runs is from Asian scales/style. Taboo is of Mexican descent so it’s pretty cool they made a collab w the queen


like a cat, i loved it


Invito a uds a escuchar a un grupo de Rock Argentino " Soda Stereo"


Shakira Queen 🏆 is fantastic ❤🌎❤








Last line was "you're looking for something permanent and I just want to play."


The superbowl shows all of Shakiras talents. Although Jlo was there as well… I only focused on Shakiras talent and multicultural knowledge.


Shakira is the best


that high are u lookin a girl like me sounds very pekin opera to me lol


I love that taboo says a girl that uses her head, because Shakira, on top of singing, dancing, playing multiple instruments, being an embassador for unicef, skateboarding and surfing, also speaks seven languages. She is my role model and Idol.


I do have legwarmers, for winter in canada and they are adorable.


Hello,love video Shakira Queen latin pop and Rock world 👏👏👏👏


More Shakira reactions please 🙂
Some suggestions:
She Wolf
Did it Again
Hips Don’t lie
Don’t Bother
All the performance from Live & Off the Record


Have to comment really Jane Fonda !!! Watch Olvia Newton Jonn !!!! Let's get Physical !! Jane come on now I'm 58 even I saw that it was Olivia


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english...


Shakira isn't just Beautiful and We'll Grounded, she is an Amazing Singer and Musician. She can play the Drums, Guitar and Harmonica as well. She is a highly skilled Dancer and although she's "self taught, an amazing Belly Dancer" too. She can and has made songs/albums of multiple Genres and is a multi Grammy Award Winner. She is also Multilingual; Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Italian and Portuguese... Simply said she's an incredibly Gifted Artist!! 💜
*Definitely should react/listen to more Shakira!! 😊

~xo~ From Florida ☀️🌴😊💚


Wow, this was honestly a refreshing take from you guys.

I liked it.
I liked it that you guys liked it. 😆

Looking forward to more
(More of Miss Shakira don’t hurt 😉)


More shakiraa


shakira is 40+ still looking fine, younger every year


Please listen to xxxtentacion Jocelyn Flores it’s about a girl who was a model he helped her a lot and she ended up killing herself


Reation she wolf de shakira is sexy


More Shakira!


There was Fergie, she left. Now its Will.I.Am, Taboo and Apl D Ap...and the new member J.Rey Soul, female.


Empire - Shakira 🙏🙏🙏


Hi from Chile! Please react to Nightwish - Ghost love score (Live Wacken 2013)


React shakira and Jlo’s Súper bowl 🤩


Please, React to Lady Gaga - i'll never love again


Please, React to Lady Gaga - i'll never love again


React Shakira live Ojos asi


Another great reaction. Would love if you react to DadBod by Logic. I’m a big Logic fan.


Can y’all react to essence by wiz kid ft tems


react to Michael Jackson - Who Is It


shakira hips don't lie react


Could you react to the audio of Elton John, Young Thug & Nicki Minaj - Always love you.
I think the mash of artist’s from just a generation standpoint + the genre of clsssic pop and hiphop colliding would be interesting to get your opinion’s on!


Genuine reaction, you should react to her live performance "Objection Tango" 👌🏼


How did I not get notified when this came out yesterday? Hey, YouTube....what are you doing?


I want to see you guys react to Shakira's Shewolf video!! 😉


React to Shakira la tortura


Shakira - Poem to a Horse (live and off the record)


Could you guys please react to Mona Lisa by Lil Wayne and Kendrick Lamar one of the best songs in the 2010s


If you really wanna see her dance react to ojos asi live by Shakira, the link is here!


Happy Thanksgiving! Please react to smoking out the window by Sonic silk 😊


Maybe you already did. Chantaje by Shakira has almost 3 billion views.


Great reaction!


Shakira has such a great discography from rock, Latin, pop, Arab, even r&b! A true global artist!!!


Please react to Bruno Mars & Anderson Paak’s “An Evening with Silk Sonic Album” 9 songs thank youuu


React to Juice Wrld- Robbery🤍


React to shakira "súper bowl" please


You should react to waka waka by Shakira .


You should react to la fama by rosalia ft the weeknd🧡


Next react to life of the party(good version) Andre 3000 is a master at his craft


Please react to Lil Nas X - call me by your name


React Anitta - Girl from Rio. Pleaseeeee


React to Anitta's "Me Gusta" in partnership with Cardi B and Myke Towers. The clip is so good! The music then... Perfect!


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