AFTERMATH! Reaction to Post Malone – Circles

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Post Malone “Circles” from the album “Hollywood’s Bleeding”.

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Dorgival Dantas?


Its hers perspective




The aftermath of a war… sometimes the end of a bad relationship feels like that


Cry for help ! Music industry


Another song from post malone I recommend checking out Is goodbyes ft. Young Thug I'm sure you'll love it.


metaphor. see TROY ARCHIMEDES. My dad use to say Archimedes you are watching your circles again which meant I WASN'T PAYING ATTENTION TO WHAT IS IMPORTANT IN THE MOMENT. SORRY ABOUT THE CAPS


Post Malone is one of my many favorite artists yall should watch his live performance on SNL for his new song "Love Hate Letter To Alochol" from his upcoming album it gives goosebumps


Great reaction guys! Greetings from Finland!


This is the best song u guys reacted to


Can you check out Chris brown autumn leaves


I would love for you guys to do an album reaction to Man on the moon 3 by Kid Cudi, his sound is truly special


I love these dudes they are so chill 👽👽👽 now this is definitely a channel who should be brought up. No drama, nothing just chill people!


React to lil mosey noticed


Feeling Whitney !!!!!


Listen to goodbyes by post malone, it’s sick


Post Malone - Stay, Paranoid, I Fall Apart, and Feeling Whitney


I knew this song was about a doomed relationship, but you guys really brought the video concept into perspective. I couldn't get it really until you explained this was about him getting through all the emotional battles, and surviving to realize it's just not worth it anymore.


Lyrically, I think it's about a relationship not being what he thought it would be. His partner sees it as something deep and emotional, but he knows it was built on a foundation of sex.

As for the video, it feels like he was part of a group of knights likely sent to kill the woman in the tree. He's wearing the same armor as the others. But he turned on them to save her and died in the process. You can see at the beginning he looks like the typical 'died without falling' image of a knight.

Also, they showed what looked like zombies behind him during the pyre scene, meaning that might be what he actually is, but doesn't know it so still sees himself, when everyone else sees a corpse. That could explain why the villagers looked so concerned when he came through, but his love for that Rapunzel woman is what keeps him going even in death.


Post Malone - I fall apart


i personally LOVE his voice in "i fall apart." there are a couple lyrics i could do without but there's no denying his vocals in that one imo


I don't think the video goes with the lyrics at all. Love this song, but...rather watch live than this dumb video. Even if it's a metaphor...


You guys went too far explaining the video, i don't think even post malone thought about all of that


Post Malone stay or take what you want pleeeeeeaaaassssseeeeee


We need more juice wrlddddd


Could you react to lana del rey ? really any song


I would love to hear a zayn malik reaction!! "dusk till dawn" would be a great start, even "I don't wanna live forever" by Taylor swift and Zayn


Please react to streets by doja cat💖


Love your guys videos. It’s helping me stay sober ❤️


Okay guys you NEED to listen to The Weeknd’s new album any track will do they’re all amazing


Post Malone is great! My personal favorite by him is Take What You Want. For something in this vein too, I'd suggest Pursuit of Happiness by Kid Cudi.


It would make my day if you two could react to the song Spineless by Terror Reid


Have him to react to the one with ozzy


thank you guys for doing this




I would love a reaction to Harry Styles! Medicine, Anna, Kiwi, sign of the times, etc!


family ties baby keem and kendrick Lamar


Pls react to Frank Ocean - Nights


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english...




Bladee - spellbound


Maybe a reaction to Burgos a small rapper and a song called every step of the geuy


Juice wrld wishing well!


I think Mac Miller - Good News would be a great react. Other videos that y'all could also react to by him are Self Care, Colors and Shapes, and Favorite Part but its hard to go wrong with any of his songs. Loving the videos, keep up the good work!


You guys should react to Juice wrld - Sometimes


No matter what
I Know
Bloody canvas

Roddy Rich - War Baby 🔥


I think if you guys like story telling or meaningful music you should listen to Dave. Lesley is really long but so good


I usually dont do such comments, but:
I beg u guys to do more post malone reactions!!
Like please, this was so good i really enjoyed that video!




Visually and audioly you guys would loveeeee little simz introvert! Amazing British artist




Pleass react to Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift. The video is magical


I think it's time for some harder rock on this channel!
Would be love to see you check out Asking Alexandria, modern rock with HUGE choruses. Song suggestions: Alone in a room, Into the Fire and Alone Again🤙


Love your reactions. Please react to Fet!sh by Selena Gomez


Locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars, yall gotta react to this song if you havent heard it already.


Please react to Imagine Dragon - Bad liar


White Ferrari or Nights by Frank Ocean!


Sunflower by post malone and swae lee


Need more peep reacts


Space Cowboy by zillakami I beg you


React Elis Regina - como nosso país plss


I have a feeling you guys would really like Kid Cudi. He has so much powerful stuff tho, maybe everyone can help choose a song. It is truly a blessing to be able to hear the Man on the Moon for the first time. Would love to see you guys react to him! (just a few of his songs that come to mind: Soundtrack 2 My Life, Solo Dolo, Cudi Zone, Mr. Rager, Mojo So Dope, GHOST!, Solo Dolo Pt. III)


a reaction to As the world caves in - Matt Maltese would be so dope, such a great song and video im sure you guys would love it!!


Loving your content guys!! You should check Post Malone’s “Take What You Want” feat. Ozzy Osbourne next


Katy Petty - Rise


I'd watch my friends infant & this was the only song that would calm her down & put her to sleep. So I'd have to play it over & over until she did fall asleep.


YAY! A perfect end to a crazy week. Have a great weekend. 😊

Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Maybe XXXTENTACION - "SAD!" this time, love this song!


Just discovered you guy's today and wanted to say I'm already a huge fan. And hope to be as cool as y'all when I get to your age. Also you guys might want to check out an artist called "Corpse" I'm curious to hear your opinion on his voice


2 OLD COOL DUDES! Eminem- 3am for something different in word play.


Do a lil skies welcome to the rodeo reaction🤭 would be freaking awesome. And maybe two of his songs in one video:) or a iann dior reaction


Please do Goodbyes by Post Malone


Please react to more Post Malone! Goodbyes is a good one, and the video is great too!


You guys have to do more reactions! My favorite content on YouTube right now for sure.


This song may of not been rap but posty can rap


Glad you guys Loved it 😊😊❤


I Love this song Happy y'all got to react


react to suicideboys the make music about some real stuff


post malone has so much good music yall should check out


I’d love to see Falling by Harry styles it’s a beautiful song with a beautiful video 🤍


Please reaction to Miyavi! He is an amazing guitarist and I think you would be fascinated with his unique slap pick-less style.


You guys should check out killstation. His style is so different to a lot of stuff ive seen you react to recently. If you do check him out id suggest sarcoma,extinction or even poison from his new album. Keep up the great work guys


Your power - billie eilish




Nice love Post Malone! Super talented artist. Still hope y’all react to Logic soon. I’m going to be so happy when that happens. Please react to Logic soon if you can. Great reaction as always guys!








I love yous


do more Kanye


Post Malone - take what you want ft Ozzy Osborne and Travis Scott


Imagine them reacting to brockhampton


You should react to Home with MKG, X Ambassadors and Bebe Rexha


I know you guys love good videos, since you loved "Young Thugs "Wyclef Jean" i recommended to you last time, so maybe try "A$AP Forever" by A$AP Rocky, amazing video and really nice song.


react to Star shopping by lil peep


Feeling Whitney’s another great posty song


Can you react more to Taylor Swift?


Like all the vids, but fuck this song!


Goodbyes by Post is really good aswell


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