AMAZING FX! Reaction to PINK – All I Know So Far

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to PINK “All I Know So Far” from the 2021 documentary film.

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Girl power! ❤


You should check out her newest song, Irrelevant. The video is even more impactful than this one.


Hahaha I remember doing that.. We mastered how far to keep the recorder from the speaker to get the best quality which was terrible 😂😂😂😂😂😂 thank you for that little laugh


i always get chills with that last scene, the world blows up and she is there with her daughter til the very end, it's beautiful 😍


those aren't people standing on their heads. Those are people whose heads are buried in the sand.


she write this song for her children.... and as a mom of 3 i know what she sings about... my middle daughter (14 now) is in the middle of her teenage phase with many problems and all i can told her is "no matter what happend i´m still there for you"
we both are big Pink fans and see her life in 2019 in Germany and it was a fantastic evening/night.... no matter what happend to my children i am there for them... the can call me in the middle of the night and i drive to every place in the world to get them home....


Coldplay - In My Place (Official Video)
React please.💜💚


Yes Pink is still going strong! Her most recent album is 2019 HURTS 2B HUMAN. Every song on it is awesome. My personal opinion is that she has the best vocals of any current female artist. Please listen to more Pink, including her live 2010 Grammy performance of Glitter In the Air - you will be amazed!!!


This song is about her journey through her career. You can see the hair changes. The guy she slaps around is her husband. At the end she hugs her mother because they made up after many years of fighting. React to Family portrait and you will see what her life was like. It hits hard


Vinyl isn’t “just” coming back, it’s been on a steady increase for sometime now and it’s so much easier to find vinyl to purchase now then it was in the mid to late 1990s and early 2000s


Please react to Pink covering Janies got a gun from aerosmith 🔥




Did you guys notice the name of the boat?


React to the Indian rapper divine, 'city slums' and '3;59' and 'mirchi'.............


This is the short version of the video. The longer starts with her telling this as a story to her daughter Willow. Her husband Carey is the one getting beat and in the and her son are in the car as well. Pink sounds better live so I always suggest when you react to her live is the best. She is still going strong. She won the icon award last year on the Billboard Awards. She did a documentary last year on Amazon prime and the song came out at the same time. She says to her daughter I will love you till the world blows up.


Pink is an amazing live performer. You should react to her 2010 Grammy performance of "Glitter in the Air".


YOu should definitely listen to something by childish gambino. I would recommend me and your mama. One of the best funk songs ever!


Please do ‘Pressure’ by Ari Lennox!!! I think you would really really like that song!!


Please react to Swing & A Miss by Oliver Tree


This will help u both in the rap category.
You're familiar with kendrick already.
Here's a free rare take...
He did a remix to 1 of his own songs with Jay-Z, "don't kill me vibe- remix"
Kendrick Lamar feat. Jay-Z.

The nuance is each rap verse and bar/metaphor is in response to eachothers verses and its one of hip hops most under covered battles.
Jay-Z never came close to Kendrick collab-wise after this happened.

If u can illustrate the take proper it will be ❤️‍🔥....jay-z has been old guard GOAT as far rap is concerned...this remix was from Kendricks debut album and he murdered Jay. Plz a new fan of u both and ur takes.


Please react to BTS🙏 I will recommend to react to "BLACK SWAN" or "ON MANIFESTO FILM"


Idk about you, but I need BTS in this channel, I would appreciate if you don't only react to their famous hits (which are great, love them) but going into their music world~✨ 💕
Like their solos, rapping, dancing, and their story behind the music which is based on a book and psychology of Carl Jung <3
Thank you so much, I really your videos 😀


The worst part of 8 track tapes was half the time the tape would get eaten. 😂 As for Pink she’s not only a great artist she’s a role model for girls and women alike.


wheres the kendrick lamarrrrrrrr


what kind of love by childish gambino


You should react to KAAN 🙂


plss do all too well by taylor swift




React to joji pls


It’s gotta be Mod Sun ft. Avril Lavigne Flames next!!! 🔥


I love P!nk ahhh but I would REALLY love to see you guys do “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards” by Tame Impala. You might appreciate the music video, I think Tame Impala is one of the most talented groups working today. (Oh yeah and it’s one guy who does everything, Kevin Parker, who records all the instruments and songs and mixes, it is incredible)


Love the content!! J cole has a lot of deep songs! If you could do “Neighbors” or “Tale of 2 Citiez


I’ve loved p!nk since the early 2000’s




The tattoo'd guy is her husband Carey Hart, a freestyle motocross legend and Pink's muse for many songs and videos. He was in the car she was pushing with their two children.


I think you guys should react to heard ‘‘em say by Kanye west and Adam Levine


I think it's time you two reacted to a full album 👀


Can y’all react to freaky Friday by chris brown and lil dicky


Please check out Miyavi. He’s a Japanese guitarist that I think the fellas will appreciate because he has a unique no pick slap style.


Can you react to BTS song "Louder Than Bombs" plzzzzz


Please react to Jessie J my heart will go on live performance 🙂 I think you guys will be shaken by it simply riveting


Adele deserves a reaction!


Video 3: Pursuit of happiness by kid cudi please


Kanye west - moon


I'd love to see you guys react to What About Us and Who Knew by her!!


Once again, I am asking you, nay, pleading for you two wonderful looking gentlemen to listen to "Nights" by Frank Ocean. I appreciate your videos.


Good song. 😊 I definitely need one of your videos today. So glad you're here.

Korn - Freak on a Leash


Please react to “all the good girls go to hell” please by Billie Eilish


Please react to Frank Ocean!


Would love to see the dudes react to Let It Happen by Tame Impala if they haven’t heard it yet… I’d recommend listening to the full album version on your own time too, it’s an awesome piece of modern music. Kevin Parker played and recorded every instrument on this album himself, from the drums to the synths


I've interpreted this song as she wrote it as a love song for her daughter as it brings me tears to my eyes as its how I feel about my daughter wanting her to live and grow from the pain of life. Passing on her life lessons ❤


You guys should listen to J Cole wet dreamz! Get a good laugh out of it


love this song + reaction ! I work at a super mart and ‘All I Know So Far’ playing on the radio was one song I never felt like skipping if possible ♥️
p.s requesting for a reaction to ‘Jackets’ by Goa Trap Culture (a group of artists) 👀


You guys should listen to 'Im sorry' By Joyner Lucas. Its a truly amazing song with some amazing story telling and a breathtaking video


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