ANTHEMIC! Reaction to Imagine Dragons – Thunder

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Imagine Dragons “Thunder” from the album “Evolve”

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Please react more Imagine Dragons . Thanks


And our ears and noses never stop growing.


Michael you are the 1st who examined in the video that there are aliens in 😀 I think wise aliens would not feel well in a place full of concrete steel, they would miss the green thinks, in old days we called it plants 😀 hahahahaha


The video sucks. What a stupid ass concept by some rando who wants to seem "deep". It ruins the song.


Un related, but I hope I'm as cool as you guys at your age. (Heck I don't think I'm that cool even now.)


Imagine Dragons are from Las Vegas as is Cirque du Soleil - some of the greatest dancers anywhere. I'm an old guy and this is one of the few bands that the younger generations can be truly proud of. Very creative. Try "Demons" or "Natural" - they have lots of great songs.


Well another old dude here first time I heard this was last week someone played it for a short video looked it up came across all these video reactions all were positive everyone loved it this video. One of my first thoughts it might be cool at a country club, line dance. Then on second thought one of those flash mobs I've seen in movies. Thanks for this was great


good channel


You guys should check their song " bones'


Dude is very talented


React to Alex Terrible Thunder cover.


I appreciate the diversity of music yall react to 🔥🔥definitely wanna see yall react to Post Malone "Love Hate Letter To Alcohol" live on SNL


Please react to Taylor Swift - Lover!!!!


Would love if you react to enemy by imagine dragons


Can you react to Enemy by Imagine Dragons?


Just found you guys. This old Dude just subscribed.


react to sucky watch out for my body rolling watch out for my body rolling high kicks high kicks this is how we do it here


Imagine Dragons videos are always so creative. Doesn't get talked about enough - this video is a work of art.




Please react to BTS too I'm sure you will like them


You should check Woodkid - Guns for Hire 🙂 amazing song!


you should react to Cigarettes by Juice WRLD, it's a recent released song that you'd probably like 💯


Can you please do NINE by JADEN


could u PLEASE react to Maroon 5 ft Cardi B: girls like you


React to humble by kendrick Lamar 🔥




When I see you-foolio


Story by NF has a wonderful story


I recommend going through more of The Weeknd songs such as The Hills


You should listen to mf doom💯💯💯


Please react to pursuit of happiness by kid cudi


Would love a reaction to Vincent by Car Seat Headrest, seems right up your alley


Can you guys do Spotlight by lil peep


I’d like you to please do 21 Savage featuring J. Cole a lot Do you enjoy Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole is on the same level as Kendrick and 21 Savage is just amazing thank you


3 Childish gambino videos you should watch
-Sweatpants or 3005
-This is America
-Feels like summer
New viewer but I like what y’all got going on!


I think you guys would like KidTravis he’s pretty good


Would love to see the dudes react to Let It Happen by Tame Impala if they haven’t heard it yet, has a great video! I’d recommend listening to the full album version on your own time too, it’s an awesome piece of modern (2015) music


2021 Em Uma Música By Lucas Vinicius from the brazilian channel Inutilismo. I bet you gonna love it!


Please react to more Lil Peep songs!🔥


I enjoy there reactions and reviews but can’t help but feel they more often than not are reacting to videos and the music videos themselves then the contents of the lyrics and are missing out on so many different layers of the music.


I think you guys would enjoy The Mistake by AM Taxi.


You guys need to listen to "Nights" by Frank ocean 🌊🌊🌊


Hey you guys should listen to U by Kendrick Lamar. It’s a really sad song but has a great message


Can you please react to Adam Jensen- I’m a Sucker for a Liar in a Red Dress


Do imagine dragons wreaked


Can you guys do see you again by Tyler the creator


Been binge watching your videos lately. Notice you say that you love a good music video and I'd recommend Clout Cobain by Denzel Curry


Please react to LilNasX "Dead Right Now"


i really hope u guys react to mac miller’s tiny desk concert


I love imagine dragons ❤️

@robertalarosa273's Dubai 😍😍


"Wrecked" by Imagine Dragons is one of their most recent songs and it's SO good I think you'd like it as well. Really tugs at your heartstrings too


You guys need to listen to more Kanye West specifically songs like ultralight bream, hey mama, and through the wire


please listen to 90210 by travis scott


Please react to Black Pumas- Colors or OCT33 both excellent songs I think you'd both enjoy!


I really liked this song and the band! Great music and reaction.


Please react to LET YOU by iann dior also react to complicated by iann dior there such good songs


please react to any of mitski’s songs she’s so different and i think you guys would enjoy it


You guys should check out Denzel curry’s ‘walkin’ it’s a critique of structural inequality and the strength to keep pushing on


The video is amazing but it’s nowhere near their best song, react to Cutthroat, Hear Me, Amsterdam or Monster ❤️


more Doja cat and more the weekend and more Tyler the creator would be great


You guys should listen to paramore: misery business


More Taylor Swift pls 🥺🥺🥺


Love Imagine Dragons, hadn't seen this video, wow it's pretty stunning


React to telephone or Alejandro by lady gaga


React to more Xxxtentacion!!!!!


You should do fall out boy “My songs know what you do in the dark”


You guys should react to wet dreamz by Jcole


You guys should react to J Cole wet dreamz! Definitely a video y’all would get a laugh out of


Hello boys! just started watching your videos and I like them! I figured i'd drop a quick suggestion. In a COMPLEX interview with David Bowie he talks about Hip-Hop and rap and says his favorite song in the genre is respiration by Black Star: the iconic rap duo of Mos Def (Yasiin Bey) and Talib Kweli. I highly recommend you check it out!


8:01 this made me laugh Michael hahaha you have a great imagination on you being able to put yourself in the alien’s shoes so quick hahaha such a serene idea of aliens simply wanting us to show them what it is we have built and what can do


React to godzilla eminem


I’ve never watched this music video before. Wow. After the second verse when the atmospheric auto-tune wailing (no connotation associated with that word just going for accuracy) started and then it cut from humans dancing to a parade of identical ferraris, that was awesome. Such a great musical transition, paired with such a visionary locomotive transition aka from bumpy dancing to smooth driving. Hats off to ID, I could watch that scene on repeat and never tire of its awesomeness. I live for those tiny fleeting moments of wonder


Imagine dragons doesn’t get nearly the love they deserve nowadays! Such a great anthemic (you guys stole the perfect word) band, they really helped change stadium pop even if their influence may have been fleeting (although I have a sneaky suspicion that in 20 years it might start being drawn from for inspiration)!


0:59 🙌 thank you!!! All of us should take care of our teeth, it truly doesn’t take that long! You will be glad 50 years down the road. Brush twice a day if you can, I really need to start following that advice more closely! Keep those teeth working so that you all look pretty at age 100!! Hopefully be there smiling with you all


Can you react to MF DOOM: any song. Baby Keem: Honest or family ties


please react to welcome to the internet by bo burhnam


react Melanie Martínez please!!!


Homura by Lisa pleeeassee


Please react to teeth by 5sos 💕


My grandpap use to say "Be true to your teeth & your teeth won't be false to you!"


Love this song! Happy Tuesday! I hope everyone is having a great day.😊
Korn - Freak on a Leash


y’all should react to As the world caves in by Matt Maltese !!!


hey guys love the vids! would love to see you guys reaction to silk sonic - smoking out the window. i think you guys would like it


you guys should react to kendrick lamar - I (single)


You should react to one of Mitski's songs, they're amazing.




react to balance ton quoi by angéla its a very good song! it is in french so put on subtitles. The song has a very good message




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