APOCALYPTIC! Reaction to NF – The Search

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to NF “The Search” from the album “The Search”.

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Just discovered you guys, have you done Ren or Bo Burnham? I hope so I will have to look and see


This was a year ago? I've never heard of NF and I thought it was eminem... I was mistaken, but ya'll know why. This was really awesome. The lyrics hit like he knows me! ❤


React xxxtentaction songs


I recently had to push my son's stroller through loose gravel on an incline WITH a slope to the side. Pure anger got me up that damn hill. I relate so much to this video bc I suffer from clinical depression and sometimes my anger seems like the only way to push through obstacles physical or mental. it CAN be a good thing at the time but you/i shouldn't use anger to cope with difficult situations


Just subbed can you react to NF Mansion?


Powerful message about mental health -- Bravo!


Ugh yess, please do more NF reactions. And those balloons represent his burdens, those balloons show up in a lot of his videos. Listening to his music is a journey, listening to his catalog in order is ideal but not entirely necessary.


Great video as always!


Would love for you to take the NF Journey


Love these videos, and id love to see you react to Oliver Tree - Hurt


The balloons represent his burdens.


Great reaction! Another good song of NF is "I miss the days", really deep


This video was filmed in Iceland. Pretty cool, huh?
Also, there was still more at the end of the video. You cut it off too fast. A piece of advice: You ALWAYS need to watch his videos to the very end.


His older ones are also really good. I just love Mansion, Therapy Session, Real and All i Have. The Intros are also absolutely amazing


Ultravilonce lana del ret


You should react to Juice wrld - fast!


We need you to react to; cardi b- wap, Disco medley- selena quintanilla, envolver- Anitta, Kali uchis- telepatia


Always enjoy your reactions, would love to see you react to BTS - Black Swan


Nice reaction, Bo burnham all eyes on me next please?


Who is the fucking song chooser ...wtf are you making them react to...i love them but the song they r reacting really sukkkk


These videos are the funniest videos I have probably ever seen y’all are the best at these please DO NOT stop posting!😂😂😂


Hey dear old dudes! I would like to recommend you react to Steve Lacys song - Dark Red. Song is so fascinating also sounds like 90s


My algorithm is jacked up! All I do is look for new reactions to NF and u JUST NOW popped up on my page! If u do more NF U WE WILL WATCH!


NF is so underrated. Another NF song that I consider you listening to is “Just Like You”. That song is just the best.


Best wishes for Lee need him back in the line-up


Please react to glimpse of us - joji thanks. 😊


I just wish NF would be on the channel more😄👍


NF - The Story. Trust me on this, it's a powerful piece


Please please react to Chase Atlantic


🔥🔥💯💯 Reaction NFrealmusic 💯💯


The balloons represent his burden & anxiety.


YAY! So glad you're here. I wondered what happened to yinz on Friday. I hope all is well. Sending my love & prayers to Lee.
Great song, Great Video.


NF is awesome!!


His burdens are the balloons behind him


react to some pierce the veil if you’re up for it


Absolutely love this reaction where is your friend today tho ? ♥️


Hope lee returns soon!


I love how for most of NF’s songs the beat is made after he writes the lyrics so the beat is literally built around him


Great reaction!
This is his intro to search album. He does an intro to each album. No hooks heavy orchestral sounds each time!
Paid homage to kanye west in this one. “Hands on my head cant tell me nothing” kanyes cant tell me nothing single and he put his hands on head like kanye did in video.
He is walking away from outcast cage in beginning from outcast single. Represents his mind. He is showing he is out of it now. Cart a more portable version. Balloons he said represent his burdens. We assume that is his mom who died from drug overdose on swing from how could you leave us single.

Why single introduced us to cart and balloons one year prior to this. Leave me alone comes after this.


Thank you so much 💙


Can y'all start reacting to more Kanye West? Much love from Morocco 🙏


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