ARMAGEDDON! Reaction to Juice Wrld – Burn

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Juice Wrld “Burn” from the album “Fighting Demons”.

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Reminds of an unreleased song "cursed heart" where he mentions it feels like Armageddon without her


Great video! if You guys like Juice wrld You should listen Wishing well and all girls are the same!


what happened with your friend ? It's been a long time since I last saw him


I know you’re also only listening to his officially released songs too but he has some absolutely insane gems that are unreleased that you can find on soundcloud and YouTube that I would highly recommend you listen to because a lot of them will never see the light of day.

Songs like

Numb the Pain
Stuck In My Ways
Purple Moncler
And like a thousand more tbh


Man I’ve watched all your Juice Wrld videos and it’s awesome to see the older generation recognize his talent. Really is heartbreaking we lost Jarad so early RIP💔🕊️


Parents by yungblud




The ending of the song is representing juice losing his battle, the meteors represent the addiction and pains of life that destroyed his world..
rip juice wrld
Rip Jarod Higgins
999 forever


Been waiting for this !!!




Will go down as one of the greatest of all time across any genre. Absolute legend LLJW


“Juice wlrd”


Thanks for not being like a lot that react and pauses every 5 sec making vids 30+ min when song is 2-4 min long


he wants the percs to numb himself from the pain of the hellfire rather than putting out the fire itself


the entire story of this song is actually about a dream he had in germany. The dream was about hell. “i fell asleep too deep that one time my girl woke me up crying”. that was all real


Rip juice it was drugs and to him he didn’t. Know he was dying or fading out but to Lottie he was fighting but just couldn’t anymore it’s a sad story


hey man love your reaction you should react to dark places by juice wrld keep your good work man !


You gotta react to Legends by Juice


You should really do some reactions to Upchurch, Savannah Dexter, or Katie Noel. They’re in the Country Rap genre, it’s be a little something different to listen to and I think you’d really enjoy it!


Hi, im from Germany and Juice is here a Legend he are still one of the best artist i ever hear!
Greetings and i love ur Reactions!!


Could you please React to juice wrld ft nba youngboy ? The song is called “Bandit” & it is a hit!


really enjoyed watching this reaction video 😤🔥

Please react to Touchline - I'll Always Have Me (feat. Veena)


0:44 it's "wrld" not "wlrd" 😉


let’s gooo another juice wrld reaction! was not expecting this but what a pleasant surprise. glad to see you enjoy listening to his music. even just the reaction when you first read his name on the paper was nice to see you get excited. thanks for this reaction, love this channel!

if you want more juice wrld i recommend ‘righteous’ (first video and song released after he passed) or ‘wishing well’ (arguably his saddest song).


Where is the other dude?


finally a new reaction!


Not to be a spoiler, juice wrld label will be releasing his new album on juice wrld day this year🤫👀👀👀🤫🤫🤫


999 for life ❤️crazy thing this song was fully leak for a year before it was released. Crazy how it’s got 50 million now… I wonder how much would juice get if he was still here with us!


I’ll play this at Nō Studios on 7/18/23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


Juice a Goat would love to see you react to him more‼️


So good at explaining the meaning/visuals of the song thats why You guys are a very good reaction channel. amazing!!


I'm so glad to see yinz. This was a long week. I hope yinz have a great weekend. This is such a good song. Great video guys. Can't wait to see you on Tuesday. Thank you for being here for all of us.🥰🤗


This is a very powerful video, and him singing about waking up to his girl's cry gives me chills. Great reaction


Well said 999


I would say that he is talking about his world burning BECAUSE OF the drugs. He has mentioned similar feelings in his other songs. Obviously, you can know and admit that the drugs are a serious problem that only bring more hurt and difficulty into your life, and Juice does, but he still can’t stop doing them, and it sounds like he even admits that he can’t and won’t ever stop doing them. That’s why he says, “I’ve been cursed since birth, guess I never learn.”


im confused. why is the other guy not on camera anymore


This song gives me chills all the time , good reaction 👍🏼


great reaction. keep reacting to more juice




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