ARTISTIC! Reaction to Ariana Grande – God Is A Woman

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Ariana Grande “God Is A Woman” from the album “Sweetener”

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She broke the glass ceiling with that sledge hammer and the pool of paint she is laying in is in the shape of a vulva.


See you two made me cry. Lol. May Gd bless you guys, y'all seem like such fun, kind and optimistic people




id love to see you guys react to Ariana live. She's even better live



Gee that dance move seems familiar.


The teat representation was actually a representation of Romulus and Remus


YES! TWO OLD DUDES FOR THE WIN! I have watched prob about ten of these reactions now & y’all were the first reaction vid to actually Get the Pulp Fiction reference! Awesome, man.


If you want to hear her rap you should definitely listen to ‘7 rings’ it broke chart records and stayed at number one for 8 weeks!


Hey Lee, if you need someone im here HAHAHA


Please, react to the chilean queen Mon Laferte, she's amazing. Mon Laferte - Tormento (viña del mar)




I really enjoy you both reaction


Diana Navarro is a very complete singer who sings different styles of music with that voice and those melismas that characterise her, and she always transmits when she sings. In this case I also recommend a live song "sola" in salamanca. Greetings from Spain I recommend you a singer her name is Diana Navarro with the song "El perdón" she is a very versatile Spanish singer singing different styles of music with incredible melisma. She transmits a lot of emotion and emotion when she sings.


Random but y’all should react to Heat Above by Greta Van Fleet


When he thought that was creating hurricanes lol


Definitely react to more Ariana Grande. Love the reactions. I recommend ‘no tears left to cry’ next, it’s on the same album. But some other good ones are breathin, ‘thank u, next’, 7 rings.


React to more Ariana songs please!! ❤❤


I’d def recommend listening to Arianas 7 rings.


1:52 The pool is in the shape of vagina
2:56 She's fingering the earth
2:31 she says she want to have sex the way she likes it.
At 2:39 she says that when her guy tries to "cum" on her she gets flourished by becoming a mother.
Did you notice how her tummy bulged at 4:53 ?
At 6:15 she means that when we're done having sex you'll believe that God is a woman.


Please react to “no tears left to cry” ❤️


please react boys will be boys by dua lipa


I suggest lizzo


I definitely recommend reacting to Florence + The Machine!


It’s also a Bible verse


react to 7 ring lets kill these old guys


React to I took A Pill In Ibiza 🙏


Can you react to Ariana grande into you


React to falling by Harry styles


You guys should react to the band We Three. They were on americas got talent. They did an original song for their audition “heavens not too far” the full version is also great since you get to hear everything. They also have other great songs I’d love to see your reactions too like Sara, Half Hearted, Lifeline.


You should check 7 rings by Ariana Grande 🙏🏻


I would love for y'all to react to kpop, anything honestly. BlackPink, LOONA, and Twice are amazing. They're all good!




React to her Dangerous Woman acapella video! Or POV live 😁


Plz react to coi lerray blick blick or push start


My hair (live on VEVO) by Ariana would be great to see! It's from 2021 and it's got a very nice jazzy vibe.


please, everything i wanted by billie eilish


all the good girls go to hell by billie eilish


y'all should react to her "my hair" live performance the vocals are really good.......and some other songs are no tears left to cry
Off the table(ft the Weeknd)
Thank u next


Women. We all came from women. We do not realize that. They bear the offspring. They also feed the offspring.
This song is about pleasures of sex and, consequently, encourages the message of female sexual liberation and domination. Women's empowerment, exactly.


This is not in the same album. "Positions" song is in the "Positions" album which was released on 2020 and "God is a woman" is in the "sweetener" album which was released in the 2018.


She actually can rap. It is just easy for her, definitely easier rather than she belting, doing falsettos, whistles, or runs. She dated rappers and Miss Minaj is her industry bestfriend. They treat each other like sisters through hectic situations when before and after they perform.


Mockingbird and When i’m gone by Eminem


hoping you would review Isaiah Rashad from TDE , the world needs them fo real


React to more of Ariana grande song


I think even better than this music video is her performing it live in the style of the last supper… I think it was the MTV awards? I just thought that was so awesome and cool


This is the first time I saw the part where she’s mixing the world referred to as making hurricanes and I love that a lot more than what most people think hah


great reaction, i love how you guys really picked up on the message behind the visuals! it’d be amazing to see y’all react to thank u, next or no tears left to cry - both by ariana!!


Please react to Big Red Machine featuring Taylor Swift - Renegade!!!


You guys should react to "I wanna be yours" by arctic monkeys


one of favorite music videos by ari, the shots are BEAUTIFUL


Pls do arctic monkeys


You guy gotta check out “Cut me” by Moses Sumney! All of his music is so good. I’m definitely subscribing to you guys!


React to the anitta's new album called "versions of me"


React to the anitta's new album called "versions of me"


React to the anitta's new album called "versions of me"


React to the anitta's new album called "versions of me"


React to No tears left to cry


Hey can you please react to Joyner Lucas - devil’s work


Please react to more Ariana Grande


I think you would appreciate monsters by James blunt.




Please react more to her songs!


Reacts to No tears left to cry please


You should react to “Formation” by Beyoncé! I think you’ll like it!


Ugh I wish you guys reacted to the live one but still happy you did it


React to Taylor Swift - Ready For It music video🔥🔥🔥


Please do ride by lana del rey!


Enjoyed the reaction! Maybe you can check out Rosalia, she’s a Spanish singer


This was around 2+ years before positions but she did use the same director! He’s incredible! Dave Meyers. He also directed the music video of hers No Tears Left To Cry.


People on YouTube will listen to old Ariana and some think she is giving doja vibes when doja wasn’t even famous when Ariana had most of her hits lol Ariana says yuh and then doja says yuh (“yuh like Ariana”) and everyone says oh Ariana copied doja lol no Ariana was doing it all before doja started or got famous. Just a good reminder haha 😄😄


Love this music video. You could watch it 10 times and still pick up on new stuff every watch! Ariana has making of the music video/ behind the scenes of this one and it’s soo interesting!


You guys are awesome!!! 😂❤ Much respect ☮️✌🏾


You got to react to rain on me by lady gaga and ariana grande




I love your reactions. All the references you make it just makes my day. I think you would really enjoy Streets by Doja Cat.


react to bad blood by TSwift


listen to still feel by half•alive!!! please 🙂


React to one of her older ballad songs i recommend my everything, tattooed heart, almost is never enough


Can you do react to DOJA Cat - Need to Know or react to Streets please? 🙏


What she was doing while sitting on top of the world was not "creating hurricanes, or creating a storm" it was her fingering (sexually) the world...


Could you do NF story


Good song! How in the world did I miss this earlier?!
Ok, I'm hitting you up right now. Let me get my pen, got to write the info for Lee. ☺️😊


awesome reaction 🙂 react to no tears left to cry by her too




harry styles "sign of the times" pls


Fun fact: when she was doing the lil speech it wasn’t her voice it was Madonna’s voice.


I think that you guys would enjoy reacting to the song "I've Had Enough" by Melissa KB.


Fun fact: The speech at 5:13 wasn’t actually said by Ariana but by the Queen of pop herself, Madonna !


Kanye West x Jay Z - no church in the wild


you guys should listen to As It Was by Harry Styles


Please react to my hair or off the table by Ariana grande live or studio


I remember when all the old Christians got SO MAD at this song/video. They didn't even get the right takeaway from it, naturally because all they heard was, "God is a woman." 🙄 Thank you for not being like them.


She is amazing!




it's funny that you would think "positions" and "God is A Woman" could be on the same album even though they're not because Positions (2020) is considered by some part of the fan base a sort of Sweetener 2.0 and Sweetener, which is the album God is A Woman is on, came out in 2018. ❤(Also, Madonna is the one doing the speech, little fun fact if you didn't recognize her voice)




Sign of the times


Harry styles


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