BACK IT UP! Reaction to Tyga, Doja Cat – Freaky Deaky

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Doja Cat “Freaky Deaky” from the album “Freaky Deaky”.

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Ultravilonce lana del rey plz


y’all gotta react to feeling myself by nicki minaj ft beyoncé


Loved writing this song with them! I’ll see them on 7/18/23 in Milwaukee.


you should react to Ariana ft doja & meg the stallion = 34 + 35 remix!!


Rod wave - soul fly PLS


Please react to hate myself by Tate McRae! It is to die for!


Please react to Melanie Martinez songs. Start with "dollhouse" if you haven't done it yet. If you have, please react to "cry baby"😊


Pls react to nicky minaj we go up


Plss we need a nicky minaj reaction


I really love your reaction videos, could you please react to - Just a little bit your heart by Harry styles
Please, please, please please .....1000x:))


react to vegas from the elvis soundtrack!


pls react to sing about me im dying of thirst by kendrick lamar the songs is a 12 minute 11/10 masterpiece


You guys really should listen to Bo Burnham-Welcome to the internet. You would really get a kick out of it


Do the N95 music video by kendrick Lamar from his new album 🐐🔥


react to Frank Ocean please 😭


Habit by Katie Noel ?


Please listen to conan gray crush culture, yours or memories


One funny thing about the title Freaky Deaky is that the band NSYNC actually had that rhyme in their song "Digital Get Down" that they released in 2000!


Please react REZA DARMAWANGSA sing off tiktok songs part 1-9


Say can you do other imagine dragons reactions? I look through it seems you just did the one. Maybe believer or idk Enemy? Idk a lot of them are good. BUT NOT CUTTHROAT ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!


Plenty of quality modern music for you guys to listen to but people are recommending freaky deaky ☠️. Love the channel tho lol keep doing your thing


PLEASE react to taylor swift's all too well 10 min short film version


Omg you should do Doja Cats “rules” and one she does with French Montana and saweetie called “handstand”! 🙏🏼❤️


Tyga dated Kylie Jenner a few years back but was poppin before her and is poppin now after her. So his fame doesn’t come from her if y’all think that, he actually streamed way less when he was with her cause people started seeing him as ”corny”, but when they split people started supporting him again.


I was really hoping you guys could react to The New Abnormal by The Strokes the album in my opinion is an 10/10 but the average rate is a 8/10 it is all around a different sound and is amazing


You need to react to Nf- The Search


doja cat and ariana grande actually have a song together. its from doja cats recent allbum called planet her called i don’t do drugs featuring ariana grande. you guys should react to it.


doja cat and ariana grande actually have a song together. it’s called i don’t do drugs. you should react to it


I think you'd love "Take what you want" by Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott.
Theres no music video, but its an amazing song with a sick guitar solo.


August Alisna and Rich Homie Quan- Ghetto (Explict)


Can you guys do another lil peep song such as crybaby or nineteen. Great video as always thank you.


please react to vegas by doja cat!! it's for the soundtrack of the new elvis movie!


Yeah Kylie Jenner and tyga haven't dated in a while.


Hi everyone! Have a great day! Great song, Great video! You two always have me smiling. Thank you, I needed that today.😊
Korn - Freak on a Leash


Pepper jack cheese is the best cheese also you should listen to Surround sound by JID ft 21savage and baby tate


Early bird here been watching your reaction to diff. Artist im your fan from philipines💕




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