Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to XXXTENTACION “Sad” from the album “?”

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Thay were mostly xxx


do more xxxtentacion please


Hes a sad doy Like Juice🙏


It was another part to the video at the end that helps wrap it up for an understanding but it was him fighting himself and having a peace to be better in life this was the last video he made before his death it’s almost he knew


R.I.P. XXX Tentacion . 🥹❤️🙏


React to bizarrap


The original video would've made more sense


Crazy how you just called that he was angry over someone committing suicide.




Long live X 🥺


I’m so glad you know X , you should really check out 777, Supra, and Iwatchedhimdrown 3 AMAZING songs!!!! RIP X 🖤🖤


He is fighting his former self


They both are x


You should react to Stop trying to be god-Travis scott




He was fighting he's past toxic self


The guy in the coffin is Xs younger undeveloped self


React to This is America by childish gambino. RIP XXX


these guys hairs always on point


He’s Jamaican


Great video! You guys should definitely react to ashnikko!


fun fact: xxx = unknown and tentacion = temptation (latin) 🙂


If nobody has explained yet that's him in the coffin. It's one of his iconic hairstyles


He's beating up/killing his past self


I’m always sad that this kid never got the chance to fully evolve. Life’s all about making mistakes and growing from them and he was robbed of being able to evolve not only himself but his music as well.


This one left yall shook huh? That was X. RIP


You need to check out xxxtentacion look at me music video


React to joji pls


He is missed.


can you guys pls listen to lil peep, star shopping is a song that he’s well known for, it holds so much meaning to me personally and all of his fans. he passed away fairly recently.


bruh watch the full video smh


I wish they did a little background check on the video


Can you listen to a lot by 21 savage the music video is very good


Rip X🕊


Little upside they didn't watch the real video


As everyone in the comments has said this video is about him growing as a person and beating him old self. You should listen to his older music 'I'm Sippin Tea In Your hood' or 'Look at Me', from when he was know for fighting.


When I see you-foolio


people are bearly getting to understand his message and some people still don’t understand his message wow crazy, he was always misunderstood. long live the greatest to ever do it.


That wasn’t the full official video. The one in the coffin was his old self. He had that hair style years before


Nas - Ain’t hard to tell


React to team by Lorde


The guy in the coffin was x as his old self , when he had the black split either blonde hair he wasn't in a good mindset and was getting trouble alot n had a bad imagine and the one walking up to the casket is also x but as a changed person he tried to better himself and that's when he had blue hair. So basically he was just fighting his old self and sadly xxxtentacion has passed away in 2018(I think )he was robbed and killed from two gun shots to the neck in his car. But you guys should of watched it from XXXTENTACION account cause this video u guys reacted to cuts out all the imports stuff that would make u understand it more


He’s fighting his past self. He thinks his life leading up before his death was completely disgusting because, it was. All he did was fight females, commit sexual assault, probably killed somebody at some point with his boys. It was him being somewhat grown beating his teenage self up


Listen to Jocelyn Flores, it’s very sad about his friend who committed suicide


X was The best every day
Mmmmm baby I dont understand this


Jocelyn flores by x is beautiful


React to Billie Eilish- all the good girls go to hell pleaseee


Guys you should really check out young girls Bruno mars. Beautiful work of art. I mess w y’all heavy. Just found y’all. Great shit, as always 💪🏿🖤


listen to “never” by x


please listen to Mrs Potato Head by Melanie Martinez


no more waiting
react to MF DOOM, there's a lot of choices, but I'd personally go with All Caps. There's also Doomsday, Beef Rapp, GAZILLION EAR, and THAT'S THAT


I can’t tell if they were reacting to a video that had cut out the other parts or if they saw those but had to cut it because of copyright. But I feel like it was probably the 1st, because I feel like the video would have made a lot more sense if they had seen it. They wouldn’t have been as confused. Although with this being their first reaction of X, I understand it would be confusing to understand straight away either way.

But yeah regardless you should definitely check out more X. I recommend Look at Me (the music video), Moonlight, Changes, Hope.


Can you react to save your tears the weekend


Just FYI this is the wrong video. The real video is around 6 minutes I believe and WAY more spiritual and interesting imo 🙂 I’d recommend checking it out!


These guys just heard a legend I'd like to see ya react to more of x, old and new music. His documentary is also coming summer on Hulu so a reaction to that would be awesome as well! You can learn a lot about him on there I'm sure.


Hey please do BTS REACTION


Please react to sundress by asap rocky 🙂


You should react save me by xxxtentacion this song like 90s rock


lil peep- the way i see things


please do more Xxxentacion and Lil Peep


First of all RIP X. Also, you guys should react to Ghostemane - Mercury.


Can u please react to super bowl 56 halftime show


Please listen to heartless by Kanye west


Would really love it if you can react to Adele - Oh My God! Would make my day


Another amazing reaction.........can u pls react to Holiday by KSI......


Checkout save me by xxxtentacion


Mre X reactions pls


Guys please react to more Kendrick Lamar!!! 🙏🙏🙏




I can't with the xxxtentcion 😭


You gotta do more of x, he has some deep stuff


If you havent already - Wiz Kalifa - See You Again


Reagi Xxxtentacion king of the dead please


you guys should've done the official music video on his channel, to understand the video more


X was something special


I would really love for you guys to react to a JID song. I think he’s one of the best rappers in the world rn, I think you’d like him. The songs I recommend are 151 Rum, Off Deez and NEVER


listen to yeat


I know you guys reacted to Machine Gun Kelly a few months back, how about you try his song he did with YUNGBLUD and Travis Barker? It’s called “I Think I’m Okay”. It’s a great song and I think it really describes the mental state of a lot of people in the younger generation, especially during the pandemic.




pls react to Imagine Dragons Enemy


He was fighting himself brotha


React to Jocelyn Flores! It’s one of his best songs.


Sir - John red corn


XXXTENTACION's "Look at me" music video is what i recommend


Xxxtentacion was fighting his old self. That’s the video


React to pushin 🅿️
Yall are 🅿️




Love your reactions!!! Please react to Need to know from Doja Caaat
Besos desde Argentina ❤️


Please react to Goodbyes by Post Malone or See You Again by Tyler, The Creator!


this is the wrong video


Hey guys im pretty new to the channel but i love this kinda content and would love it if you listened to any song by $uicideboy$


the black and white dread head is x before he became a better person


When I see you-foolio


React to Jocelyn Flores by x!


Michael Jackson Billie Jean


Xxxtentacion - Moonlight


A lot of his popular song does need context, there is a story or reason, like Jocelyn Flores


The full actual video that helps pace it together a little bit is 6min long on his official X channel on YouTube ------->


He burried himself
The Person he was in the past ( the negative him )
You have to Look him up
He was just 20 but he made music in every Genre...He was a Genius but was also taken to soon
A true King and leader was taken from this World




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