BAPTISED! Reaction to Kanye West – Hurricane

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Kanye West “Hurricane” featuring Lil Baby and The Weeknd from the album “Donda”.

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That was lil baby in the first verse and the weeknd on the chorus


What happened to the other dude?




The one who is actually singing is The Weeknd. He carried this song. The Weeknd is the GOAT!!!


i might be late but... isnt there supposed to be 2 old dudes? haha


react to weeknd shameless


Amazing video as per! Would be awesome if you could react to Dimash - SOS. He’s renowned as one of the best singers in the world! You won’t be ready for it!


Hi le duo


This Weeknd carried this track for me. Even though Lil Baby and Kanye were great too. And The Weeknd sounds exactly the same, if not even better, singing his part live 🖤 You guys definitely need to react to more from him. His early Trilogy stuff or the darker tracks on After Hours. Which is pretty much all of them since you’ve only reacted to Blinding Lights and Save Your Tears lol 🖤


great reaction, love the way you break it down and clearly enjoy watching these videos and seeing the story. you should react to more Kanye!

btw if you couldn’t tell there was 2 other artists in this alongside Kanye, they just aren’t credited in the song. the high register voice was The Weeknd, and then the one that rapped fast was Lil Baby, not sure if you’ve reacted to one of his.


You need to react to more the weeknd💕💕💕 he is the one with the high range


Check out jesus lord by ye !!


Did you notice Hurricane is literally a Hurricane?

Weeknd 1st verse - calm before storm
Lil Baby - waves rise, winds hit
Weeknd 2nd - calm again. Storm’s eye
Kanye - storm starts again
Weeknd 3rd - everything resets to calm



Where’s Lee?


If you really want to hear Kanye at his best, you should maybe listen to a full album. He’s an album artist more than a singles one. His best and most interesting (my opinion) are My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Yeezus, 808s & Heartbreak, and The Life Of Pablo. However if you’re gonna stick to singles I recommend POWER, Goregous, Saint Pablo, Can’t tell me nothing, Dark Fantasy, Blood on the leaves, On sight, Heartless, and probably more that I’m blanking on.


So happy to see yinz! So glad you're here as well. This is a great end to a crazy week. Good song, great video. I just love your videos. I hope everyone goes out & enjoys the weather, snow is coming soon enough. 😊 Have a great & safe weekend.


Do "Jesus Lord"


Great song but the music video is pretty weak compared to the "Heaven and Hell" music video imo


You need to do more old Kanye! Donda was great but Kanye owned the music world between 2004. and 2016. with his innovative and ever evolving style!


Do Kendrick Lamar-M.A.A.D. City


i hope lee’s doing well! thanks as always for the reactions, much love from australia! 😁😁😁


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