BETRAYAL! Reaction to Olivia Rodrigo – Traitor

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Olivia Rodrigo “Traitor” from the album “Sour”

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The comments are all about teens & their feelings being valid but ITS NOT JUST TEENS THOUGH. This happens to ppl of all ages. As a 34 year old established woman I relate. Because there are millions of songs about cheating but NOBODY talks about your partner falling in love w/ someone else while you’re together. The BETRAYAL OF THAT.

Theres a vacuum in the myriad of cheating songs about this moment. When your partner is ENTERTAINING another man/woman while you’re together, they didn’t fück or kiss so it’s not technically cheating BUT the moment they CHOSE to continue talking to her/him WHILE WE ARE TOGETHER. That moment where s/he knows that they’re attracted to that person & instead of catching himself & saying NO, they lean into that temptation so that when it knocked THEY INVITED IT IN. Nobody ever talks about that situation.

It’s always the sleeping with & cheating but being strung along then eventually broken up with because theyre already cultivating something w/ someone else! I’ve yet to hear a love song that acknowledges that


The symblolism is that her and the ex shes singing about co starred in High school musical the series on disney channel hince the highschool!


you guys should listen until the end the song,and than whatever you want.dont stop in the midle like that


Her lyrics are so simple, yet so effective.




You definitely need to react to the songs by the other singers involved in this situation.


You should react to Joshua basset crisis! His response to her ✨


Can i suggest Jealousy, Jealousy ? Its one of my favorites. Its by Olivia as well


Please react to ashnikko halloweenie I,II,IV


Love ur reaction.
You definitely should react to deja vu and good 4 u, both have a music videos. But also Favorite crime and all others songs from album. Every single one of them is great, honestly.


Love ur reaction.
You definitely should react to deja vu and good 4 u, both have a music videos. But also Favorite crime and all others songs from album. Every single one of them is great, honestly.


Congratulation Olivia Rodrigo! 2022 Grammy Award Winner: Pop Vocal Album of the Year, Best New Artist, and Pop Solo Performance!

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React to good 4 u by Olivia Rodrigo


Read to good 4 u and deja vu by Olivia Rodrigo


You should react to Grace Vanderwaal! Either the golden buzzer audition she did on TV or Moonlight


you guys should check out some harry styles !! I feel like you would really enjoy it :))


Already Dead - Juice WRLD


I'm 31, so I don't often relate to Olivia's "teen angst" lyrics. But as someone who was cheated on in my 20s and was destroyed by it on multiple levels... this one still hurts. (I know, it's about someone who "didn't cheat", but come on, close enough.)


Most of her album Sour is pretty good.


HELLO Two old dudes!!! I am here to suggest the music 2021 em uma música (lucas inutilismo)
It is like a musical retrospective based on rock stands. You guys are going to LOVE IT!!!! It is brazilian, but most of it is in english...


U guys are awesome. I think you’d really like Lana Del Rey! You should react to Born To Die (the title track from her first studio album)


Enough for you from Olivia is also incredible🥺 you have to Listen


pls react to all too well 10 minute version by taylor swift!


you guys should do some more ariana!! love the reaction xx


I'm so glad I found your channel, I absolutely appreciate your in-depth observations, and your clear appreciation of the overall work: music, lyrics, video, interpretation.

Top reactions channel!

P.S: hoping to see more Taylor Swift reviews by you, I think you'll appreciate her sister albums Folklore, and Evermore. Or as most comments say, the song All Too Well (10 minute version).


Back then during their time, it was all love songs that were the hit songs. Now breakup songs are popular. I'll never know which is more relatable since I've never been in a relationship.


yes! clean melodies and lyrics!!! that's why it's so relatable . I'm 33 and I can remember feeling what she's singing about when I was her age or even a bit younger. to me that's the beauty of music. you should totally react to Taylor Swift's ALL TOO WELL (10 MINUTES VERSION)TAYLOR´S VERSION. song and music video!!! you´ll love it guys!


Hey guys I make music and gonna release it on early 2022 when I release could I send it to you and maybe you could could see if you like it? Love ur vibe just found you guys


I think you would like the band why dont we 🙂


you guys should react to joshua basset’s new songs. secret and chrisis are his response to olivias album (she sings about him)


I can't believe she is supposed to be Taylor Swift's replacement 🤦😐👀


Blackpink please


Really love how you guys try to analyse and break down the pieces in your own way .... i really love that ... My first vid of you was your reaction to Billie's HTE and now I'm a new happy subscriber ✨


React to her song “hope ur ok”


Watch her new video on tiny desk and react to that!!! She did so great


Please react to Rosé's "GONE".❤


All too well 10 minute version pls!!!


React to XXXtentacion SAD


Ive came to beg of more Juice WRLD content, his 2nd post death album just released and it would be amazing if you might listen to a song from the album?


I love your reactions. Please do more Taylor Swift from Folklore and Evermore albums!


They should react to Joshua Bassets new music


react to yung gravy. Mr. clean. or any of his songs. they are super creative and fun to listen to. I think yall. would have a good time listening to him.


React to Selena Gomez please


OG…Taylor Swift, New G…Olivia.😌💗✌🏼


Hi guys! Love your videos! Could you please react to some Frank Ocean's songs like Seigfried or White Ferrari? I think you would really like it! Thanks. Greetings from Venezuela : )


Juicewrld-Wandered to LA & Justin Bieber
Juicewrld- Righteous


React to 56k - loud an artist from montreal! There’s not enough reaction to our music from usa


React to bts butter


React to Lil Skies - Lust


React to "kill this love" blackpink


i would absolutely love it if you could react to harry styles — sign of the times (live at graham norton especially) is a beautiful song, and i’m happy to provide any other suggestions based on what you’re interested in!


Hey guys. I would love to see you guys react more to The Kid Laroi!


Idk if you know but “Sour-feeling” you said something like that skskrk her albums named “Sour”


REACT TO ALL TO WELL 10 minute version




React to taylor swift's all too well (10 min version)


Please react to All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift or Nothing New (feat. Phoebe Bridgers) (Taylor’s version) by Taylor swift!! I love y’all’s reactions so much:))


Please react to All too well the short film


Fun fact... she's the one who break up with him at first.. because she has an affair... her current boyfriend who's 24 likes her since she was 13 and he was 19...cringe much
No hate just my opinion


You should react to All Too Well 10 minute version.


Pls react to Cigarettes After Sex- Apocalypse


i keep asking for twenty one pilots! “car radio” is a great place to start!


Just binged all your videos and subscribed ! You guys need to react to travis scott, more kanye, playboi carti !




Pls do more juice wrld


Keep it up these are real intresting


THE GRIN I MADE WHEN HE SAID “man thats brutal”


You should listen something from Finneas, his new album Optimist is a complete masterpiece! Hope to see it soon in your vids.


Since you guys love Billie you should react to the videos from her new album its just genius the whole thing seriously


you gotta do “good 4 u” by olivia!!


Please !

React to All to well 10 minutes version by Taylor swift


I love the reaction, great video and much appreciated 😊 you should try Stray by Grace VanderWaal. And her other songs Don’t Assume What You Don’t Know, Intro (Gucci Shoes)


hey you guys should listen to “pretty girl” by clairo i would love to see what you guys think


Honestly surprised you guys haven't reacted to good 4 u by Olivia yet


You are amazing!


React more Olivia Rodrigo songs


listen to Hangman by Dave


Please react to Hayley Williams!! Why We Ever, Simmer, and Leave It Alone are amazing.


Should give Joyner Lucas- Devils work a listen! Or Little Mix- Strip


Hi guys. Great video as always. I'd like to recommend 'Little Talks' by Of Monsters and Men. Brilliant song.


As always, great reaction! please react to her other song "favorite crime". there's a vevo live version.


Please, react to All Too Well (Ten Minutes) (Taylor's Version) [from the Vault]


Please react to Joshua Bassett he's Olivia's ex and he tells his side of the story (Crisis,secret,Set me free)


Please could you guys react to lil peep - nose ring or any dermot kennedy song


You guys would like her song “Happier”. It deals a lot with what you were talking about toward the end - hoping that the person who left you doesn’t find someone who measures up.


you should react to the band "why don’t we" their song Fallin’ is amazing


Please react to 5 seconds of summer!


React to Now United


Listen to Joshua Basset - Crisis and his other song Set Me Free.


“Sounds really uplifting.”

Honey, you’ve got a big storm coming.


more JuiceWrld reactions please!! (: 999


You guys would LOVE the weeknd


React to Olivias ex-boyfriend Joshua Bassets new Songs: "Crisis", "Secret" and "Set me Free" (in that order) - it is so good - and so Much tea😁😁👍


React to after hours, The Weeknd!


Love your reactions!!


React to Olivia Rodrigo's ex his side of the story his name is Joshua Bassett the songs are Crisis, secret, and set me free in that order ps set me free is about SA he went through as a child he talks about it in GQ interview the other 2 are about the label and Olivia Rodrigo




this song is the best from the album no cap


i love her


There is a live version that is even better then the video version


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