BIG ENERGY! Reaction to Machine Gun Kelly – I Think I’m OKAY

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Machine Gun Kelly “I Think I’m OKAY” from the album “Hotel Diablo”.

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It’s YUNGBLUD who actually dated Halsey right after MGK did, and they became best friends and have done several songs together


what happened to the other old dude?


Travis is dating a Kardashian


MGK Youngblud and Travis Barker doing amazing things lol. I can never stop listening to this song.




Yungblud please parents


If you like Travis Barker you should check out him playing drums with Goldfinger on the song “99 Red Balloons”


The second artist was Yungblud , has such great music.


YUNGBLUD has songs with Bring Me The Horizon, Imagine Dragons, Black Bear and 2 other songs with Machine Gun Kelly. You should listen to Body Bag with Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud and Bert McCracken.


How can you guys not know who YUNGBLUD is. The kid is great.


Please react to any of yungblud's amazing songs. I think you'll appreciate his songwriting and voice more!


I know that Travis and MGK are really good friends, & they've done a few projects together. Travis Barker also has another song with Yungblud and Halsey as well. Travis collabs with A LOT of people now adays. He is just simply ✨ iconic ✨


He is yungblud and he is amazing


The other dude in the Video is called Yungblud, you should react to parents by him


If you both stuck to this genre I'll continue watching, and if u do stay yundblud the other guy ur see.


You need to react to Marcin for guitar, he's unbelievable. Check out his version of Kashmir.




Check out Silk Sonic's performance of Con Funk Shun's 1982 R & B hit, 'Love's Train' on the Billboard Music Awards.


the second guy is YUNGBLUD uk artist


He is now the king of pop punk amazing 🤩


MGK is engaged to Megan Fox actress and model. Travis Barker is drummer from Blink 182. Avril is back with new album and engaged to Mod Sun another singer. Youngblud is singer on this song with MGK, he’s another popular singer and is from UK


Check out "maybe" off his new album. Think y'all would enjoy that one


Man out of touch, all right MGK is engaged to Megan Fox who's the girl from the transformer movies Travis Barker who is also the drummer of transplants with Tim Armstrong from rancid had a clothing label famous stars and straps in the early 2000s and he is married to Khloe Kardashian, MGK was the best man and is his drummer and all of MGK's solo pop punk music yungblud is from England and he's absolutely amazing, All right we're all caught up Rock on guys!


MGK is engaged to Megan fox an actress. Y'all should check out Mgks two newest back to back number one rock albums, tickets to my downfall and mainstream sellout! The other singer is yungblud who's amazing as well. And Travis Barker helped produce and did drums for both those albums. MGK is signed to bad boy/ interscope records. MGK does rap and rock


You should listen to yungblud parents


waiting for lil peep:(


Can you guys plzz react to Just a little bit of your heart by Harry styles 💖💖


This song is so fuckn good 🤘


When I talk about what kind of music I love, I show people this song. This is one of my all time favs. ❤️


Travis barker is one of the best drummers, along with all the greats. He has a lot more songs that show that talent off. He’s an incredible guy as well. He also has severe chronic pain (trigeminal neuralgia/TN- one of the most painful illnesses that exists. More painful than childbirth, experts say. My best friend has it, and knowing his experience, I have no idea how trav can keep working like this. Props to him and hope he’s doing okay with it.) and he also survived a plane crash.


The way it's so refreshing to see people who aren't ripping on MGK for breathing and things he said in 2013 lol. People say his music is terrible but, sorry, that's just blatantly untrue. Just discovered your channel- excited to see more of your content. <3


Idk why it just said MGK, but on Spotify and his video it says ft. Yungblud & Travis Barker. Yungblud has his own music and his live shows are insane. His guitar player and drummer are amazing & they both do plenty of solos, same with MGK’s touring band. Yungblud is dating Jesse Jo Stark, who is a singer/songwriter and fashion designer for Chrome Hearts & Deadly Doll; MGK is engaged to Megan Fox who isn’t a singer, but an actress; Travis Barker is the drummer for Blink-182 and does have his own label. Avril is signed to his label, but she’s engaged to Mod Sun (who is a singer, drummer, artist, & director). They all do various things together which is pretty cool. 🙂 I think you should check out God Save Me But Don’t Drown Me Out, Hope for the Underrated Youth, & The Funeral by Yungblud. 🙂 Mod Sun & Avril have a song together called Flames.


That's yungblud real name Dominic his from England his a really good singer he dated Halsey for almost a year now his dating Jesse Jo Stark and Travis Barker is married to Kourtney Kardashian and avril Lavigne is engaged to mod sun and MGK is married to Megan Fox and also they just had a miscarriage react to twin flame by MGK he wrote it for Megan Fox and their unborn baby or yungblud: hope for the underrated youth, polygraph eyes, or falling skies ft Charlotte Lawrence


As everyone has said, that's Yungblud he's a singer and they have done other collabs together.

Travis Barker has his own label and is a producer. He has just married Kourtney Kardashian. Mgk is engaged to Megan fox. Avril Lavigne is engaged to mod son who is another singer and producer who is also seen for a small clip in this video (not singing)


Travis Barker just married Kourtney Kardashian


MGK - Glass House, please 🥺🙏
It's a deep one and this song is from the same album as "I think I am Okay" and NF - How could you leave us, this one is just heartbreaking 😭


“Bass player” 🤣 guys, first of all, that’s a guitar and second, he is Yungblud, he doesn’t play in Mgk’s band, in fact, you should react to him


Travis married a tv actress, Avril’s dating another singer, and mgk just married Megan fox ( the girl from transformers)


It's a feature of MGK and Yungblud.
This song is on Kell's album, Hotel Diablo.
Travis Barker is the drummer of Blink182. He has a record label called, DTA Records. The first artist he signed was MGK and jxdn. Also, he signed Avril Lavigne.
Another info, Travis is currently married to Kourtney Kardashian. MGK engaged to Megan Fox (actress) and Avril Lavigne to MOD SUN (another great musician).
Btw, I loved the video and that you two are reacting to different kinds of artists and songs. 🖤 🤟


mgk dates megan fox and the other singer is yungblud none of them date avril lavigne and in my opinion yungbludd is one of the best singers in ages


Yungblud it's the other singer, he's amazing! you guys should check out God save me but don't drown me out, it's my favorite song from him.


Fyi Machine Gun Kelly dates Megan Fox think they are married even


you should react to yungblud (the feature here) or mr doctor man by the band Palaye Royale


Dom(Yungblud)! Wrote this song and sent to my friends!


Rod wave


Avirl Lavigne is dating MOD SUN who is also a musician (and was in this music video momentarily) and they did a song together called flames that you should check out. Travis Barker, the drummer of Blink-182, has been the drummer for most of MGK's songs for the last two albums, he also just married Kourtney Kardashian


I recommend you listen to “glass house” by mgk.
Also the girl who he is engaged is Megan Fox


fun fact: dom (also known as yungblud whos the other singer) had never met mgk before but mgk asked him to be in this and dom one day just walked into mgks house cause it was open and came up with his verse in one go after he heard the melodie and stuff ever since then they've been great friends and have some other songs together as well
would love if you'd check out more


Omg, you should react to Yungblud’s music videos ❤️‍🔥


idk if you have already but you should react to candy or glass house by mgk


Based on the end conversation I would suggest 5 Seconds Of Summer, also know as 5SOS ("5 sauce"). They have Incredible individual solos and band dynamics musically. They write their own stuff and everything they play live is so awesome.


This song sucks


YUNGBLUD! Would love for you guys to hear more of his music!!


If you want to hear a solo, listen to Yungblud's song "Fleabag", he had Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction play a guest solo on that song and in typical Navarro fashion, it smokes. 🖤🖤🖤


The video, for the LONGEST TIME, was listed as Machine Gun Kelly (with YUNGBLUD & Travis Barker) but for some reason at some point they dropped off the "with _" part. At the very end it still says on the screen Machine Gun Kelly x YUNGBLUD x Travis Barker. Just so weird how the title had the other artists dropped from it, considering the album is still credited correctly as well. Yeah, Dom (aka YUNGBLUD) has an amazing voice, he can sing clean wonderfully, and throw rasp on it at will. Others have pointed out "Hope For the Underrated Youth" as a good song and video to react to, also there is ""God Save Me But Don't Drown Me Out", it is a bit emotional. His videos are pretty amazing, consistently. He also sung at the Bowie celebration that happened not too long ago, and it must have been his song "Mars" where he sings "is there any life on Mars" in the chorus that brought him to the attention of Mike Garson, Bowie's old piano player. He ended up singing "Life on Mars" at the tribute celebration and knocked it out of the park, and then it actually got played from the Mars Rover when it landed. So YUNGBLUD was the very first sound played on Mars, with a Bowie tune. 🖤🖤🖤


Yungblud - hope for the underrated youth - amazing song and video


Nah mate that is fecking rude. I'm 22 and that ain't cool! My neighbour does it at 10pm


The guy that was featured on this song/music video is called Yungblood. You guys DEFINITELY need to check out his music!! He is absolutely fucken amazing. I love his music, and what he stands for so fucken much 😊!!!


React to Patience ft. Polo G and Yungblud!


react to Yungblud




You guys should do ROD WAVE - soul fly


Yesss more mgk


Yung blood has a great song called parents! It also has an important message plus a very great song!


Polyphia playing god yeah the guitar is not dead check them out.


Thanks for the video. Can you guys do another lil peep song such as crybaby or nineteen. Great work as always.


you guys should react to paramore, Misery Business


The other guy was YUNGBLUB you should check his music because he his amazing!!!


Hey could you react to Imagine Dragons Enemy please?


travis actually just got married to kourtney kardashian!


that was yungblud def check out more of his music like parents by yungblud


You should DEFINITELY check out more YUNGBLUD. I’d recommend Parents, Medication, Original Me, Weird, Cotton Candy, and The Funeral. He’s amazing 🖤 Love you guys so much 💜


Mgk and travis are friends


So, many people actually credit this song with bringing rock music back into the mainstream with certain artists like Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud, Olivia Rodrigo, and Willow Smith. The other person in the video is Yungblud, an English singer. I’d suggest you check out Yungblud’s newest song “The Funeral”- lots of Billy Idol vibes and a cameo from Ozzy Osbourne.


Hi. 😊 Happy Friday everyone! Have a great & safe weekend. Machine Gun Kelly is married/engaged to Megan Fox.

Korn - Freak on a Leash


Yungblud!! 🖤🖤🖤




That was Yungblud! you guys should check out more of his stuff.


Thats Yungblud


Mgk is engaged to Megan fox


React to mgk in these walls


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