BITTERSWEET! Reaction to Mac Miller – Hand Me Downs

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Mac Miller “Hand Me Downs” from the album “Circles”

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'The question' is such a good one ❤


"turn these genes into hand me downs" is crazy and I'm mad not enough people get exactly whats he saying there


He wrote this about his ex which is suspected to be one of the big reasons he killed himself, makes it all that more sad


It's the most beautiful and yet saddest songs on the album. I still tear up today. I see so much of me in him. I miss him <3


This reaction needs 50 million views


I think he is referencing music not a girlfriend


COLORS AND SHAPES !! Great song by Mac and the music video makes it even better !!!


when you pause you gotta go back 10-15 seconds to catch back up on the instrumental


I appreciate you guy's! Mac's one of my favorites! His music is so good I think and I like watching other people paying attention and enjoying his music😁


just recently started listening to mac’s music and fell in love with this song from circles. so i was so glad to see that out of all the songs you had posted a reaction to this. would love to see a good news reaction next.


This, and 2 other songs that are very deep like this are “We” and “ROS” please please please check those 2 songs out. Love is in the air when those songs play


Favorite song off this album


Listen to Mac Millers Circles Album, quite literally the greatest posthumous album ever because it’s so complete and shows how towards the end of his life, Malcolm found his sound 🙂


more mac!


really enjoyed your reaction gentlemen. love mac's music. keep them coming




I see Mac Miller I hit like.


Love these Mac reactions


I always thought Mac Miller was a good artist/rapper, but when he evolved his sound into a more mature, experimental, introspective sound, he went from a good artist to a GREAT artist.






You should probably do 3 albums if you want to fully understand the music of Mac miller.

Faces - Mixtape
Good A.M. - Album
Circles - Album.

In this order to understand how he grew as an individual and artist. How he got to this type of songs


video made me smile. miss this man


more mac miller pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Since you’ve reacted to Melanie in the past, you must do songs from her K-12 Era mire specifically High School Sweethearts and Strawberry Shortcake, she made a musical movie out of this album!!




If you like clever wordplay listen to "chiraq" or "holy ghost" by Montana of 300


React to Betty Wright’s-No Pain No Gain Live in all black outfit😱😱😍😍


Listen to Everybody by Mac Miller or Good News! Please do more of Mac. And if you listen to his album Swimming or Circles you will be amazed.


keep doing any songs off the Circles or Swimming albums they're all fantastic. Good review!


Pls react to harry styles sign of the times!!!


Love this song it's such a vibe ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


Love this. Each album and unreleased song/mixtape are Gold in their own way. (Sneak listen to what u find if his on SoundCloud that u can’t react to on YouTube, if u get the Miller itch) I’m a huge Mac Head he’s a huge reason I’m sober 1 year last Wednesday RIP MAC❤️ KEEP SWIMMING. You guys would like swimming, divine feminine, circles, all I bet but glad u found Mac. It’s nice to that feeling, all my friends can’t listen I play him so much


You guys gotta react to Lana Del Rey - Fuck it I Love You / The Greatest music video and Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails over the Country Club music video!!


Please react to Chloe treat me


Great reaction. You should pause it whenever you like, we're here to watch your reactions and comments, just make sure to go back 5 seconds, cuz sometimes you do pause in an important part and end it up missing something, just pause whenever you like then go back 5 seconds


Guys, you should listen more Mac Miller. He was an amazing artist! ♥ I suggest songs like, Circles, what's the use, dang, self-care, good news, or my favorite part ft Ariana Grande.


Awesome reaction. Rest in paradise Mac Miller.


React to blood orange - charcoal baby, it’s great


An Artist I suggest is Baby Keem he collaborated with Kendrick Lamar on Family ties but one of my personal favorites is Trademark USA (Family Ties has a video and Trademark USA I believe does not)




Yo old dudes I got an oldy for u listen to "Tiny Tim's" The Other Side. Short song but let's just say it's different... One love ☝️


mac millers tiny desk would be great for a longer video


More Mac and Alice In Chains if there are tunes you haven't heard by them 🙏


i love this song so much


Definitely check out the album “Circles” !! You’ll love that if you like this style.


You need to do «good news»!


kid cudi please




The full-album reaction to Circles by Mac Miller would be great!


Harry styles


Harry styles sign of the times


Yeah please do an album review! This is an amazing album


Yessss please do an album review of this specific album, Circles. ❤️ Would love it


First time watching and you guys are awesome. More Mac 🙏🏻


Please react to past life by Selena gomez and Trevor Daniel or wish u were sober by Conan gray!


Oh my god … I thought you two were boyfriends all the time I’ve been watching your videos🥴


Wait until you check out "Everybody" by him. In my opinion, the best example of his astronomical potential.


My favourite Mac song and definitely one of my favourite songs ever.


Amazing reaction!! so many great singers in the world I never would have known about before youtube. I would like to introduce you to a Korean singer. She is, to many of us, the best Female Vocalist in the world. Very unknown to many still. her back story. in one's twenties, she was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. She survived and beat it, but she was rendered infertile as a result of the treatment. She sings of the pain she feels from never being able to have her own children. The meaning of the song and how she deliver the song.. I feel her pain, I feel her story. She is a beautiful person, inside and out with not a mean thought in her mind. You will find her to be humble and insanely talented. Listening to her songs is a catharsis experience. She will never disappoint you. So please listen to it comfortably without prejudice.
I'd appreciate it if you could respond to sohyang`s song (All Live)

Whitney Houston - I Have Nothing (Sohyang):
S & G - Bridge Over Troubled Water (Sohyang):
Michael Bolton - Lean On Me (Sohyang):
Mariah Carey - Oh Holy Night (Sohyang):
Celine Dion - The Power Of Love (Sohyang):
C & P - Beauty And The Beast (Sohyang):
Whitney Houston - The Greatest Love Of All (Sohyang):
Whitney Houston - I will always love you (Ailee):
Sarah Brightman - Nella Fantasia (Park Ki Young):
Eagles - Desperado (Yim Jae beom):
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Forestella):
Adele - When We Were Young (Klang):
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Son Seung Yeon):
Adele - When We Were Young (TAEYEON):
Frozen 2 - Into the Unknown (Jung Eunji):
Loren Allred - Never Enough (Kang Kyun Sung):


react to nba youngboy


Please listen to Apparently - J. Cole. It’s not one of his newer songs, but in my opinion it’s a classic. Love your videos btw


Mac is easily one of the most versatile artists of this generation. They branded him as a “stoner frat rapper” when he first started, and by the end of his career, he was branded as a musician. If you guys want more of this sound, Circles is definitely the album to listen to. It was the album he was working on at the time of his death, and was finished by the great Jon Brion. Id recommend Swimming as well, considering Mac’s mindset was having the two albums coincide with each other, labeling it Swimming in Circles. Would definitely love more Mac reactions though. Especially The Divine Feminine Era. I’m sure you guys would get a kick out of songs like Stay or Skin. Thank you for the reaction. LLMM💙🕊


It I could only choose one song for you guys to react to, this is the one. Extremely happy right now.


More Mac Miller... MORE


Godamn man I miss Mac such a talented guy who was just dealing with so much bullshit. RIP legend


Maybe if you pause it. You could go back a few seconds before pressing play again


Good news next


YAY! New Video w/ my favorite Two Old Dudes! Great to see yinz so smiley & happy. Have a great, fun & safe weekend everyone. Good song!

Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


When Mac was alive he never posted stuff like this, with him being multi instrumental. He was always super modest about how much he did. This video was released posthumously, so they showed some insight into what he was like in the studio. Incredible video great reaction.


The album Circles is full of these songs. Circles is one of my favourite albums and the good news single + video is also beautiful!


Thank you guys for the wonderful reaction!


the studio in this video is actually mac's home studio, he used to call it the sanctuary, so you were spot on with saying it's where he felt ocmfortable in his own skin


Ayy one of my favorite songs mac made,keep up the amazing reactions


If you want a Mac album with this type of song writing, check out Circles which was his posthumous release. One of my favourite parts about Mac is how he evolved through this career, his albums have very different styles and feels as he got older!

No telling what music he would have continued to create as he moved into more singer songwriter albums. RIP Mac 🕊




Looove mac!! Would love to see more mac miller reactions! 🙂


Good News!


you guys gotta do “good news” by mac. one of my favourite and most heartwarming music videos ever.


Mac's rapping along with the chorus just come together like a perfect waffle and ice cream


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