BIZARRE! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Mrs. Potato Head

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Melanie Martinez “Mrs Potato Head” from the album “Cry Baby”.

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Hey u guys seem cool! Could u react to body by Jordan stuaste? And also maybe hookup culture by Jordan stuaste? Please and thank you❤😊


“it’s such a waste when little girls grow into their mothers face and little girls are learning how to cut and paste and pucker up their lips until they suffocate” is the best lyrics ever


Why did I recognise mad hatter on "the little little characters who were stabbing everyone yeah the teletubbies"😭


Could y'all react to lil huddy all the things I hate about you ?? Please if y'all haven't


As an overweight 17 year old girl, growing up with girls at school who always loved picking on my weight because I was an easy target. It got to the point that I wanted plastic surgery to look beautiful and so people would never hurt me again but after listening to Mrs potato head throughout my 7th-8th grade years which helped me with my self-esteem and now decided to try other things to lose weight like walking or running on the treadmill

Love Melanie Martinez❤️❤️❤️


I'm glad you said he's a predator, cause he is, so thank you for your truth! 💞


Love her music 🎶 really helped me get through highschool 🙃


I just came across your channel you are both amazing !


”I thought he was her doctor because he seemed a good bit older than her”
How precious :’)




I highly recommend strawberry shortcake it Is kind of a similar topic but a really good song moreover


and this is why mrs potato head will always be my absolutely favorite song by her. the song itself is just a masterpiece. a lot of females struggle with this type of situation. no one needs to be perfect. if you aren’t that’s okay there is someone for everyone and you are loved ❤️


Melanie's record label hated her because in her own words they wanted her to be the "sexy Latina" and she pushed back hard and said that was not her at all. It takes her long to release music because she always has to fight for it to be 100% authentic and the record label just wants "hits."


I love watching her videos and seeing how she tells these stories through the medium of song and her videos, if you haven't yet reacted to these songs then try and watch Beautiful Now by Zedd and Before You Go by Lewis Capaldi.


Bo Burnham would also be an artist to react to👀🙊


I love Melanie!! You should definitely check out her song “Dollhouse!” This is the first song that I ever heard from her and since then I loved her.


If you want the most tragic song, Melanie does a song called "A Million Men." It's so messed up. 😔


Omfg I love your reaction vids and definitely would love to see you guys react to the neighbourhood, artic monkeys or even hozier


Plis react BTS "BLACK SWAN"♡♡♡♡


nobody ever talks about my favorite line it’s so powerful😩

“it’s such a waste when little girls grow into their mothers face but little girls are learning how to cut and paste” etc. it’s so well written


React to more of her music, she is amazing and the topics are important 🙂 orange juice is really great and hits strong especially nowadays


You guys should react to her full album called “cry baby”, it's her debut album and I'm not kidding if I said that album is so amazing.


I'm sorry but I really feel like I'm watching an older version of Rhett and Link and I'm loving it


I loved how he said: "yea he's a predator." straight to the point


Please react to beach house! On the sea is a great song to start!


Pls react to “pacify her”, also by Melanie Martinez


Please react to Mitski first love late spring, and me and my husband


You guys should check out Ashnikko!


Her movie k-12 was awesome!!!!! I watch it still once a week !!!!


Melanie is an amazing artist, her songs are necessary, and very current to this day.💖


definitely you guys should react to pacify her!! great reaction too


Melanie has also directed a film on her YouTube channel! Maybe you could react to the movie of a song or two?


Melanie reminds ys all art is nit actually about market money, it us a human attribute reflecting culture. Equally anazing is wstching 2 old dudes get the power in what MM is producing... 👍


you guys gotta react to "Boyfriend" by Dove Cameron!!!!


this song still makes me cry to this very day




I'm so glad you guys understood her so well, her music got me through a very dark time in my life. love y'all!


Al melanie's songs is a masterpiece


please react to “strawberry shortcake” by melanie martinez




react VENENO, Anitta - pls 💕


Sooo glad you guys listened to this one! Another great reaction


please do the entire crybaby album ! each song will blow ur mind, trust ! <33


Her original album is about her character Cry Baby and the albums are basically about her character growing up through different life stages. Every song off of her 1st album Cry Baby has a music video to accompany it. Then her 2nd album K-12 is the one that she wrote and directed an entire movie for it so those ones are definitely in a certain order. The entire K-12 movie is free on her YouTube channel so definitely watch the movie to get the order of the songs <3 Love your reactions as per usual =^_^=


please do more melanie :))


everything i wanted by billie eilish pls


You should listen to male fantasy or your power by billie


Can you react to machine gun Kelly “last November” or “9 lives”


Please react to more melanie martinez! she has an amazing album k-12 and it would be so cool if you guys could hear some more of her amazing work! ♥


react to stray kids gods menu


Her movie/album K-12 us also very good


For more Melanie Martinez music, I highly recommend Strawberry Shortcake from her K-12 album. That song surrounds similar themes that this one does. It’s one of my personal favorites 🍰 🍓


i love melanie her and lana del rey have been my favorites for years


REact sua cara


Can you guys please react to "Lil Dicky" You will find him hilarious i'd love to see your reaction!


react to matilda harry styles


react to matilda harry styles


Finally 💖 great reaction


Please react to dollhouse next


Great video guys, would love to see you do more Lana del ray. Id love to see your thoughts on her song and music video for 'National anthem'


react "the bakery" music video plss, it's soo good!


Do “pity party” by Melanie Martinez too! It’s got a sample i think you’ll find familiar


You guys should definitely check out more of her songs, “soap” is really good and “dollhouse”


Melanie wrote and directed 13 music videos for the Cry Baby album, one for each track of the standard edition. Her second album K-12 was accompanied by a feature film that includes visuals for all 13 of its songs. She is currently working on her third studio album that she will also make a movie for and she also stated she wants to make music videos as well giving some of the songs two visuals. Some of her videos I recommend are Cry Baby, Dollhouse, Soap/Training Wheels, Pacify Her, Show & Tell, Strawberry Shortcake, Orange Juice, and Teacher's Pet. Melanie takes societal issues or issues she's dealt with herself and puts it into her music. She's said her goal has always been to help people with her music


Melanie is a legend


You'd probably get a kick out of her song Pity Party, as it samples the old song Its My Party by Lesley Gore!


I would love to watch you reacted to more from her! She’s just so talented and has a vision of what she wants and she does it.


I love your videos!! Please react to Run Away by Domenico Gallo!! <3


Melanie is awesome! You should check her other songs. Here some suggestions:
* Dollhouse
*Pity Party


Y'all should react to The ghost of you by My Chemical Romance. The music video is great and it cost them 1,000,000 to make.

Also Movements- Deadly dull. It's about alzheimers. The singer wrote it for his grandfather I believe


Y'all should react to CHRIS BROWN - WE (WARM EMBRACE) ITS FIRE 🔥


we need a reaction to their 2 albums CRY BABY and K-12 as they both tell a story with each of their songs following the life of a girl named Cry baby 💖💖💖


Her film is basically all the music videos for her second album K-12 with additional dialogue/plot lines to make it a movie. She is currently working on her 3rd album which will have a film that continues from the previous film.


You guys should totally listen to “Orange Juice” by Melanie Martinez, it’s a great and powerful song!


Can you guys react to lil peep star shopping PLEASE


Please react to her song "cry baby" next!🙏☺️☺️


Melanie !!!!!!!!!!!


I always go back to this album, actually listened to it all the way through yesterday.
This video is loaded with commentary on societal beauty norms and the man’s predatory behavior I feel like a lot of people are pressured into changing things about themselves, at 23 I dated men who really wanted me to have cosmetic surgeries or change my hair and body.


please react to Sippy Cup by her


pls react to teachers pet her such a deep topic !


React to WAIT FOR U by Future feat drake $ tems!!! I think you guys will like it


Love it!! 💗 Please react to “Cola” by Lana Del Rey ☺️


It’s funny you mentioned Bella porch’s build a bitch as she is a friend of Melanie’s and has been seen hanging out with her in LA.


Love Melanie Martinez! She’s such a great story teller.


I was born in 1978, & I remember how is the late 80's & early 90's how anorexic the models looked. My friend go sick trying to get herself like that. It was sad to see. I thought to myself, even back then, why would someone want to starve themselves for a little fame. Eventually your outer beauty will fade, so hopefully those people have great personality. Because once their looks fade, they disappear. Not all the time, but for the most part. Other than Cindy Crawford, of that time, what other models do you hear about?


AAHHH!!! YES! ☺️🥰 It's Tuesday, "Two Old Dudes Tuesday" T.O.D.T. ❤️
Everyone, it is so hot out there! Please drink water & stay hydrated.
Good song, GREAT video! Love yinz!🥰 Please stay safe.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Listen to glimpse of us by joji plz😁


I love melanie martinez, thanks for this reaction.
you should react to show & tell or sippy cup <3


Love her I have been listening to her for so long now you should check out ashnikko ♡


You guys did it again… introducing me to new artists through your reaction. Thanks. Keep up the work and sorry for your guys losses


Please react yo BTS "BUTTER" plissds


Lee is a very funny old dude hahahaha


Her whole catalog is fantastic and she explores heavy topics so tastefully


you should definitely listen to more of melanie, I recommend her K-12 album!:)


“What do you mean you never trimmed your nose hair?!?!”
Help I cant 💀


Can your please react to devil’s work by Joyner Lucas


Melanie deserves way more recognition than she gets


Absolutely watch the full K through 12 movie well well worth the watch


React to Anitta - Boys Don't Cry


Nice !!


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