BLACK FRIDAY! Reaction to Ed Sheeran – Bad Habits

First time hearing and reacting to Ed Sheeran “Bad Habits”

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He did a heavy rock collaboration with Bring Me the Horizon (not sure if you know them but they're dope check'em out) and it wasn't a track BMTH used but Ed Sheeran actually re-did it for the track


each vampire is a differnet bad habit ie over eating, sugary food, alcohol and sex


The ketchup was possibly a blood metaphor, but also the guy is also just a massive heinz ketchup fan!😂


Would love to see reactions to Dive and Eraser by Ed Sheeran as well!! A couple of my favorite songs by him. 🙂


Love ur videos, watching from Brazil. Could u guys react to Nihil by Ghostemane? It's posted on the channel "TRASH"


He is saying "Partying" and staying out all night...that nothing good happens after 2 am. Bad habits lead to more bad decisions


cool reaction


The vampires come out at night


The vampirism is a metaphor, Old Dudes.


Long shot. But would you guys watch bang bang by Jessie j?


A lot of the meaning of the video relates to alcoholism and other addictions and how your life is during the day as opposed to at night when it starts back up. This relates to a lot of people putting too much sauce onto anyting is what someone under the influence would do when they are very hungry. Notice how all of the influences burn away in the Sun and he washes up and goes about his day. Tonight will be another night of the same thing this is why it is a habit. This is just my opinion. Something that started off casual but ended a habit no one ever wants to leave a good time some even take it into the day with them. Kinda sad too. Just an amazing video.


I was hoping for more of a reaction to the song instead of the video. 🤷🏽‍♂️


How can you form any idea of a song if you don't listen to it in its entirety and stop it every five seconds? Another stupid reaction.


Ed has never done any dance music. This is his first kinda edm song ever. He's usually all about the lyrics and acoustic songs. Check out some of his other songs like visiting hours (very emotional) or perfect (so beautiful)


or zayn malik


i need some harry styles reaction


You should check out some of Ed's older music, before he transitioned to pop. His first two album, "+" and "x" have a singer-songwriter type of vibe. Some song recommendations here
The A Team
You Need Me, I Don't Need You
Lego House
Give Me Love (a personal favourite)
I See Fire
Small Bump


ED Sheeran fresh,younger and so gooooooood


Ed has said in interviews that when his daughter was born he knew that he needed to change his habits of late night drinking or binge eating, and the "my bad habits lead to you" line means that one habit leads to another, like the late night drinking leads to eating junk foods at 3am and so on. The whole vampire thing was just a fun way to present it all. The reason he chose to go the "pop" route with this song was because he knew it would be released in June right when the UK would be opening back up from Covid so people could go to clubs again, and he knew it would hit well in the clubs and be popular for summer. Oh and fun fact, he said the pink suit was Elton John's idea because Elton told him that he doesn't dress well for his videos and so Elton sent over someone to style him for the video.


I think you should check out some UK music , maybe some stormzy for a mainstream look or Dave for some deeper music


The video has somewhat of a Michael Jackson “Thriller” vibe to me. Also, I agree. I believe the guy that had his face melt away was the original version of Ed Sheeran. This is the first video I’ve watched so far. Well done guys!


Its about how bad habits, drink drugs etc turn you into a "monster"...


You guys should grab some tissues and react to visiting hours by Ed Sheeran


Can't wait for more content.


Can you please react to blackpink’s music video “Lalisa” or Olivia Rodrigo’s music video “Brutal” 😁


Will they ever remember their headphones before the music starts? I'll have to keep watching to find out! 😆 I really love the reactions!


Why do they even make music videos anymore? Are they specifically made for YouTube now? Hell I haven’t seen a video on tv in years!


When's the Juice WRLD reactions coming? I'm waiting 😁


Ed and Taylor are very good friends, hes going to be on her Red (Taylors Version) album in November <3


Keep it up guys your reactions are really good I’ve watched most of them! Could you please react to Miley Cyrus- Midnight sky (music video)!


Please please react to "Leave the door open by Silk Sonic, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽


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