Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to LISA “LALISA” from the album “Lalisa”

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Absolutely no green screen no cgi the signature of lisa and BlackPink is they chose to use real custom built sets.




oh react more blackpink the have crazy cool sets


No green screen


More Blackpink


Lisa money 🙏🙏


I would definitely recommend reacting to Blackpink (The group Lisa is from) their song "How you Like That".




Please try more Kpop bands, they're very different from each other, you can see how diverse kpop music is when you try more groups. I have some recommendation for you:

1. Bigbang - Still Life
3. TXT - Blue Hour
4. ATEEZ - Wonderland
5. ATEEZ - Dejavu
6. Lesserafim - Fearless
7. Dreamcatcher - De Javu
9. ATEEZ - Black Cat Nero
10. Stray Kids - Back Door

I really hope you'll check out my recommendation 🙌🏻


Please do more Kpop music video reactions. 🙏🏾


Guys lisa si amazing and it's part of blackpink they are amazing
Plis give a change to BTS with the song butter


sorry to break tht green screen bubble but YG entertainment never shoot greenscreen vids for BLACKPINK specifically


Lalisa monoban it's parte of girlgroup call it "blackpink", she's from Thailand, but se singing un korean and english... For me it's the one in the group, she must be a solist


Blackpink pretty please!


Conan gray memories


There's no green screen, they actually don't use green screen on their videos


She is amazing!!!!


Can u please react to BTS


Thanks for your reaction and please react more Lisa video ❤️


No worries there's no green screen (you can see it on the behind the scene of the MV) AND she's a part of Blackpink (Kpop Group) who debuted in 2016.
Their song are amazing.


React snow tha product whit bizzarrap


The song is in English, Korean and Thai. That’s it. What you thought sounded Egyptian is her paying tribute to her Thai culture so all the gold and black scene was Thai not Egyptian.


I love Lisa! She’s from Blackpink. She’s Thai but moved to a Korea to become part of Blackpink. She speaks like 5 languages lol very talented girl and group! No wonder they’re global!

She also has another single in her solo work called “Money”. Money is in all English


react to blackpink how you like that


my queen


All you need to enjoy blackpink is an appreciation of hard work and dedication to a craft. I'm 54 and have been turned on to blackpink for about a year now and it all started with their How You Like That dance performance video someone had recommended I watch.




The set is all real...!!! YG entertainment... they always use real set for their artist with the music video....!! Amazing as always !!


ez mil


I hope you react money of Lisa


It's Korean! Don't worry. Check out BlackPink Du Du Du Du Du and you'll be BLINKS in no time... As a fellow Old Dude, (And maybe the oldest BLINK in the world!) I do appreciate the trait to jump into something without first reading the manual... or doing any research...


Please react to any BTS song


Actually doing it with green screen will be a lot harder lol


They Never Use SGI


You get a lot of views if you start doing more kpop reaction since the fandom is huge. Both in the usa and asia. Its only been two weeks and you get 44k views. Doing other reactions get you lower views on average


Lisa is thai but She can speak 4 different languages fluently:
English, thai, korean and Japanese just like a native speaker.
She is basic in chinese. She is in the group blackpink and a lot of their video is in the 1 billion views and counting.


The song lalisa by lisa has broken records and went into the world genius record as the Fastest solotist to get to 100m views within 24 hrs and 300m views. The last record holder was taylor swift.


Reaction Kpop


React money by lisa please🙏😊


No CGI, no green screen. YG doesn't know those things. xD


shes speaking 3 in this MV. #1 thai #2 korean #3 english but she speaks more than that :))


Lisa is Thai, but she's in a Korean group called BlackPink. This song is Korean and English.


sorry but all the locations & set are REAL... and LISA is a multilingual queen (5 languages) who has 70M followers in Instagram and the most followed kpop idol who happens to be a part of BLACKPINK a 4 girl group who debuted in 2016 in south korea and LISA is the best performer/artist of her generation.


Sorry sir, but YG don't know what green screen is😂


Please reaction lisa exclusive performance money more and I like your reaction too


Blackpink NEVER uses cgi.




Please react to BLACKPINK 'Kill This Love' M/V


Lisa is amazing !


Your should react to the group she’s in, Blackpink they are very good


Queen Lisa amazing 👑💯🔥❣️


Lisa's actual name is Lalisa Mannobal and this is her solo debut so it is an intro of sorts to her.


you guys can watch the bts of this MV. All of the sets you've seen were real.


Yes she can sing multi lingual. She can speak 5 language.


Please react to Lisa money song


6:25 CGI (?) no ... watch the behind the scene, the sets are all real, that's why it took 4 weeks to finish shooting this MV.


There is no green screen almost all blackpinks videos are made with sets


Please react to Lisa - Money


Lalisa is her real name she is from Thailand but she work in Korea as a singer she is from the group of black pink she is so famous all over the world search if you don't believe 2olds duds 🥰


Green screen ❌
React to their behind the scenes ✔️


Money by lisa exclusive dance performance pls


She's Lisa. She's really a multi lingual.


Lisa is so talented...and another song from blackpink all so good


React money lisa


Lisa blackpink is good rapper and best dancer..she from thailand


Lisa is cooolll


Please also react to lisa's second solo song MONEY, her first full English solo song 🤟


This is not a green Screen. You must also watch the BEHIND THE SCENES while making this 😁


Please react to more BLACKPINK Videos Thank youuuuu❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


No CGI all live! The are biggest girl group in the world with 4/5 MV with billions of views! List is one of the members who has broken records with her two solo releases! All 4 are also global ambassadors for some of the biggest names !!




please, react to more kpop, it´s a really different genre and maybe u dont like it at the beggining but yeah, its worthy the try. and also, sorry for my mistakes, english is not my first language


You can watch the MV making in this video, it's not green screen


YES!!! You're absolutely right about LALISA being an INTRODUCTION SONG. This is her FIRST SOLO album (2 songs only) release. So she decided her title song to be some kind of an introduction of herself. Her other track is called "MONEY - LISA" and you can react to her dance performance if you like 🙂 And by the way, you can watch some behind the scenes for the MV-making of Lalisa to see all the sets used XD


Green Screen??

OOps!!... you will get a lot of comments on this....


Lisa is singing & raping in Korean, Thai, & English. In 5:31 she raps in ALL 3 LANGUAGES, SIMULTANEOUSLY. She also speaks Chinese, & Japanese😁. Lisa is also recognized as “The best female Kpop dancer”, & is the Global Ambassador for the high end fashion label CELINE


It's not a green screen :))


Please please react to Straykids awkward silence !!!


Thanks for support Lisa


Blink Thank you Reaction Lisa 🙏


Good to hear a reaction that you get the real meaning of this MV- YOUR RIGHT! I'm here, I'm confident, it's me and you'll gonna love me is pretty sure all about LALISA.. smart interpretation ! By the way she's Thai but a Korean kpop idol a member of biggest girl group in the world BLACKPINK. They are awesome!!


I love this, it’s so pure! “ this whole song almost just sounds like —I’m here, I’m very confident, yeah & you’re gonna love me” yepppppp we do! 💜 thanks for this very nice feedback!




What What do you mean green screen it’s not every think it’s real you can see if you want Lisa making video then you will see it’s not green screen


Pls react to “Money” song by Lisa..


Lisa 👑❤️ perfect amazing


Lalisa is her real name


please react to BTS DYNAMITE


Nah! No Green Screen dude!


Lisa ❤️


Please react to more Blackpinck videos


No green screen


On the back of her jacket, there’s a picture of Mona Lisa and Kizz .. ties in with her lyric “ tell the world to kiss my name”


It'd be a insult to YG's power and wealth if they did CG for these scenes. 😂


React to Lalisa behind the scenes




Blackpink music video is real. No green screen.
Watch some of their mv's.


plss react to blackpink n lisa money n how you like that from blackpink. in blackpink there is no green screen used


She is so amazing


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