BLAZING! Reaction to Eminem ft. Juice WRLD – Godzilla

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Eminem ft. Juice WRLD “Godzilla” from the album “Music to Be Murdered By”

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lace it is better it has more of juice in it and I think yall would like it


And he’s 48 in this


waiting for your reaction with ez mil and eminem's "REALEST"!!!


Juice melts my heart hope u have a gooday🙏


I love this song so much.


I believe Eminem is the best lyricist juice is the freestyler


Hi. Really enjoyed your reaction. 350 world's per minute! Simply the best! Thank you both!


I would love to hear ur thoughts about venom because usually people either love or hate it


“We can’t hear that fast” naw it’s more like “Humans can’t hear that fast” this guys far from being human.




sometimes when you listen em hard verses like this or rap god, you put the speed at 0,75, you can understand everything


Wondered if u ever did NF?would love to See u both reactin to him💙 love from germany


"now youve just offended all the joe rogan fans" there are no joe rogan fans. they do not exist.


the hard thinh with rap like eminem is that he speaks very clear even at high speed no mumbling or falling over words he even plays with tongue twisters just to make it harder you really have to know what you are saying and be one with the beat otherwise its never gonna sound like this


More eminem guys!!
Great reaction!!


If you want Eminem to make you actually cry, watch ‘Darkness’. But if you can, skip to the 6 second mark and avoid the disclaimer youtube forced in front of the video. It completely ruins the entire point of the video.


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Please react to Taylor Swift - The Best Day (Taylor’s Version)


More eminem


New subscriber from this video. Would love to see some more Eminem. Gnat is another one of his newer ones with a cool video!


eminem wont make a song with you if he doesn’t respect you. even eminem has appraised juice for his freestyle ability. that being said they made this song together 2 weeks prior to juice’s passing. the last verse (where eminem set the fastest lyrical rap verse) was originally going to be a juice wrld verse but they never got to finish. also shoutout cole bennett who runs lyrical lemonade, he has the best music videos.


More eminem please!


It's crazy, Eminem said he would read the dictionary and that helped him to increase his vocabulary and it gave him the ability to just fly through these bars like it was nothing. Eminem is the GOAT. He's definitely one of my favorite rappers. He's right up there with Tupac, Ice Cube and Jay-Z for me. I'd definitely suggest Tupac reactions. Tupac/Thug Life's "Cradle To The Grave" is the truth. RIP to Juice. Brilliant artist we lost to soon.


Great reaction video! Eminem is always pushing the envelope and setting the standards for those in the music industry.... Breaking records while telling his life story with each new song is amazing and awesome! Legendary artist!


1:33 🤣 I Can Only Imagine Kid Tryna ComeUp With Bizzaro Lyrics


this wasn't a pre existing track, juice and em made this together as is, and juice was supposed to have a verse but he died and the verse was left unfinished, and em didn't want to put an unfinished verse on the song. the song is really made between the two of them.


Eminem is in the top 50 and I would say he’s around 35th. Number 1 he’s not fellas.


it will never be an argument.


Killshot by em. He revoked machine gun Kelly’s rap card


Eminem - Gnat


Subscribed. How am I just finding this channel?


you guys are 2 goated dudes


I think Eminem is the best rapper of all time


So now they have to do GNAT next because they video is basically part two haha


Although I don't speak English, I really like his songs, in my opinion, he's the best rapper


Not sure if you guys have heard of Harry Mack but if you haven't check out his Omegle Bars 42, one of the best if not the best freestyle rappers ever. Not saying that lightly, I know this is a bold statement on a Eminem vid


You guys should react to cigarettes but juice Wrld. It has a great music video to it 🙂


A$AP ROCKY - L$D is a beautiful song with a beatiful video


You should check out the fan made lyric video made by Meraki United by Randy Chriz. He is pro video maker but that one was made as Em fan. Though it got him in Eminem's radar so that he got hired by Em later to make music video for him. Chriz is amazing artist in his own artform. Definitely check that out. And by the way one of the easter eggs on this video is when Em is standing on the stack of cd's. The hill of cd's is made from his work and the ones flying around in the air are work of Juice wrld. I thought that was really clever way to give a tribute to Juice.


8:14 no one can 😂


You don’t want to be the enemy of the demon who went in me 🔥🔥🔥


more juice wrld pls ❤️❤️❤️❤️


God is Gangsta- Kendrick Lamar the song is called U on the album.


What did they say that was offensive??


Zach Bryan - Old Man


we can't hear this fast... brilliant comment!


Hey y’all should react to Greta van fleet, there a new band and there music is insane


Let's get it


I’d love you to listen to some Earl Sweatshirt. “Chum” is a great sone to start with


You should do mmlp 2 the whole album samples great classic rock


Old Eminem is better than this just listen to Eminem- The way I am


Y'all should check out BROCKHAMPTON - junky or BROCKHAMPTON - queer
I would more recommend junky though.


Finally more Juice Wrld! Ty!


Lol I would suggest maybe you should watch the videos that have the lyrics on screen AFTER the first or second time you watch the original/normal. Maybe that's something that might work for you guys? By the way, I'm new here (this is literally the first video of your's that I've seen lol), and you guys are great! I already subscribed and gave this video a like. I love how open minded you guys seem to be and I am interested and excited to see more, and whatever is next from you guys.


Idk, if y’all see this but Armed and Dangerous next for Juice


Worth mentioning, despite his rap content, he's been sober for quite some time.


React to the Indian rapper divine, 'city slums' and '3;59' and 'mirchi'.............


please react to Juice WRLD's girl of my dreams?👍


J Cole window window pain


Please, react to This is America - Childish Gambino


The Joe Rogan slander was hilarious haha. I’m just very curious as to what the joke you guys made was that you are referring to?


just a recommendation ~ could you do "how could you leave us" by NF, as a 16 year old kid from england he makes me feel like i fit in, and this song specifically inspires me, would be nice to see this 🙂 have a good day !!


You should give Johnny P’s Caddy by Benny the Butcher and J Cole a listen, it gives off like a 90s tone, and the lyrics, especially the second verse, is very clever and thought out.


pls react joji dancing in the dark


"We can't hear that fast" haha


I think juice was meant to record another verse but sadly he passed before it happened


Please react to Dimash.


I want more Eminem please!!!!!!!! 😁


I would love to see you get into the UK rap scene with a reaction to Dave's performance of "Black" at the BRIT Awards, it's considered one of the most impactful and eye opening British rap performances of all time. Keep up the good videos sirs, this has quickly become one of my favourite react channels!


Nf the search 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🔥


Juice wrld is dead rip ghats why he’s not in there




If you want a great song from eminem that doesn't have a video where you can look at lyrics u should do book of rhymes it's dope asf


react who want smoke nardo wick lil durk 21 savage g herbo its bomb track


Love eminem reactions!


plz boys react to Eazy the game kanye west


more juice please


You should do:

J. Cole: Middle Child


Rap god - Eminem please next


More juice


I’m starting to lose faith that these will ever be played… but could u guys do See You Again by Tyler, The Creator | Burn by Juice WRLD | or Goodbyes by Post Malone. They’re all great songs with great videos to go along with them!


Do any song from, Greta Van Fleet. You will think it's Led Zeppelin half the time.


I was just wondering after listening to it: did the 2 old dudes ever react to this? I see the video: 9 hours ago. Perfection


We need some more Juice WRLD. Take a listen to unexplainable ft that kid laroi please it’s a great one


Great reaction!!! More Eminem!!!


Juice wasn’t alive to film this


Great reaction, but quick note: juice and em did make the song before juice passing. Juice girlfriend also said at the time the song dropped juices was proud of himself being able to make a song with Eminem


Yo react to yeat still counting


I’m not a big fan of Eminem but I gotta admit that he’s a greatest rapper of all time


React to Nuketown by ski mask the slump god feat. Juice wrld


Juice Wrld- Armed and Dangerous


You just reacted to the song that he set the World Record for most syllables per second (10.56/sec or 300 words in 30 seconds), breaking his own previous record. There is a huge library of slower content you can select from. some even much slower.


React to
Eminem - My darling


Recorded before He died but the video wasn’t filmed yet


Awsome reaction🥰
Just a suggestion for a song. If you could react to "Shook Ones" by Brodha V, you guys might like it I guess. Its a worth a try I would. 😅


Eminem - untouchable with official video 🇬🇧❤️🇬🇧❤️


Happy Friday everyone! Great song!

Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


I woundn’t apologize. I watch your vids, I’m 23 and caught nothing offensive nor did I know what you were talking about. These people will find anything offensive, don’t be sorry for it. Just do you, as long as you have good intentions you’re good with the majority of your audience. Don’t be sorry for a small group of whiny babies😂 just my opinion though.


Postmalone: white Iverson


Great reaction. Don't worry about reacting to more Eminem. He has a lot of songs that are not fast and more easier to catch.


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