BLOODY HELL! Reaction to Billie Eilish – Bad Guy

Two Old Dudes reacting to Billie Eilish “Bad Guy”

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The clicking you hear in yhr back was recorded on fineas' phone at s crosswalk that plays that signal for blind people. They just samples that and based the whole tempo off if that truly artist


Billie and her brother record everything in her bedroom. She won a Grammy from that record. She doesn’t record in a studio. She may be now, recently, but I’m I’m not sure. She and her brother are magicians.


Billie Eilish has the same birthday and month as me.


She took out her Invisalign at the beginning not gum but idk 🤷‍♀️


Plz pay my phone bill, i have been a bad guy, jaiks


You guys are awesome. 60's child here. Cheers


this song captures that youthful hardass energy




You guys should consider checking out Eurovision stuff if you haven't already. It's always good to check the ones the public gave a lot of votes to.
There should be a lot of them in english if you prefer english language songs.


Oh my god yes please listen to BTS you will not regret it!!


I absolutely love her. There’s a song she wrote and she was only about 13 I believe called ocean eyes. She’s amazing.


The comparison to Garbage was brilliant! Never thought about that until you said it!


Wow. You guys totally missed the mark here. Now go and look up the REAL meaning behind this song.


You guys are great ✨ love watching your reactions.


She's actually talking about the stuff ppl say about her😉😘


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There is an interview about just this song and how they made it and the story behind it. It was never meant to be taken seriously, which is why she added the "duh" in there. The basic over all theme is confronting someone who always acts super tough, even though they aren't. She's seeing this person being so fake so that they can look cool and she responds by saying "fine, if you're a tough guy, then I'm a bad guy" even though she isn't. Trying to show them how ridiculous they are being. 🙂


A great band to react to is GRETA VAN FLEET. The song is HEAT ABOVE.👍👍


I was born in '88 but my favorite is Motley Crue.


More like two cool dudes.


It isn't gum. It's her invisalign


Aw cool im glad i found this channel! Hope to see more billie stuff and more other stuff too!


The song is her making fun of guys who try to "act tough" and be the "bad guy", mocking them with the things she's saying she does as the bad guy.


I'm 31, but if you're offering to pay for my food and phone bill, I won't say no 😂 It'd make my mortgage a lot more manageable 😁




Do the kings answer?
I wanted to ask, if u would react/be into reacting to some Czech, not really popular, new music? Or also if yall don't mind to react to scream rap/metal? 😀
If Its okay, yall can check "Medooza - Atrakce" or "Medooza - Mně neujel vlak" and some of that screaming stuff like "7xvn - PSYCHO" "7xvn - GOD'S TOUCH!" 😀 Or also something from REDZED, he's a cool guy too!


Could you listen to an artist named Melanie Martinez? A good song by her would be called Dollhouse. Highly recommend her music.


Garbage was awesome!!


If you listen to her recent Howard Stern interview, this song makes even more sense now.


Please react to when the party's is over you won't regret it


I really like you guys and your content. You're really cool. I just love your vibe. 💖🔥

Also, I have a feeling that you are the kind of guys would LOVE every song that featured on the Original GTA: San Andreas on a radio station called "KDST - The Dust". It featured the best classic rock & metal songs and is what made me discover the type of music that I was truly passionate about. It featured some Ozzy hits, also Billy Idol and many more!
Needless to say, majority of the time I played GTA: San Andreas (as a kid born in '92 and growing up in the early 2000s), you'd catch me in the Game just sitting in some random car I took, absolutely losing myself to those classics. I've never been so in love with music before like I was when I heard those songs for the first time, so I have a strong feeling that we may love many of the same songs--which makes me relate to you guys even more. I even have White Wedding by Billy Idol on my personal music playlist!
Would love to have Uncles like you guys, because you are 2 COOL Dudes! 🔥🤟🔥🎵🎶

Also, Phil Collins is Legend. That is all.


You guys talked over some pretty important lyrics, there. 😎


Can you please react to xxxtentacion Jocelyn Flores- it’s about a girl he liked that killed herself it’s a beautiful song


React to RUSS


More Billie songs to react to:
-Ocean Eyes
-Everything I Wanted
-When the Party's Over
-Bury a Friend
-You Should See Me in a Crown

A Finneas song:
-Break My Heart Again


Dudes, I subscribed because of this so don't let me down😁


Loved this, first time seeing you because of Elish,thanks. That woman has artistry pouring from her pores, and her brother is crazy good. So they mixed is part of artist Billie. Please do more reactions of her, this song certainly don't do her enough justice. For early stuff go for "Lovely", "When The Party Is Over" and "Bury A Friend". You will be amazed, I can make that list soooooo much longer but... Anyways hugs from Sweden and hope to see you fellow old ppl again 😘


I married & divorced a bad guy. Lol


Anything from Korn
NF - Search
NF - Change
Metallica - One
Anything from Post Malone


Check out Billie eilish back catalogue she and finneas have some out standing tunes


GUYS THE LYRICS lmao I’m sad they talked over so much of it and kinda missed much of the point :/


Haven't thought about Garbage in years! Such a cool reference!


That was her retainer lol


You kind of need to appreciate the evolution of Billie and her brother Finneas. (Crazy that I'm saying this since they're so young!) Start with Ocean Eyes (by Finneas), which went viral on Sound Cloud when Billie was like 14 years old and Finneas was 18 or 19. Then sample some stuff from her EP, Don't Smile at Me, which they recorded at home when she was like 15 and Finneas was around 20. I would recommend Idontwannabeyouanymore, COPYCAT, bellyache, Lovely (with Khalid). This was all before age 16!

Then move onto her breakthrough album, When We All Fall Asleep Where Do We Go? (Bad Guy is from this album and is probably one of my least favorite songs). To get the full breadth of their talent, listen to Bury a Friend, When the Party's Over, maybe Xanny? Or maybe the stand-alones, Come Out and Play (pay attention to the sounds of crunching snow!) or When I Was Older (which they wrote after watching the movie Roma)?

Then finish with her newest album. You can feel her (and Finneas) growing up with each installment. Standouts are: Everything I Wanted, Getting Older, Happier Than Ever, Lost Cause...I don't know!? Any of them! I'm 40, but I've been following Billie and Finneas since their SoundCloud days and think they're some of the most brilliant artists out there right now! Hahaha


If you look for it there is a video of the making of this. You will enjoy it. I'm 62, another old dude, and I did.


I've listened to this song several times, listened to Garbage a lot Back In The Day, and for some reason, that comparison never jumped out at me. You're not wrong, though! I can definitely see it, now that you've pointed it out. Bury a Friend is probably my favorite off this album, but Lovely (ft. Khalid) is very much worth a listen.

If you're enjoying the darker vibe with a fun beat, you might check out Melanie Martinez. Her Crybaby album is full of catchy songs with darker meanings, so much fun to listen to. I know a lot of people recommend listening to the songs in order, because it's a concept album. First song is Cry Baby. Even if you don't listen to them in order, though, all of the songs are excellent.


I love Garbage.The singles you mentioned are from their self-titled record and God, do I love that entire album! I was 12 or 13 when it came out and I thought Shirley Manson was the epitome of cool, in fact I still think that! She’s a killer front woman with a great voice…very distinctive.


If you haven't, PLEASE react to Greta Van Fleet


The driving beat you hear, is a crosswalk tone from Australia. 😂 Seriously, though.


react to taylor! here older albums are my favourite


Ask your girls about Halsey.


“im the baaad guy”
“so who’s the bad guy?”
“i have no idea…”

the way i screamed 🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣


React to happier than ever, it’s incredible!!


Definitely react to bury a friend by Billie!


Please do her ep and both albums


I’d love to recommend you guys to listen to Lorde! Especially her first or second albums, it was the beginning of this sort of sound!


man that garbage comparison is spot on, you guys should react to see you again by tyler, the creator or anything by death grips if you want to hear something really different


Great reaction guys! I'm 59 and love Billie and her brother finnias music.. Should check out her song "You Should See Me In Crown" the vertical music video version! I think you will love it.. Rock on!


Ariana Grande, My Hair, live. SO GOOD. I think Billie would love a Garbage comparison.


FINALLY, I found people on Youtube older than myself! Lol I still listen to all types of music, but pop, hip hop and rap are often my go to. Obviously I'm still 25 in my head. 🙄 My 26 yr old daughter is heavily into hip hop and rap, but I just love Billie. She special, and is an old soul! Please listen to her new album, and the Bond song sung live at the Brit awards. It's amazing! I look forward to watching you react!


I'm 40, so I loved Garbage in high school! I'm sure that's part of why I was drawn to Billie a few years ago. Btw, Garbage also just released a new album, you should check it out! Especially the song "Waiting On God".... powerful! That band has always been about equality, and pointing out social issues. Great reaction!


You should really react to happier than ever you're gonna love it loved the reaction <3


More Billie pls 🙂


Fucking love how Lee always fumbles with the Headphones. Lmao and you need to react to Olivia's "Traitor" or "1 step forward, 3 steps back." Pure Internet gold


If you think this song is dark ... ! 🙂

Try "Bury a Friend", or "Bellyache". With Bellyache, make sure you turn on the subtitles because it is very easy to miss the key lyrics (which completely changes the tone of the song). I also love "You should see me in a crown" (the vertical video version, not the official video version), which I would describe as sinister. Her darkest song is probably "Listen before I go" (which is close to being a suicide note - she was struggling with suicidal depression at the time, but she seems to have recovered now). But that one is tough to listen to if you have empathy.


Please react to Getting older by Billie. It s a Beatles mood


She was only 17 and her brother Finneas was 21 when this album was produced in her brothers bedroom. Billie is still only 19. The beat in the background is the pedestrian crossing in Australia, Finneas had recorded while preforming over there. On the song Bury a Friend, Billie taped the sounds of a dentist drill, which they have added to the song. They are both recording different sounds all the time, which they add to songs. Billie was 13 and Finneas was 17 when he wrote a produced Ocean eyes, and this is what made them famous. The music video for this was her 14th birthday present. Some of the songs are about depression, and suicide, which Billie has suffered from, she also has tourettes which she kept hidden until people picked up on her strange ticks and twitches


Great stuff. You should take a look at her latest single “happier than ever”. You won’t believe how far she’s come in 3 years. It’s so sophisticated now. PS she was 16 years old in this video


hi! i’d love to see your reaction to ‘sign of the times’ by harry styles — i really think you would like it! if you want a live version, graham norton is amazing, but theres a beautiful music video as well 🙂 thank you!


Listen to her no time to die Live from brot


She's saying if you can be all kinds of fake, she can do it too. She's says "Duh!" to not take the song seriously. There's a great making of Bad Guy video you might enjoy on your own.


I love Garbage. You should try BURY A FRIEND - ALL GOOD GIRLS GO TO HELL both very different and kind of alternative - and LOVELY (duet with Khalid) it's beautiful and haunting. I hope you get the chance to watch MURDER SONG 54321 by Aurora if you haven't already seen it. Video's great but my favourite is the live version at the Nobel Peace Prize 2015 concert. It's stunning.


Can you please react to Bury a friend?!? You won’t regret it it’s wayyy darker than this but I love it


Please react to Ariana Grande My hair Vevo performance, she was Amazing!!!!


alsooo check out some of her interviews , so you can learn more about her 😁.




great video! Ya'll should react to James Blunt's newer song Monsters that everyone is reacting too. Calling it now it will bring out the water works.


react to nicki minaj seeing green


You guys should react to billies album "happier than ever" she is more grown,she is more confident with her singing, songwriting and with herself,for this album she got inspired by Julie London,Frank Sinatra


Fun, you two old dudes. I thought you'd start with modern bands like the Beatles.😂 Billie's newest song, Happier Than Ever, is a 50's style Julie London crooning torch number with shades of Sinatra. You'll like it.


Fun reaction! Love the channel.


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