BOY TOY! Reaction to Doja Cat, SZA – Kiss Me More

First time hearing and reacting to Doja Cat, SZA “Kiss Me More”

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Love the reactions


May you react to Numb Little Bug by Em Beihold please? ❤❤🎉🎉😊😊


Please do Need to know by Doja Cat


SZA is a wonderful artist!


I just love your reaction videos. ☺️


hes not on mars hes on Planet Her, aka her album name


I am so glad I found this channel!
Gave me so much serotonin 😌💞


you should watch BTS!!


Congratulations Doja Cat / Sza! 2022 Grammy Award Winner for Pop Duo/Group Performance!
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Get Into It (Yuh) is another great Doja track


I am amazed just how the older generation aren't hating this.... They actually tryin to understand the music. Commendable


Doja cat is my wife.


More like two cool dudes.


your reaction is fun to watch xd


Please react to juice wrld - righteous


Please do “streets” by doja cat
I think you’ll have fun
Just subscribed


This music video actually paves the way for her album Planet Her! Highly recommend!


"she's a little more forward than the girls I used to know" IM CACKLING. I'm so glad I stumbled on this channel 😭


Enjoyed your reaction tremendously ❤


doja and sza are literally goddess


You pronounce SZA like siza, like a shortened version of sizzle.


SZA is one of my favorite R&B artists. If you want more SZA check out Broken Clocks.


Oops I did it again vibes


I think you would like SZA I recommend Her song called Good Days it's really good!


Definatly lookin forward to watching you both do some more Doja. Or maybe some Ashnikko ?? Both are INCREDIBLE artists


Watching your reactions, I thought to my myself 'These older guys are quite lovely, as are their interpretations of the video.' Then I look up and the name of your channel is Two Old Dudes haha. Made me like you guys even more. 😅


I though Perry was a twenty-something person lol


If you like to listen to some rap songs, Cardi B is an amazing one... you can try her...


Michael completely figured it out !! I’m impressed!


This is too deep


you guys are my favourite youtubers now, great concept. Keep continue and you will be BIG! sending greetings from Prague(=


Absolute banger.


LMAO i can't stop laughing at some of the comments you guys made


You pronounce it “sizza”


I would love your reaction and break down of 'everything I wanted' by billie eilsh it's a very beautiful deep song


As a younger lover of older music, it always entertains me to see older lovers of younger music!! Doja is such a down to earth human being ironically :), despite her beauty she's very candid and humorous and it's one of the main reasons people love her so much! I see you guys have an appreciation for her aesthetics and "storylines" as well as the sonics of her songs and her singing! So for something different to Say So/Kiss Me More, and for more of that awesome rapping tone she has, I'd suggest trying "Cyber Sex" by her 💞


need to know by doja next


I'm surprised you guys didn't pick up on the Olivia Newton John Physical melody.


SO glad somebody finally mentioned Attack of the 50 foot Woman. I used to watch that with my grandma lol! It was the first thing I thought of when I saw this video.


Btw this was her first single off of Planet Her. Hence why the video takes place on another planet. And in the beginning when he crash lands it mentions how many men have come there and never returned and to not interact with native life. So basically he was captured and now being used to play the game


Her name is pronouced “sizza” like scissor but ends with an “A”


You should react to more SZA. I can recommend Doves in the wind, The Weekend and Good Days


react ariana grande 7 rings


Loved this reaction! I'd love a reaction on Rules, or Need to know, by Doja too. She cracks me up with how explicit she can be with her lyrics sometimes.


Could you react to Streets by Doja? Its one of my favorite songs and videos by her 🙂


Love this channel !! You need to react to Taylor swift she’s the coolest!!!


There is water on Mars! atmospheric pressures aren’t high enough to sustain liquid water so most of it exists in the poles as ice in the winters, or (hypothetically) underground. Tiny rivulets have also been observed from orbit as small amounts of ice melt on the side of dunes and stream down the side. In the Hellas Basin (large asteroid impact crater) there’s a location so far below sea level that the pressure is almost double (12 whole millibars), putting it right above water’s triple point, or where it can exist as any of the 3 standard phases of matter. We haven’t sent any rovers in that area to see yet due because of difficult terrain I believe so we’ll have to see when we get there!


Please more Doja!!! You should react to Need to Know next.

And also anything Ariana Grande - 7 Rings, 34+35, God is a Woman, Positions, Thank U Next, Break Up With Your Girlfriend.

Please and thank you 🙂


SZA is pronounced Sizzah




React to Cardi b press


SZA It's pronounced ( sizz-a), but if you really want a treat try reacting to SZA & Kendrick Lamar, "All The Stars," from the Black Panther soundtrack. It's almost euphoric.


Love how much fun you guys have experiencing new songs & their respective music videos. Def subscribing!

You should check out the official videos for:

Montero (Call Me by Your Name) by Lil Nas X
Get Some by Ghosted ft. Kamille
Need To Know by Doja Cat
Tia Tamera by Doja Cat ft. Rico Nasty
Roof by Rico Nasty
I Wanna Be Your Slave by Måneskin

I feel like you'd really enjoy the production value of them all, & the songs are fun too!


Please react chloe x halle ungodly hour


Please do WAP Cardi B


Ha ha!!!!!


More Doja Cat please... Next song, Need to know


You might enjoy Dua Lipa Levitating


React to Happier than ever by Billie ellish


Lovee ittt !!!


React to streets by Doja cat!!


Y’all are funny… don’t forget men are from Mars women are from Venus… although she calls this album planet her we have to assume they’re on Venus not Mars lol. Fun reaction


Yall should react to kendrick lamar and sza-all the stars


The planet he landed on is called planet Her


You’ll her UK live performance for mtv of her song Say So !


SZA pronounced as see-za


React to hit different by sza


Please react to Doja Cat - Freak


Fun fact: The dude in the astronaut costume is Alex Landi. His mother is Korean and his father is Italian He also plays the role of a gay doctor on the medical drama series "Grey's Anatomy", but in real life he isn't gay.


Could u react to the vamps married in Vegas 😁


Love the reaction! Doja is amazing! But just fyi SZA is pronounced like scissor but with an uhh at the end. So like scissah 😊
Please do more doja cat reactions! She's got so much to offer, it's almost endless!
Also, one thing to know about her, she is ALWAYS forward so be ready for that 😂


React to happier than ever (song )by billie eilish please


Can you please react to Juice WRLD - Righteous next?


React to Need to know by Doja cat too


more doja and ariana!!!


Do Doja need to know and Doja streets to see her still in her element


React to Need To Know by Doja Cat and All The Stars by Kendrick Lamar & SZA. You guys should also react to some of Doja's live performances...she's so good and versatile!




Reaccionen xfa a Planet Her de Doja Cat🙏🙏😄me gustan sus reacionen auq no entiendo nd pero igual😂🤷‍♂️


Can y’all react to no love -by august Alsina ft Nicki Minaj


thanks for the notification! loved the video <3


You should react to need to know by Doja Cat Loved the reactions


This video goes with her new Album Planet Her so all of her videos following this has an alien extraterrestrial theme to them.


I saw the notification and instantly clicked. You’re gonna love Doja Cat I think she is one of the most versatile artist out today


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