CLUSTERF**K! Reaction to Young Thug – Wyclef Jean

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Young Thug “Wyclef Jean” from the album “Nova Tunes 3.5”

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Number was made in 30mn btw, search the recording session


They barely heard of Wyclef .. I’m done


Young thug is the best , I love him so much ❤


try Young Thug - Harambe


Young thug is the top 3 best rappers ever to exist, just have to dive deeper into his old stuff. Slime season 1-3 is a great start




Reminds me of that don ciote moc doc we had to watch in film class


Wyclefs Fortunate Son cover 😉


Lana del rey pleaseeeee


Frank Ocean Nights next!


I like yall. You guys are 🅿️


Ohhh jeez I saw someone else say you gotta react to Playboi Carti lol


You guys might like NnKay47


Please do lil peep


When I see you-foolio


These dudes are sick they need to react to lil peep


If you like great visuals, Joyner Lucas is incredibly talented rapper (huge artist). Super creative. His video Ross Capicchioni is amazing. And Juice WRLD is never a disappointment, Wishing Well is a great one for him. You guys are awesome!!


We need playboi carti - stop breathing


PLEASE react to Sky by Playboi Carti


Please do "SAVE DAT MONEY" By Lil Dickey next. I would love to see their reaction to that song


React to ps and qs by lil uzi


Please react to Dusk till dawn- Zayn ft. SIA
You guys will definitely love it


One band you guys will fall in love with is bring me the horizon , if you ever listen to them just know each of their 7 albums are very different they went from deathcore , to metal core , to hard rock , to pop punk , to edm metal, cyber pop rock , etc a lot of different genres with this band . Still the most popular band till this day


React to xxxtentacion sad


React to "Oliver Tree - Hurt" or "All that x Alien boy"


Can’t wait for two old dudes to react to more juice wrld songs my favorite is empty


Playboi carti - metamorphosis please. Would be an interesting reaction! 😂


Who else is curious about Michael’s daily hair styling routine? 😂 Damn good hair genes.


I really really REALLY encourage you to listen to Snow Tha Product. Really Counts, Billingue, and How I Do It are 🔥🔥🔥


you NEED to react to playboi carti please


you NEED to react to playboi carti please


Please, React to Lady Gaga - i'll never love again


Do some juice wrld freestyles 👀


Can you guys do Lady of Namek by Tory lanez!!


We need the reaction to All to well (10 minutes version) 🥺


Luv ur reaction 🔥 guys u have to react to ( JRILLA - somebody I used to drill) he’s blowing up viral Atm 📈📈🔥


Please, react to the whole new album by Silk Sonic! it would be nice to see it


You guys are awesome! You should react to colors and shapes by Mac Miller.


Hey can y'all please react to Rico nasty "Sandy"


Hey there! Could you react to The Weeknd- After Hours? I think you'll love it! Keep up the good work as always


Just as I thought this day was going to suck, then BAM! There you two are, making my day better.
NF - Search or
NF - Change
Post Malone - (anything)


You must see rock version of Say So during the EMAs!!


Gotta react to Kanye West-Run away film


This song is from his album Jeffrey in which he named all the songs after people/artists he looks up to or inspired him. Wyclef Jean is one of those artists


I recommend Touch the Sky. It’s a very lively Kanye Song with a great music video


Can you react to lily Allen hard out here please!!


React to DadBod by Logic please. Really love your channel a lot


We all know why you really like doja cat..... her vocal range. No other reason to enjoy a doja video right


you would enjoy the video for Playboi Carti's "Sky"


Another banger lads :))


Can't wait for y'all reacting to carti man😭😭


just found your vids and i love them keep up the great work


Do frank ocean honestly. Arguably the best story teller of this century


Please do Kanye West- runaway since you enjoyed the other Kanye track so much.


Pleaseeee react to miss the rage by trippie redd and playboy carrtiiiiiiiiii


React to more kanye


Kid cudi - erase me or Sad people


harambe is so much better


i’m so glad y’all are having fun watching this! great reaction!!


You should do juice wrld-all girls are the same


Hello I found ur channel yesterday and I like ur sense of humor


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