COMMANDING! Reaction to Pop Smoke – I Got It On Me

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Pop Smoke “Got It On Me” off the album “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon”

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Sadly death got him😢




My first watching you guys, and definitely subscribing. A blind reaction with a complete understanding as well, love it!


& then he is home invaded & murdered shortly after… you guys were correct but he walked out of the shower naked to armed gunmen holding him at gunpoint. Not saying his decision was right or wrong but when he saw his best opportunity, tried to take down an attacker & was shot dead in the process. (From what I have read) his killers have just been sentenced, doesn’t make up for the fact we lost a great artist from senseless home invasion / murder. Very sad, I miss pop smoke almost every day


pop smoke great but stupid in hollywood hills rented house showin it off background showed address some jack boys went busted in shooting to steal diamonds money the idiots flashed rappers fuckin dumb these days n dumb trash ones live forever!!!!!


Rip the woo 💫💫


@Perry you should have these 2 old dudes listen to Many Men by 50 Cent so they can see where some of this came from




please react more of him


Take it or leave it. Youngeen Ace- Pain..from Jax,Fl. 4 people in a car 3 died 1 survived.


Pop was shot and killed at age 20


Man it lowkey hurt watching this, seeing your reaction to him, not knowing that he’s sadly passed away. Just waiting for you guys to find out. Especially at the end when you were talking about him being brand new and wanting to hear more…. 💔 Alhough at the time he was murdered, his career was only just taking off. I remember I had got into his music only a week before he passed.

As others have said I recommend checking out his breakout songs ‘Dior’ and ‘Welcome To The Party’


Do more pop smoke rip pop


They have to do many men now lol


W reaction


Do more pop smoke songs . We like this




Reaction to for the night by pop smoke


Reaction to for the night


To really appreciate this you guys need to do 50 Cent - Many Men next


Spoiler alert: someone ran up


react to some more pop smoke


React to his biggest hits such as Dior or Welcome to the Party


Amazing content. Earned a subscriber




neeeeeed more pop smoke


King von crazy story part 3


I would love to see your reaction to the League of Legends 2021 open. (it is 3 songs)




070 Shake is an artist you guys should look into!


react to pretty please by Jackson wang


Plz react to "I don't wanna live forever" by Zayn and Taylor swift


"Doir" by pop !!


dam for some reason I started crying when I saw pop smoke (R.I.P Pop Smoke)


Can you react to smile by Juice WRLD or unexplainable aka look again. Look again is Unreleased but smile isn’t.


Could y’all please take into consideration reacting to the song drug dealer by Macklemore! It’s an older song but so deep and hits very hard, but the sound it absolutely amazing. I think the sound is something y’all would enjoy, thanks! Great reactions love your videos. ✨


That fact that you guys start out clueless to the some of the context and lyrics of the song but still completely end up understanding and giving great insight into the song. Wow you guys are great. Great reaction.


🔥🔥🔥Please react to the album "Versions of Me" by singer Anitta that will be released on April 12th,the album will have some R&B,Hip Hop,Pop,Reggaeton,Funk among other genres.


Pop smoke king drill


I love this reaction, you guys should react to Dear mom by Ky Baldwin. It is very emotional and a great story, you guy would love it


Not a good introduction song, definitely not even close to his best songs 🔥🔥🔥


We need Pop Smoke Christopher Walking


More pop smoke please


Please react to The Weeknd's new music video Out of Time


RIP Pop Smoke


Sleepy Hallow 2055


React to zayn song's


Swear man y’all NEED to react to Dax “dear alcohol” it’s truly just a great vibe 🔥👏🏼🤘🏼


Can you guys react to Xxxtentacion “Look At Me”. To me I t’s deep and shows how X was changing before he was killed.


You should do Dior by Pop Smoke. It was his biggest hit and a bit of the anthem during the george floyd protests in nyc


Definitely should react to “Something Special” by pop smoke


Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happiness!


If you think this song is good, you should check out pop smoke - ptsd


Y’all need to react to Harry Styles!!! His song Sign of The Times is one of the best songs ever the story, the vocals, the video it’s just amazing!!!




Do pop smoke Dior


Rip pop smoke


Pop smoke means shooting a gun




Good video, you guys need’s to react “I don’t love you”- My chemical romance



Can you react to baby keem? He’s an up and coming rapper who is also Kendrick Lamar’s cousin, they actually just won a Grammy for their song Family Ties!


Brand new artist that was still brand new when he got famous and died.


Rip the woo




React to redbone or this is america by childish gambino


Harry styles sign of the times aaahhhhh


Pop smoke sadly got shot a couple years ago and passed away rip pop smoke


Rest in Peace Woo 💫


The hook is an interpolation from “Many Men” by 50 Cent. Pop Smoke sadly got shot in 2020. He was slowly blowing up with the hits “Welcome To The Party” and “Dior” and after the news from his death it really took off.

This song was released posthumously and his first posthumous album did amazing numbers.

A recommendation: Something Special


The music video was made after he died which makes the end more sad/haunting especially since he was murdered




kid cudi bro


YAY! New Video Friday! Great song! So happy to see yinz! Please be safe this weekend everyone.

Korn - Freak on a Leash


RIP the woo ✨


He sadly got murdered after accidentally leaking his adress🥺


React to Pop smoke the woo 🔥


Am i late ??


RIP pop smoke


you guys need to do I feel it coming by the weeknd ft daft punk



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