COPYRIGHT! Guess Who Got Blocked?

Two Old Dudes discuss copyright and which artists and songs got blocked.

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It's not the artist blocking you it's the company that handles youtube stuff. Like Yoola. They are really strict and have blocked many.


I don't know much about patreon or its terms etc but what if yall post the videos you're getting copyrighted here on YT on your patreon?


If you pause frequently enough to give your critique , blur the video you should be ok.


You can put them on your Patreon or you can review it live that way the fans can see it.


damn that freakin sucks. so many artists. and ariana aswell…. i love her and your reactions to her music. i remember watching the positions one that was like one of your earlier videos. was hoping for more every now and then but damn i didn’t realise her team/label is that bad.

i never realised it was that bad. that shows as a viewer we don’t really know how annoying it can be for you guys behind the scenes. appreciate all the reactions you do do though!

maybe you guys could reach out to other channels that do manage to get their reactions up and ask them what they do. there’s no harm in asking for help. but at the end of the day it’s up to you what content you want to post and what you do.


my favorite is Dimash. i see a video and i click and listen.


Yes it's a pain. You can put a veil type cover over it, enought 4 us to see the performance and you won't get blocked.
Many pple cover the video altogether which is a pain as we cant track what responders are referring to. But a see thru cover serves both u n us. Hope that helps. Please keep going !!!


Please don’t give up! Even if you need to get rid of the visuals it’s ok


Dimash pleace


that sucks because alot of those artists have really good songs. Its a shame copyright blocks them. I really wanted to see some reactions to Harrys House, but i guess thats just how the cookie crumbles. I hope no more get added to the list in the future. And even if they do, i'll still be subscribed for more reactions. 🙂


What happened to lee


The standard with blocked material is to host it on Dailymotion and post redirect videos here with links in the description.
Since you don't need any actual copyright material in the redirect video, you can put anything in it and they could be ad eligible too.


I’ve never seen Ave Maria blocked by Dimash. Reactors play it without pausing or blocking the screen.It’s the most phenomenal thing you will ever witness. I think Dimash allows on his YT channel.


Please listen to dark version,, can't help falling in love by Diana Ankudinova she is amazing and beautiful young lady with a contralto voice


Start a Patreon and post all blocked videos there


What happened to the other guy?


Dimash fans are used to the videos being creatively filtered. We are used to it. Only a few people complain. Ignore them. They don't understand. Also, be sure to pause often. Good luck. I'd love it if you can do it. Maybe do older Dimash songs first. ❤ Stranger is the one that gets blocked the most, I believe, but it can be done. How about Olimpico, with Igor Krutoy who is the composer.


Hey! Can't wait to see more Dimash reactions! Hopefully they don't get blocked. Please do Ogni Pietra (OLIMPICO)


You gotta do Dimash just blur it!! I loved your SOS reaction! One of my favorite reactions to DIMASH!😍


Many reactors use some tricks to avoid copyright strike succesfully. Please make the video a bit transparent/faded but Not blurred, or /and put on a text, eg 'copyright' , so this way we still can see the video not like when it is blurred. And of course stop the video a few times. Dimash's team hired Yoola to handle his YouTube ch , so since 2 021 January Dimash new videos get blocked. Dears complained that reaction videos get blocked and can't promote Dimash. They give an email adress to contact them and they can help you. Others contacted YouTube and explained why and how they use the video according to fair use, and got their reaction unblocked after a few days.
Please, don't stop with Dimash reactions!
OAlso older videos from before 2021 are safe to react...fancams too...
Greetings from Hungary!


If you want to do more Dimash reactions ‘Stranger’ is the one to be careful of. It seems to be okay if it is fully blurred and you pause several times. It’s an amazing song but definitely the one that caused most issues. I haven’t seen any of his older ones on his YT channel have problems.


Oh no....Korn is off too?! Do you think you can do a video on Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain ?


React to “rich and blind” by juice wrld


If you react to Dimash’s “Stranger” it will get blocked, but his other stuff seems to be fine.



Pretty soon YouTube will be paying for licenses. Will make YouTube alot easier. Definitely ways to make it around the copyright. It's also crazy bc its fair use


With Dimash videos, you can use different filters on it or blur it for part or whole performance.. Also changing the size of the video may sometimes help as well, from small screen to full screen. The older videos are easier to get through than the brand new ones. Wishing you good luck with your reactions.👍


Definitely blur Dimash, especially Stranger. Older videos are not as big an issue, sometimes making the video smaller helps.


Stranger Dimash always gets blocked we are used to it's oke we are also interested in your opinion, you can put a filter up ore pick one of his other songs.
Kind regards from the netherlands 🇳🇱🌷🧡


Hi hi! I'm a new member and subscribed a few days ago, really enjoyed your videos 🙂 all the bests to you guys!


Aside from challenging the copyright claim which you should always do there are multiple ways to filter or screen the video in a way that it doesn't get blocked. Something I would suggest you do is look at other reactors channels and see the different methods they have used to filter the videos and a way that your reactions can still air.
Don't give up too easily.


Omg that sucks. 🙁 I love you videos!


With reactions to Dimash, be sure to blure the content. That helps the most of the times, to not get blocked.


Record companies need to get with the new age. If they would just realize reaction content gives them EXPOSURE. More people will hear them, thus increasing their record sales. My hope is that one day they would get with the program! Just tell yourself, we’ve arrived! I think y’all should consider a podcast because you’re hilarious!


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