CRAZY! Reaction to Melanie Martinez – Mad Hatter

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Melanie Martinez “Mad Hatter” from the album “Cry Baby”

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Ik most of the tracks on crybaby are about crybaby’s life, but here are the real meanings of the songs: (pls correct me if im wrong 🙂 )
Crybaby - Being too sensitive
Dollhouse - Family issues
Sippy cup - No matter how many cups of alcohol you drink to forget ur problems, they will still persist
Carousel - Choosing the wrong love
Alphabet boy - People underestimating your intelligence
Soap - Oversharing
Training wheels - leaving the boundaries that kept a relationship non-sexual
Pity party - being lonely
Tag, you’re it - kidnapping/r@pe
Milk and cookies - revenge
Pacify her - jealousy
Mrs potato head - Wanting to fit in beauty standards
Mad hatter - accepting your crazy self
Play date - Feeling like your nothing more than a friend
Teddy bear - Domestic violence
Cake - girls being used for their bodies


i love seeing people react to the "im peeling the skin of my face" part


i really hate when simple minds watch something and their first instint is mockery. Its the audacy that bothers me.


There reaction the the skin pealing and the melting is making me laugh hysterically


Just have to say Michael, I love your style


It was such fun watching you have fun while watching the video haha


Cry babies raise up brrr


I love how this music video is just basically Melanie going as crazy as she possibly can




Melanie’s songs are super good, her song ‘orange juice’ is also very good, ‘cake’, ‘teachers pet’ aswell.


You really need to listen to training wheels, and orange juice... I really like your reaction hi from 🇨🇱 Chile


I swear, I have listened to every Melanie Martinez song. 😭




PLEASEEEE react to more Melanie Martinez, maybe Cry Baby!!


That's a really strong video and song to start to know Melanie AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


Funny you should say about watching a movie of it since she's made a movie album now 😊 and making another. It's so good! ;0;


guys she actually did a movie for her second album u might like it and i would love to see a reaction from the both of u <3


React to her song "doll house"


Please react too “Tag, your it” & “Milk and Cookies” by Melanie Martinez. They are two songs but the videos go together like two parts of a movie.


Just discovered you guys! I subscribed. I love Melanie Martinez! Fun reaction!


She’s not trying to go along with the idea that it should be suppressed more like utilized


Her crybaby album us about growing up and like the toxic things that happen sometimes. Het album K-12 is about high school and troubles you go through in highschool like building and self esteem problems




I love you twos energy! And commentary! Thank you<3 Also she directed this music video herself, credits were in the description box=) Hope to see more Melanie's music videos reaction! Love.


React to her song “ms potato head”!!!


All of her songs are based on her character named cry baby and there is an order to listen to the songs to understand the story


melanie has a movie called k-12!! it’s has all the songs from her second album you should really react


can we all talk about the aestheticness of k12?💅💅


I’ve listened to Mel for a while and this music video excited and terrified me at the same time


I definitely recommend watching her music videos in order because it’s all one big story. Mad hatter is the last song on the album and the last music video and it signifies the end of the Crybaby era and leaves you wondering what happened to Crybaby and why did her eyes turn black which is picked back up and further explained in the K-12 era


Please react to Teachers Pet, It's message is so disturbing but well thought out.


Well funny you should say because she does have a movie up on YouTube!




I definitely suggest her songs mr potato head and strawberry shortcake!


I looove your reaction!!!!


We need more of Melanie! She talks about topics not often discussed in music which we need more of.


please, make more of Melanie


I’ll never stop watching people react to Melanie— it’s so amazing


I would love to see Michael <3 react to Mrs Potato Head, love the glasses and hair always


This is part of her first album called "Crybaby" which is a concept album, that tells a story about the character named Crybaby. I'd recommend going in order for the videos because it's less confusing that way! All of her music is abstract and weird/creepy!


Great reaction can' u do carousel 🎠 ASH freakshow Melina Martinez


I think Melanie would be so happy to hear you talk about how well the video was art directed! She actually writes and directs her own videos, as well as designs costumes etc. Melanie is a very multitalented young woman! She even directed a whole musical feature length film to accompany her second album, and filmed in Budapest. This song is actually the finisher to her first studio album Crybaby, for which she made a music video for every song. You actually watched her big finale music video first 😂 Great reaction Old Dudes! I love how open minded you both are to all kinds of music


When melanie direct herself


We need Mrs.Potato Head


react to "Mrs. Potato Head"!


You should react to Mrs. Potato Head


💕 Promo-SM!!!


love the wes anderson reference


Hey, love your video! I shared a clip from this on my Tiktok cause I wanted to promote you two and it's a hit. We love you ❤️ You plan on doing any more Melanie videos?


You have to see k-12


your reactions were amazing! melanie was the first artist who really ever became my favorite. she is just so, so unique. she is so extremely creative and i cannot express how much i love everything she does! definitely recommend you two listen to more of her music. sippy cup is one of my personal favs, as well as dollhouse.


A few of her songs that are favorites of mine that I recommend you guys check out are Highschool Sweethearts, Dollhouse, Teacher’s Pet, Mrs. Potato Head, Strawberry Shortcake, and Sippy cup.


React to enemy by Imagine Dragons plsssss 0.o


I need you to react to more videos of Melanie Martinez please 🤍🙏🏻🙏🏻


Melanie is one of the greats. It is funny you mention movie, when her second album is a full movie. Her first album is also released in a music video / storyline / movie. If you watch them in album order, you will get a full story of Cry Baby (who she plays as) From her birth until about middle school. K-12 movie/album is more highschool, dealing with some serious shit as a growing woman. They are both masterpieces.


She created and directed a movie called k-12 the film!! Y’all should definitely react to it!!!


Melanie Martinez herself is the director


I would love to see more reactions to her! My favorites are actually from her latest EP After School, "Test Me", "Glued" and "Field Trip". Love you guys! I really appreciate y'alls insight!




React boys dont cry by anitta


Melanie Martinez is the best combination of dark and adorable ever. A lot of her songs feature similar "childish" music, almost music-box-like, with some really adult themes. I've seen a lot of people recommend Mrs. Potato Head, which IS awesome, but I think my favorite from this album other than Mad Hatter is Pity Party, or Tag, You're It/Milk and Cookies (two songs released as a single music video, because they really do need to be seen together.)


Please react to Melanie Martinez "Mrs potato head" NEXT!!!


React please Anitta- Boys Don't Cry


Would love to see some Lady Gaga reactions!


Hi! I was wondering if u guys would be interested in giving BTS a listen? 😊 If you do, I'd suggest the ON Kinetic Manifesto Film Come Prima. A little fun fact about this song, the UCLA band did some of the instrumentation 😁 I hope you enjoy this one 💜 Also, I hope it's ok if I ask what your preferred genres are so maybe in the future, we can suggest ones that we think you'd enjoy 😁 Looking forward!


SHE HAS HER OWN MOVIE YOU SHOULD TOTALLY WATCH IT ITS CALLED K-12 full movie can be watched on YouTube !!


react to noahfinnce mind blank no thoughts!!


Melanie is the director! She directs all her music videos ❤️


I am sorry to your guys' wives, but you guys are hot 🔥. Also you make great commentary on the videos. Just subscribed


omg you gotta react to more melanie, her music is truly art when it comes to lyrics, visuals, messages, everything


So Melanie music is a story of her character crybaby!!! If u wanna react to it


Can you both react to Boys don't cry, by Anitta? Please we would like to see that 😁🥰


You guys should look at Kendrick Lamar How much a Dollar cost


enjoyed the video! nice how you guys enjoy the music while still trying to understand the meaning. Such a fun reaction, seems genuine and natural.


Please Listen to „ Hoch - Tim Bendzko „


For your next video you should react to “the way life goes” by lil Uzi vet


Playboi Carti - No. 9 and Zillakami- Space Cowboy


I just subscribed cause I can't wait to see all ur reactions of her. I'm sure u will be told she has a video for every song and they are all in order. It's one long story. She's one of the most underrated artist for sure


Theeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkknd
Theeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkknd
Theeeeeeeeeee weeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkknd please


Please react Anitta feat Pabllo vittar SUA CARA


Best reaction so far!!! Please react to more of her




24 by Kanye West 🙏


You guys must do Godzilla by Eminem and Juice Wrld . Yea my vote for Godzilla


melany martinez is my sisters name lol


Can you react to little mix power?


Thank you for finally checking her out <3 she's definitely unapologetically herself, those plushies are actually her plushies lol shes a bit fan of vintage stuffed animals, Rushton to be exact. Her world is such a fun place to visit. I still highly recommend Mrs potato head <3 Love your reaction.


Please react more to melanie!!! maybe mrs potato head


Melanie is great so happy she’s getting the recognition she deserves 😀


Hey Guys i love u videos, u channel has a lot of entertainment, i wish u react to Grimes - Oblivion, its such a masterpiece "best song of the decade" elected by Forbes magazine! sorry for my english its not ny first language. Have a nice day!


yes omg plz do more melanie


you should react to jojj


melanie is a very creative and unique artist! you should also react "pacify her" and "dollhouse" by her too.
this is my first time watching you guys and i truly love it! youre have one more subscribe.
pls react the anitta new song "Boys don't cry" is very good!


You guys definitely need to react to her K-12 Ali I’m specifically Show and Tell.


Her song "Mrs. Potato Head" is literally the most thought-provoking song I have ever heard. I do not particularly like her type of music but she goes over the deepest things!


You should check out Ashnikko I think she would be a treat for you guys I suggest Daisy or Deal with it


This is such a good song. I hope yinz are having a great day.
Korn - Freak on a Leash
Machine Gun Kelly's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


React tô more Melanie vídeos 💖


Yooo. Idk if you’ll see this but react to Marina and the Diamonds, Radioactive.


"I would like to watch that as a movie" WELL ABOUT THAT


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