DEADLY! Reaction to Charli XCX – Good Ones

First time hearing and reacting to Charli XCX “Good Ones”

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Just discovered this channel, that's fun


Please react to Unlock it by Charli XCX it's a banger!!


I'm just now seeing this reaction and that could be a good interpretation because the man in the casket was the only one wearing white which represents good side.


5:19 you actually got the general meaning right don’t worry hahahaha i loved this!!!


Charli’s quite a trailblazer in hyperpop, though heard she’s moving away from that now. Been on the scene for quite a while, going back to the 00s. I really like this song but I think it would also be fair to say it’s not necessarily a true reflection of her discography which has more experimental elements


Love Charli, her last album "how I'm feeling now" is amazing




Just messaged my buddy that I hope him and I are reacting to videos like you two are when we’re older, great videos!


Please react to lorde solar power


React to: Harry Mack - Omegle bars. Please..


You guys should react to Greta Van Fleet - Highway Tune?
edit: well if you like rock n roll? Or new versions of the genre?
Also great reactions!


Hell yeah, im a big charli xcx fan, you should listen to hacker by death grips


I love your guys video thank you for the awesome videos!


Receact to NF-story


A really good suggestion I think y’all will find interesting is king Krule- Stoned Again (live). crazy energy


You guys should react to Drake - Hotline Bling music video , would be a fun video if u have not seen already!


Your reactions are the best you guys should listen to remote control and off the grid both by Kanye west!


Nice reaction!! U should react to The Devil by Banks


Please react to Selena Gomez “The Heart Wants What It Wants” - Love your guys’s reactions!! ❤️


You should listen to

Deeper by Freddie Gibbs

Only one by Kanye West

Seen everything but Jesus by Conway the Machine

Thank god I made it by Benny the Butcher

Skegee by JID

Prom/king by Saba

Practice by Freddie Gibbs

Forever droppin tears by Conway the Machine

Sunshine by Pusha T

Also take note all these songs are very meaningful so try listening to the lyrics 🙂


please react to runaway short film it is sooo good and an artistic masterpiece and the story it tells is amazing


90210 - Travis Scott! Would be really cool


Love your reactions. Bruno Mars - Leave the door open or skate would be a cool video to react to.


You guys always put a smile on my face. Great reaction as always.


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