DEATHWISH! Reaction to Lana Del Rey – Born To Die

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lana Del Rey “Born To Die” from the album “Born to Die: The Paradise Edition”.

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I dont think many people realise the car is still moving when he starts to kiss her at the end, before the crash, ie they're still driving flat out towards whatever is coming and not looking.


I think the "Born to die" is meant to mean the relationship is born to die, as in doomed from the start, they have no future, they're on again and off again. From the first few lines it sounds like she's about to leave him, but with every step she takes her heart breaks because she does't want to be without him, but it's like, you know, it would be bad for her to stay in the long run. She also says "But i'm hoping at the gates, they'll tell me that you're mine" and it almost sounds like, in her view, she's about to exit heaven and she is hoping that someone will just tell her it was all a test and she can in fact keep him. It also sounds like she's with this guy because he plays on her wild side but also on her old wounds and abandonment issues (when she talks about her childhood and how she was scared of not finding what she needs, so she's trying to get whatever she can in the meantime rather than feeling alone again). It's more of a lust relationship, than a love relationship. At the end the relationship blows up in flames, which might be a metaphor for her finally deciding to leave him. But in the end she is the one "dying" (or suffering of heartbreak), and the dude is fine, cause he probably didn't care as much. After all she does say "you like your girls insane" which gives me the impression he was only there for the fun parts of her, and not for the sad wounded parts.


there's a fan theory about why the guy lived.
in the MV of Blue Jeans that's where Lana and the guy met. right there you'd see that she knows he's nothing but trouble, but in Born To Die MV they decided to run away or do a romantic suic*de, the guy lived to continue the story with West Coast which is the "what if she didn't die. part if this theoretical Lanaverse is Shades of Cool M/V which she as a ghost hunts the guy who keeps seeing her or remembering her.


You guys should totally react to west coast by Lana del Rey:)


You totally misjudged the song meaning


you should do more of lana del rey songs she is the best!!


please react to more lana!! i love your videos 🙂


have u guys checked out her song young and beautiful yet? its one of my fav song from her


this is my favourite reaction channel on youtube haha


I just love Lana! She just rocked my world for good! I like your style, so please react more Lana!


This is not the Sixtin Chapel. This is the Chapel de la Trinité, at the Fontainebleau castle, nearby Paris.


React to Now United - Wave your Flag


I hope you react to “Ride” by Lana del Rey! The cinematography and song are literal poetry/art!


Video Games is another MUST! It's from this same album and was her breakout hit! It was like nothing else on the radio at the time but it exploded and went so viral. That song got her to where she is today
Also Summertime sadness! Ahh that song just reminds me of the summer of 2011 so much


the concept of the video was she was a lonely queen reminiscing about the times she had with her beloved, all the chapel/church parts are her in heaven.


I always thought it was about a relationship that couldn't last. It was a relationship born out of living in the moment, being in love but the love wasn't enough to keep together. The relationship was doomed from the beginning, it was born to die. But that's just how I saw it.


Just a suggestion for you. Great song by Lana, no doubt, now for a rendition of this song which many consider an upgrade please check out this from 12 year old Angelina Jordan, sitting at home, no production, no enhancements, straight up vocals:


You really need to check out Angelina Jordan covering this song at age 12. Most people agree the prefer her version but see what you think.


my interpretation is she knew from the start of the relationship that it wasn't going to last but she couldn't help herself. When she talks about being a small child and trying to take what she could get, maybe she wasn't shown love and this was the first guy who did but then it got abusive. she's a hopeless romantic and thinks getting high with him will avoid the him making her sad all the time.


I would love to see you react to "Popular Monster" by Falling in Reverse


Yous have to check out RIDE


I love your videos, I was wondering if you could please do Selena Quintanilla-disco medley.... super duper please 🥺🥺


I have been her fan for years now, and i cant tell how many times i heard this song, but DAMN. Still gets me everytime, the goosebumps. Such a outstanding voice, so touchable. Her talent, sentimentalism and beauty in a storytelling, i have never seen anyone doing like she does. I really think she is your style. Great react.


You have to react to Ride next!


Can u react to warm embrace by Chris brown


Have you guys ever tried Illenium's stuffs? I really want to know your thoughts upon his music. Keep It Up 💯


Lana is so talented, man this song brings me back in time, her voice is so angelic and nostalgic. 😍


Love that you guys are doing more Lana! You definitely gotta check out some of her other stuff like Ultraviolence and National Anthem!


I’ll play this with her on 7/18/23 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin!


Please react to summer time sadness by Lana Del Ray


If you really want to experience LDR go from the beginning- go to the list of her discography and just watch what will come- Born to die and the Paradise edition, ultraviolence, honeymoon, lfl, **nfr** and more...
and only after hearing the album go to the music videos. This is the best way to dicover her.. any fan would agree.


Naurrr not the thumbnail saying Lana del Ray lmaooo 😭😭


Please react to All too well: the short film by Taylor Swift ❤️


man you can really feel something’s missing since lee’s not there… just isn’t quite the same energy when they don’t have each other to bounce off. hope he’s doing okay and hope he’s back soon!!


You are right - Lana is ride or die, whether you fail or fly 🎶 (It’s actually in the lyrics of Blue Jeans which is kind of a sequal to this video)




Always love your reactions!! 💗💗 And react more to Lana, please 🥰 “Shades Of Cool” it’s one of my fav


react blue jeans, off to the races, ride, national anthem pls


omg I was waiting for this one


It's better with two than one


This album is so insane, like for real, you should listen to other songs from.


Highly Recommend Shades of Cool by LDR. It's like a sequel to this song


tove lo - habits please!! also great reaction, lana is just on another level with her charming vocals and touching lyrics


Lana has a real gift of storytelling through her music, and the visuals in some of her music videos are incredibly poetic and intricate. I think you'd really like Blue Jeans, Ride, Shades of Cool and West Coast! Some of my all time favourite songs and music videos by her, but every body of work she has released is pretty groundbreaking


TWO TIMES pause at the defining chorus moment :(((((


Please react tot west coast 🙂


Please react to all the musics from the album "Born to die", they are all amazing.


When Lee back aswell


Dark paradise next please


Off to the races is another amazing song by her. One of the best.


Love this reaction.
Please react to Lust for life by Lana del rey featuring The weeknd.


Hi Michael, Hi Perry! Hope you're both having a great day. We miss you, Lee. 🤗 Can't wait till you come back.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain
Anything from Post Malone


This song and album were my first intro to Lana Del Rey, beautiful voice!


Love this Lana reactions😍😍😍😍😍😍


Its a representation of an abusive relationship, where you know that you are going to crash at the end but you cant stop and cant be apart. At the end he is alimentos because he is the abuser, he seems caring like implying he loves her still after hurting her


Pls react too Eminem & snoop d to a lbc, but together 😥


AGAIN LANA.. What a day! ♡


thank you for reacting to lana <3


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