DEEP! Reaction to Lil Peep – Star Shopping

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lil Peep “Star Shopping” from the album “Star Shopping”.

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Would REALLY appreciate if you could share this video. More people really need to learn about his music. Thanks!


More Lil Peeps reaction


this is one of his first songs ever made!! it blew him up


Can you guys do more peep please? 🙁


yo knowing what happened to peep and him saying he’s singing from the past.. damn rest in piece peep


Lil peep was such a god guy a genuine soul.


Reaction to kunno 🤣😎🤙


should listen to some suicide boys


we miss you, gothboi 🤍🕊




Do papercuts mgk lil peep


Can you do I've been waiting lil peep


im 20 now, listened to this song tens of thousands of times if not more since I was 14, never thought of the take you had about him searching for the right star, as in the name star shopping, thanks so much for giving me a new way of looking at the song I never saw before


pls react to life is beautiful or praying to the sky by lil peep


Lil peep life is beautiful , next plz


reac to bad bunny- ojitos lindos




Might not have made it to 21 not sure


He passed at age 21


It almost seems like his record company used his death as some kind of miracle like stuff but he went along with it because it made him money but it also killed him


One day we'll all be too old dudes at one point 😂


love this song <3


Should have done the music video that showed his childhood and live performance!


If you fw peep youll fw lxqds


react to lil skies lust


Please react to NBA Youngboy Drawing Symbols


Can y’all react to Miss The Rage


idk if u guys take recommendations but i’m digging the channel and will sub! check out “godspeed” by lil peep if u can


PLEASE MY BROTHERS IN CHRIST, REACT TO LIL PEEPS "NO RESPECT" FREESTYLE!!!!!!! (also, there was supposed to be a second verse to star shopping but peeps mic broke halfway through the song)


I have the name of this song tattooed on me, it's beautiful and means a lot to me personally


Please listen to "Frosty" by Zillakami. He's truly an amazing artist.


We need more peep


Can u react to 30th by billie eilish pls


< 3


You guys are the best!


Peep 💕💕💕


I remember suggesting life is beautiful and I love that you’re reacting to more of lil peeps art it truly is beautiful


Please react to Aespa's Black Mamba!!


Rip lil peep


React to «LiL PEEP — Awful Things» please. It also features Lil Tracy and there is an interesting official video for this song


Please DO MORE PEEP!!!! <3


More peep reactions


React please lil peep - runaway


Please do more reactions to Peep,I recommend Awful Things or Runaway


i am brazilian i love lil peep


This was his first song that got him on the map at the start of his career 🌹


Rock in Peace Peep 🙏💔


Still hurt over you Gus 😔💔


React to bad bunny a Hispanic artist listen to titi me pregunto


wtf finally u guys put new vedio about lil peep reaction


Reaction to 7 Rings


You should do Eminem The Ringer next


He actually wrote this song in 20 minutes on heroin in his moms room with a broken mic with a sock over it as a filter, pretty crazy


can you please react to kill yourself III by $uicideboy$ it’s another very deep song and make sure to bring up the lyrics so you understand them


Definitely need more Peep and Mac Miller on the channel! Also there’s a typo in the thumbnail. “Star Shipping” is a great song!




Hi Michael & Perry. Have a great & fun weekend. Stay hydrated. Miss you Lee.
Good song, Great video.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse
MGK"s version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain
Anything from Post Malone


Love reactions you guys are awesome as always love the shades ,just wondering is Lee ok he hasn't been here and I miss his added comedy because your guys relationship they way you bounce off each other so funny. Good wishes


legends never die!


Lil Peep is awesome, please do more reaction's


In case you missed it, check out our reaction to Lil Peep "16 Lines" on Patreon.


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