DELICIOUS! Reaction to Katy Perry ft. Migos – Bon Appétit

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Katy Perry ft. Migos “Bon Appetit” from the album “Witness”.

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is lee doin good?


what happened to the other old guy 😢


React to Dark Horse and Harleys In Hawaii 🙏🏼


Are you The same guys who do the Scripture breakdowns?


Hey Michael! Catching up on old videos... How is Lee? You're doing great with keeping up the channel!


Please react to the new song of blackpink.. blackpink-pink venom this song have 86million views in the first day


Cool video, please react "to Chained to the rhythm - Katy Perry" the concept and i would like to see your'e thoughts about it


The migos was the last of groups especially in atlanta cause they came out right at the very end of the crunk/snap music scene where he had hella groups cause everybody was dancing and it really made sense to have groups since it was a same hood thing


I love that inner joke…..and that’s cursive lol


i love Katy 😻🥰


I would love for you to react to “eight” by sleeping at last! He’s an amazing artist and does not get nearly the recognition he deserves :)))


Please react to Ciara ft. Coast Contra - JUMP (Official Music Video) ❤️


Hey, I know y'all don't don't like reacting to songs with no video but you NEED to react to paranoia by chance the rapper


Waooo!!!....Congratulations my friends Michael and Lee!! ...I want invite you to give us your opinion, like music lovers, reacting to who is considered the best singer of the world...His name is Dimash Kudaibergen, a young singer who handle 7 octaves and 3 semitones of vocal range (An alien)...He has been singing since he was 5 years (he is 28 now) and he can sing in more than 15 languages...But if you decide to react to Dimash for the first time, please don't do it with his most recent songs ... I recommend that you go to the year 2017 and react to the song that made him a global idol ... I mean the performance he did of the famous French song called "SOS D'un Terrien en Détresse", when he participated in the famous Chinese reality show The Singer in that year 2017 ... With that performance Dimash earned the reputation of being the best singer on the planet, so I recommend you start with that one...You have to be prepared because you are likely to receive a flood of views, comments and new subscribers....And I have to give you a warning: Never react to The World Best videos, because they deceived him and treated him very badly.!...I hope to see you first reaction soon and if you don't mind, I'd like you to mention me as the person who recommended reacting to Dimash....Here you have the best high quality video of Dimash performing S.O.S. Live 2017.....


Next should be Harleys in Hawaii


my favvvvv 🍒


Please react to Never Really Over by Katy Perry


React to katy perry dark horse


Please react too Chase Atlantic


Please react to All too well: The short film by Taylor Swift ❤️


I know that you only react to modern music, but I think it will be great if you reacted to "Pearl Jam" (MTV Unplugged). The songs as well as the performances are amazing.


🔥🔥🔥Please react to TINI - La Loto feat. Anitta & Becky G🔥🔥🔥


Katy has best videos and boobs in the industry!!!!!


Guys i think you should starts listening to little mix they're a british girl grouo their songs are dope, i recommend their song power.


Give us Lana Del Rey please 🙂


Okay but when are you doing WAP?


u need to react to nicki minaj


Congratulations on 100 videos!😁


Love the reaction!!
We would love More Katy perry😍😍


I would really appreciate it if you guys would react to Crazy Story by King Von.
You guys are immaculate, I could watch you all day.


Keep react to more Katy Perry pls! Last Friday Night, Dark Horse are some


You have to react to Jessie J - My heart will go on, it’s a live on a TV show and this is incredible! She is stunning

Thanks for your react, hi from France 🥰🇫🇷 (if you want to do react of french song, i can suggest you some) sorry for my english guys🥲


We need more migos for sure 💯


react to more taylor swift and to one direction


Pls do lady gaga!


Song requires can you do NF STORY please. Thank you






everything i wanted by billie eilish pls 🥺🥺


Hey, Please react (anitta- sua cara feat major lazer, Pabllo vittar) 😕😕❤️❤️❤️ Please mans


Congratulations on 100 reactions, looking forward to the next 100.


please react to her song/video “the one that got away” one of my all time favorites, and “Part of me” too!!!


I think the meaning behind the video is not romantic, it's actually more dark. About social media that take parts from celebrities and mostly women in the industry who eat them as if they were served. Or another theory is the same meaning behind as Yummy by Justin Bieber where the old rich pay for sexual pleasure.


React to sicko mode
Travis scott ft drake


Guyss pllss react to lana del Rey "national anthem" plsss 🙏🙏🙏


Katy Perry has best videography, visuals among all female artist. She is so creative 😍


Love your videos! Still waiting for a Lorde reaction. I’ll continue to wait though, it builds the anticipation haha! Lorde song suggestions: Green Light, Supercut, Solar Power


react to lady gaga judas or edge of glory. we need gaga


I think you guys would really like her song Tennage Dream, it never fails to make me cry.


You guys should listen to "Murder On My Mind" by YNW Melly. Interesting song that im sure a lot of people would like to see your reaction to


React to Selena Gomez


Hey guys I got a question !! Was lee a comedian when he was younger ?!! The guy is funny and has a great sense of humour !! Love the vids.


Thank goodness it's Tuesday again. A good bit of us are older & we love this stuff. 😊 Congratulations on your 100th video! So proud of yinz! I'm so happy that I was here to see all of it. 🤗 Great song...Love Katy Perry.

MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain
Katy Perry - Dark Horse


hey! you guys should react to Lady Gaga's "Telephone"


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