EMPOWERED! Reaction to Ava Max – Million Dollar Baby

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Ava Max “Million Dollar Baby” from the album “Diamonds & Dance floors”.

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Ava Max has a great voice and she's so tallented. I love her.


Could you maybe react to sweet but psycho by ava max?


Great song


i love this song a lot and your reaction is great


Ava Max did Sweet but psycho


I love ava 💎


Thank you...


Diamonds and dancefloors is actually the name of her next album




Can you react to her newest single Weapons?it's a great song you should listen to it ❤️⚔️


Shpuld definitely react to Taylor swifts new album midnights!!


Ava got great songsssss LOVE HER


Can you react to lady gaga marry the night music video ❤️


Ava has done other really good songs. I would react to Maybe Your The Problem from her next


Weapons is her new single coming out November 10th! Diamonds & Dancefloors is her 2nd album coming out January 27th! Awesome reaction


What happened to the other dude


YAY! So glad yinz are here today. Great video Gentlemen! Please keep making more. Yinz make the stressful days so much better. Thank you!🤗☺️


yes this song is amazing!! you should definitely check out more Ava max vids, she's been around for a while and has many other hits!


Can you react to Ava max weapons
It’s her new song out at 10/11
Please 🙏 react to it


Love this song


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