ENCHANTING! Reaction to Diana Ankudinova – I Can’t Help Falling in Love

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Diana Ankudinova “I Can’t Help Falling in Love”

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Hey everyone. If you love listening to Diana, please check out Zhou Shen "Huan Yan" from The VOice of China https://youtu.be/OIEhj_ODYDw


Пожалуй,эта самая востребованная песня на просторах ю туба в исполнении Дианы


У нее очень красивый,разговорный голос😊 пожалуйста❤ извините❤😊😊😊😊😊


Moozloft Диана Анкудинова


I dont understand why people have a hard time believing us contraltos or female bass exist. It is that deep sexy smoky jazz voice.


diana ankudinova brandon stone the day you


А субтитры? Ведь очень интересно о чём вы говорите ❤😢






Yeah because we all want to hear you say WOW another couple dozen times


Here, this is Tommee PROFITT's version.
Joan Baez sings in 1960 french/english,
My grandmother sang this song in French in 1920.
Elvis Presley adapted the melody and he changed the words "Can't Help Falling in Love with You" in the 1961 movie, Blue Hawaii.
Elvis is one of many people who have covered this song !
ORIGINAL SONG is French ! It's a romance "PLAISIR D'AMOUR". Music composed in 1784 by Jean-Paul-Egide Martini. It is taken from a short story by Jean-Pierre Claris de Florian, Célestine, which appears in his collection "Les Nouvelles de M. de Florian" published in 1784.
Queen Marie-Antoinette, king Louis XVI wife, in France, sang this song at the Château de Versailles before the Revolution!




She's a Dramatic Contralto, lowest of the lowest female voice. Also polyphonic, can sound like more than one voice singing. She has the vocal range of a piano.


When she's doing the high notes, it's the siren pulling the victim in. And then the demon comes out, and they got you.


Orphan abused by her mother and took up music as therapy for her fears.


OK God I'm ready. Come get me.


Dramatic cantralto with polyphonic


Чего ты продюсер янки сраная


You need to listen to her singing Human


That polyphonic voice is why it sounds like 2 people are singing at the same time... Couple that with her dramatic contralto voice and she's one of the best in the world!


Счастье. ,что Вы разбираетесь в музыке .Других научите. ,отвлечете от погани .От чистого сердца ,пусть у Вас все будет хорошо .


Elvis only did a cover (he did only cover songs) a old french Chanson "Plaisir d'amour" 1784


Diana is fabulous, but did you ever listen to Sussu Erkinheimo? She is amazing too.


That is a polyhonic dramatic contralto! Just amazing what gift and talent she has! <3


In this performance she went from C3 to Bflat 5, but could actually go higher, and lower, just not in this song.


NEVER stop the video when Diana is singing. Never.


The term you were looking for is polyphonic, able to carry two tones at the same time. She is a true polyphonic dramatic contralto, the deepest and darkest female voice, very, very rare.


Умница наша. Богата талантами русская земля.


My Love-Song Diana Ankudinova 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🫶❤️🇷🇺❤️🫶🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰💪💪👍👍👍👍☝️


Wishing a Happy and Prosperous New 2023 Year to you and your loved ones 💖


Funny fact: Girls don't have baritone and falsetto. These are the characteristics for male vocals.😉




As for old fan you'll like her cover of "Personal Jesus" by Depeche Mode )) performed on this show


Same sound as Cher...


King(Elvis) dead long life Queen❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥


Диана супер! Девочка великолепная и очень скромная.


it is not enough to destroy the Russian. He still needs to be knocked down


Great Reaction ! You have just witnessed "The Worlds Greatest Vocals". Diana (DEE-ana) is a True Dramatic Contralto, very very rare, with Polyphonic overtones. She can sing Two notes at the same time. She is from and Lives in Russia. Super Award Winning Artist. She sings in 6 different Languages, Diana has over 300 Perfect Performances. She is 19yrs old. She has Millions of Millions of Super Fans. We All Love her so much. I have watched over 600 hours myself. She has changed my Life. Please read her story if you Really want to be Blown away. She was left out on the winter street at the age of 3 with a broken Collar bone, was orphaned and couldn't speak, You can take it from there. Simply Amazing! She makes every Performance her own. Every music video becomes very special. Please become a Super Fan along with us , and Thank God he Blessed us with with her. Welcome to our Diana World.


In this video Diana is 18, contralto, polyphonic. She had a terrible childhood until adoption by nice family. I would suggest you to watch "Wicked games", she was 15 at that time and "Rechenka" (the River) when she was 14 (competition version with judges)


Diana is a contralto, certainly one of the youngest ever seen. And what a voice- deep, soaring, multiphonic. She can sing from D flat 3 to B flat 5, easily. For a more detailed description of her voice on this song, Julia Nilon does a great job in explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=puVhS82YuoI


Понравилась наша Диана? Наше сокровище!


https://www.youtube.com/c/videos diana ankudinova
tv channels youtube welcome to the magical world of diana
these are some of Diana's masterpieces
ranging from the age of 14 to 18 years
=LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=72 Dernière danse
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=71This is a man's world
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=70 Rechenka
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=69 Tomorrow is a lie
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=68 Blizzard
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=67 Wicked Game
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=66 Human
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-znD6QKbrg Can't help falling in love
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfTiQkJrLi0 Oh, it is not evening yet
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=13 crow
LL0-1hIaNtKogmB-YnbQ6Wrg&index=12 PERSONAL JESUS


That time she was 18.




In this video she went from C3 to Bflat 5. Sounded like she could have gone higher if she wanted to though.


Спасибо 💗👍
Диана Анкудинова великолепна!!! 💎


Добро пожаловать в мир Дианы!
Диана - уникальная и неповторимая певица!
Невероятное выступление Дианы!
Просто потрясающее!
И отличная позитивная реакция!
Диане - браво! А за реакцию - лайк и спасибо!

Welcome to the world of Diana!
Diana is a unique and inimitable singer!
Incredible performance by Diana!
Simply amazing!
And a great positive response!
Diana - bravo! And for the response - like and thank you!


Other astounding performances are those of Angelina Jordan who won Norway's Got Talent. She competed at 7 years old and turned just 8 at the end of the competition. Check out all her performances on Norway's Got Talent ... but strap yourself into your seat because you won't believe what you're hearing from a 7 year old!


If you want to be blown out of your socks react to Diana singing a cover of Chris Isaac's Wicked Game and follow up with Rechenka. She was in her early teens when she performed and the timbre of her voice will rock you to your core. She sounds shamanic at times and very other-worldly. I think she was 14 when she sang Wicked Game.


Diana is unic 💜💙💜💙💜💙


Давно меня так сильно не впечатляли реакции. Человек похоже действительно разбирается в музыке.


Thank you for your attention to the work of Diana Ankudinova.


Спасибо за Диану




You may want to learn Russian after this. 😁 So this was the first performance of the show, and I think it was obvious that some of the performers/judges had never heard her sing. Suffice it to say everyone was impressed.


Улётная реакция на Диану Анкудинову!


For your information, and those in your audience that may not know, this performance took place on September 25, 2021, when Diana Ankudinova was only 18 years old, during a new vocal competition called the ShowMaskGoOn! This vocal competition was televised over nine weeks, one episode per week with nine professional singers. These nine judges also competed against each other and awarded judging points to each other. When Diana was not competing, she was a member of this judging panel.
Each week, one at a time a different singer took the stage and performed a different song over the nine weeks. Each contestant had to sing a different song from different genres using different styles. The ShowMaskGoOn! concluded on November 20, 2021, and based on points received, Diana Ankudinova was declared the overall winner at the end of the nine weeks.
Diana’s cover of Elvis Presley’s classic, “Can’t Help Falling In Love” shows Diana Ankudinova has developed into what many vocal professionals say is a true contralto voice type. For those that don’t know, a contralto is the lowest type of female voice, and a true contralto voice is a very, very rare find.
First, to answer a very common question and your question in particular when you asked about Diana's vocal range. Now, the vocal range helps in defining a female singer's voice type and at age 13 in 2017, her vocal range was measured from a low of C3 to a high of A5. As of September 2021, 4 years later at age 18, her lower functional range was measured from a low of C3 to a high of B♭5, giving Diana almost a 3-octave range. But it's not just about how low she can go, it's the exceptional quality of her tone in her lower register. It's in her timbre, the roundness, the fullness, and the depth of her voice, along with her ability to create and access an enormous amount of resonance that helps to further define Diana as a "dramatic contralto", the deepest, darkest, and most powerful contralto voice type and is the rarest of the rare contralto voice types.
How does Diana do it? How can such a young female singer achieve such a low, rich, deep, and profound sound? Without actually scoping her vocal tract while she is producing those low notes to see what is actually happening within her vocal track, the general conciseness of many vocal professionals is to simply attribute Diana’s unique ability to her winning the genetic lottery, meaning she was just born with her unique vocal anatomy. Diana’s vocal folds appear to be longer and thicker than most female singers. Her larynx also appears to be larger and her pharynx similarly appears to be longer than other female singers. It’s this unique vocal anatomy that gives Diana Ankudinova the ability to produce the low, deep, rich, full sounds that make her stand out, but without actually scoping Diana’s vocal track there is no way to be 100% sure.
Diana is also a real polyphonic singer which is an extraordinary accomplishment for someone so young and answers your second question. A singer who has mastered this polyphonic vocal technique can create one, and sometimes two, different tones at the same time which adds to the harmonic overtones and undertones that can make it sound like more than one voice singing. This polyphonic ability is why some people mistakenly believe Diana Ankudinova is using some form of electronic voice manipulation or pitch correction software to alter or adjust her sound. Others believe another person is singing in the background, or she is lip-syncing over a previously recorded vocal track that was altered or modified. There is nothing artificial or manipulation of Diana's voice of any kind going on at all. Neither is anyone else singing off stage nor is she lip-syncing to a vocal track. The other voices you are hearing are just backing tracks used to fill in and round out the performance along with the backing track for the musical score. Diana Ankudinova and only Diana Ankudinova is actually singing “Can't Help Falling In Love”.
During Diana’s performance, the judge on the top row who is the first to stand during the performance is the well-known Russian tenor, Yusif Eyvazov from Azerbaijan who was invited to be a special guest judge for this competition. Yusif Eyvazov is married to the world-famous soprano Anna Netrebko. At the end of Diana Ankudinova’s performance, she receives a standing ovation from all her fellow competitors. Another fellow judge, Julia Parshuta, who is also a well-known contemporary Russian singer is the blond woman dressed in red, standing in the center row. She looks totally shocked at the end of Diana's performance and puts both hands on top of her head with a look of total surprise and disbelief. Julia Parshuta, along with the other judges now knows at some point during this competition she and all the other judges will have to compete against Diana, who everyone now knows is a generational talent. Finally, Diana won this competition.


Так как поет Диана - никто на планете спеть не может , Факт - она одна такая


Вот ты валенок


Ужасный голос у этой Дианы, всеобщее мнение не всегда самое правильное,правы бывают меньшенство.Ужас))) как это можно слушать.???!!!


Diana Ankudinova - https://youtu.be/kRzTgBd51Y0?t=215 - С НОВЫМ ГОДОМ, ДРУЗЬЯ! Диана Анкудинова Diana Ankudinova - https://youtu.be/BZVdG-JevWw?t=74


Диана великолепна. Голос божественный. Браво!!. Спасибо за реакцию.


Thank you so much for your reaction. Thank you so much for your reaction. ❤️🔥


You are super reactor and thank you very much for your nice reaction ❤ 👍🇷🇺


Не получается перевести.


She and Dimash would be great together


Diana is a very rare contralto that has slight polyphonic sounds in her voice during some lyrics. She had a very sad childhood you will want to research about to understand where she was at age 3 and then the now beautiful young lady she has turned into.

“Wicked Game” cover should be your next reaction as it was what got me hooked to listening to her over a year and a half ago. I’ve listened to her numerous times everyday since then. She has a huge catalog of songs to go through and none of them will disappoint you. Thanks for reacting🙏🏼


Yes, holy cow - and mackerel too.
Greets from another old dude.




Dianochka is a super star!




Наша шаманочка Диана Анкудинова ты СУПЕР


HOLY ROSSIYA!!!!!😃😃😃😃😃


И в живую,что самое важное


Да братан,наши могут и ещё как)


Нам повезло, мы уже 5 лет наслаждаемся великолепным голосом Дианочки, у неё за эти годы появилось миллионы поклонников по всему миру! Жаль, что ты, дружище, только сейчас узнал о таком необыкновенном певческом таланте!)


Thanks like and subs.for reaction to goddess of vocal Diana!


She's one of the Sirens of the Sea


Diana Ankudinova - My Love.


Diana Ankudinova entered the stage at the age of 13 in the program "Voice. Children", where she sang the song "Jodel time" (I advise you to listen). Then, already at the age of 14, she participated in the contest "You are super!", where she won (audition songs - "Dernire Dance" and "Rechen'ka" (+ "Blizzard), in which she revealed her vocals the most). And at the age of 18 she already took part in this show, where her most powerful songs are "Can't help falling in love you" and "Crow". She sang live. She has a very rare voice - an extremely low contralto and the sound of "two voices".


Не знаю?
Но точно ты тоже попал!
А реакция будет на твоём ЛИЦЕ!


🙂🙃😊 👍👍👍 !!!


Это она поет все. Это живой звук.


being a metalhead, im always drawn to people who can do cool things with their voices. hell, even before i properly embraced my love for metal, i was like that. i stumbled upon this performance completely by accident (i had videos from my favourite vocal coach reactor playing as background noise), but when i heard the first half of the performance, it was enough to get me to watch. then when 4:10 happened, i couldn't actually believe what i was hearing. it was at that point that i became hooked.

if you want more diana, you should check out her performances "wicked game" and "rechenka": they're both from a competition she attended called you are super, which is a singing competition for children with troubled backgrounds. she won that competition just like she won the one in your video right here.

i also saw you reacted to dimash, and if you want a great performance of his to check out, take a peek at his performance of "unforgettable day" at gakku 2017. if you wanna see someone do crazy things with his voice (and i mean crazier than any other performance of dimash's you've seen), this is the one.

for something more on the metal side (not sure if you're into metal or not), check out pisces (the live session) by jinjer. it HAS to be the live session, because it's the best version of the song. more crazy people doing crazy things with their voices again!


Try reacting to a three sister rock band from Mexico called The Warning. Song, Dust to Dust.


Такого уникального ЧАРУЮЩЕГО ГОЛОСА как у ДИАНЫ АНКУДИНОВОЙ нет больше нигде и ни у кого. Блестящая ПЕВИЦА-ШАМАНКА и АРТИСТКА нашей современности. ДИАНЕ здесь 18 лет.


Diana Ankudinova is the best female singer in the world now n Diana has a very rare contralto n polyphonic/harmonical overtones voices that's makes Diana one n only voice of mother nature 👍


За Диану лайк и подписка.......................


The man who got up is Yusif Eyvazov. opera singer, husband of Anna Netrebko.


Just imagine if there is a film about Mermaid with this song😁 Because this version is just like sad siren's song blowing your mind away


Шамана и Диану нельзя сравнивать. Это как взлет души нашего народа и полет кометы в просторах космоса.


Спасибо большое Вам за эмоции и комментарии!!!!❤ Счастья и удачи Вам !!!


Diana Ankudinova with her absolutely amazing voice, an event in the world of music!!! Thank you for your reaction!


Diana, pronounced DeeAnna, is classified as the rarest of human voices. She is a type 3, Dark Contralto with polyphonic undertones, meaning she omits several tones at once.
NO one to compare her to, past OR present.

Please react to Rechenka (River), age 14, Wicked Game, (cover to Chris Issac), age 15
Human (cover to RagN'Bone Man), age 15, CROW (cover to Linda) age 18 plus many more live performances. Each masterpiece will pull you into her world.

Siren, etherial, shaman.
We are all blessed to hear such a voice in our lifetime.

Her back story is one of tragic curcumstances that she has overcome and Rose up to be this absolutely humble and grateful human being.
Thank you for an awesome reaction


Спасибо за реакцию. Уникальный голос и хорошая реакция.


Однозначно спасибо за отличную реакцияю


Оригинальная реакция хорошо


Her name is pronounced DEE-ah-nuh Ahn-koo-DEE-ni-vuh. This song was from the first episode of a competition show ShowMaskGoon, and the man who stood up is Yusef Eiwazov, husband of opera singer Anna Netrebko. The lady in red is Yulia Parshuto, herself a great singer- and notice how everyone already knows they lost, and it is only week 1 of 9. She does have multiphonic ability, with supreme vibrato- and she is one of the youngest contraltos on earth. She was 19 here, but you should see her when she was 14 (Rechenka) or 15 (Wicked Game).


Diana Ankudinova es la versión femenina de Dimash Kudaibergen son impresionantes y espectaculares


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