EPIC BATTLE! Reaction to The Kid Laroi – Thousand Miles

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to The Kid Laroi “Thousand Miles” from the album “Thousand Miles”.

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Every time I see Kid Laroi I think of Leif Garrett


Hi new to the channel but already becoming a fan. Don't know if you've already reacted to this song, but I'd like to suggest the song "truly madly deeply" by Savage Garden thanks!


I'd love to see you react to Disturbed's version of Sound of Silence music video.


Where’s Lee?


If u make them react to greta van fleet they gonna pop outtt


Just went to The Kid Larois concert last night, that kid is special 🙌🏻 I’d recommend Listening to “Go” by him ft Juice Wrld


i can’t believe you reacted to this song, i love the kid laroi and this song. totally wasn’t expecting this.

definitely check out more kid laroi. i’d probably recommend ‘without you’, ‘go’ ft juice wrld, or ‘tell me why’. also he actually hasn’t dropped an album this year, he is supposed to be some time this year but it hasn’t been released yet.


PLEASEEEEEE react to family line by conan gray : ) ᰔ i have a ton of other songs id love for u guys to react to too!


Hope all is well, love you guys


Could you please react to Phantasy Star Online or midnight Tokyo by Deko?


Bros got a beautiful voice


Hi Perry...Hi Michael. Lee, you're in our thoughts. Hope everyone has a great week. Please stay safe out there.
My dad has a whole box full of the original Mad Magazines. That is so funny that you would say that.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse OR Rise


Please react to Pete and bass plugged in they are also too old dudes and I think it will be a funny and cool reaction
Love your content keep going ✌️


Yesterday was the release of the song Revelation.
This song was the first completely original song by Diana Ankudinova, she herself wrote the lyrics and composed music.
Several dozen reactions, all reactionaries are shocked once again, but now not only by Diana's voice, but also by a talent that can create not cheap one-time music, but hits for all time.
Meet Diana Ankudinova and her song Revelation.


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