ESPANOL! Reaction to DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA – SG

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to DJ Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion, LISA “SG”

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i really enjoy this song but I wished Lisa sang her part in Korean. I think it would have been so unique to have a song with 3 languages in it! more diverse in so many ways!


You should really react to Blackpink or Lisa-Money


Please react to the Filmmaking of this video.. a huge budget, not using a green screen.. I love to watch you reacting for the behind-the-scenes of this video. Thanks!


Please react to BLACKPINK please


More Lisa video please


We are embracing all cultures in this new wave 🔥


You should react to Taki Taki by Ozuna, Cardi B, Selena Gomez and DJ Snake


Can you guys please react to taki taki by dj snake, ozuna, Cardi b, and Selena Gomez


I just gave them 1,000 I'm not a fan of Lisa and Ozuna I like her music and I adore Megan thee stallion


Please moneyyy by lisaaa


You guys need to check Lisa’s older solo dance concerts, Lili Films and movie, she is absolutely adorable, amazing, beautiful and great in all that she does, you’ll see why the world loves her so.


Lisa voice so good I love Lisa part


react to blackpink sure thing cover !!


react to blackpink next !!


Thank you. Very fun and enjoyable to hear different pov. Love your pure reaction. I want you to react to Money:Lisa, Lili Film the Movie and if possible other Lili Dance Performance too !


You guys should react to some bands/singers that are really good but not many people react to like: Nothing But Thieves, The Shins/Broken Bells, IAMX, Will Joseph Cook, alt-j and Her's


When I see you-foolio


React to Lisa money please


Queen Lisa AMAZING 🔥👑💖


I know you guys have been checking more pop music out, but if you want to listen to one of the most innovative and unique bands I highly recommend King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. They have released 18 albums since 2012 and each album has a different genre/style. Check out Gamma Knife from the album Nonagon Infinity for your mind to be blown


Pleeeaase react to Burn by juice wrld 💥💥💥


you guys should react to brockhampton


Could you react to You Right - Doja Cat ft. The Weeknd? Or anything by The Weeknd tbh.


I think you guys would love When You Die by MGMT their an indie rock band and the video for when you die is very very psychedelic and interesting.


The sound you're describing is called Reggaeton (pronounced 'Reggae-Tone'). Reggaeton is essentially "Latin Reggae". And Ozuna is one of Reggaeton's Top-Billed Artists/performers. Lisa is a K-Pop (Korean Popular Music) artist who hales from; arguably; the #1 K-Pop group, 𝗕𝗟ΛƆ𝗞𝗣𝗜И𝗞. Yes, the guy with the glasses, DJ Snake, is the producer. It's 2021 and producers ("DJ's") like to be seen, LoL.


React to Ariana grande emotions by Mariah Carey cover


Eminem pleasee


Please react to hallelujah by Pentatonix 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 They will blow your mind!!


you should check out Cellophane by FKA Twigs - think you 2 would enjoy it. Great vid!


I don't know if you recognized Lisa (BlackPink)? You both reacted to her solo video "LaLisa". Korean singer and rapper with the changing scenes. She sang on that song in Korean, English and her native tongue Thai. In this video, she doesn't rap but sings.


I only watched the original video because of Lisa from BlackPink. When I realized they weren't singing in English, I checked the caption to change to English. Except there was no English subtitles.


perfect queen lisa


Burn, by Jucie Wrld


Queen Lisa😍


My Lisa is here.🥰


React to Jocelyn flores by xxxtentacion




$ucideboy$ next!


Can you please react to Demi Lovato - dancing with the devil? I would love to see that reaction.


I would love to see you guys react to Tory Lanez - 87' stingray


Hoping for Logic 1-800 or DadBod or Confessions of a Dangerous Mind


I would suggest "Yoru ni Kakeru" by YOASOBI
after you listened to it, you should check out the translation


Money by Lisa is 🔥🥵, please check it out.


if we gonna talk about song's quality instead of these "SG" song i dare to say that BLINKS in general would still gonna prefer you guys to watch another Lisa's solo song or atleast just go straight into any of BLACKPINK's song....


Wow S o L m


Iam here because of Lisa


Lisa money plese 😍


React to BLACKPINK with 70.6 million subscribers on YouTube is the artist with the most subscribers on the planet.


everyone being able to react to BLACKPINK and LISA's MONEY and react to a song that no one asked for.


(These 5 BLACKPINK misical videos have already surpassed 1 billion views)



Can you react to BTS mic drop pls


LISA es la Reina del 🌏🎵


feel like you guys would love pyramids by frank ocean sucha good song


Blackpink how you like that reaction please


Hello! I’m a new subscriber! I absolutely love the videos! It’s a awesome concept for older people a.k.a. more experienced people, to react to the music I’m listening to daily. It’s honestly addictive! Please try and upload daily I will watch a lot! And I bet there would be plenty of other people especially my age that would tune in as well because this is so intriguing! Some music and artist I recommend is ————————————————————xxxtentacion- “hope” ; “SAD!” (Talented artist) , Kanye- “praise god”(super good artist) , Drake “Chicago freestyle”( super good artist), don toliver-“after party”(really interesting voice, Travis Scott “highest in the room(very good music) , lil uzi vert- “dark queen” and “20 min”, post Malone- “take what you want (feat. Ozzy osbourne”it’s crazy how they made this work), juice wrld “lucid dreams”( extremely talented), lil uzi vert- “XO your lif3( can’t miss this one). ” big Sean- “blessings”( one of his best!) and j. Cole “no role modelz” ; “wet dreamz”( insane word play and can really illustrate an image in your head! It’s crazy!). Thank you!❤️ keep going, you guys are amazing!


The part with queen lisa is the best part for me. I watched that part over and over again without getting bored.😁🤗🥰


The music style is straight up Reggaeton. Ozuna is a great artist. You need to check out Bad Bunny. He is a Grammy winning artist.


I think, if you guys would like some deep music, you should react to “…And to those I love, thanks for sticking around” by $uicideboy$


I suggest checking out AURORA - Runaway. Their voice is hauntingly beautiful


One one hand i wish nobody recommanded this to you guys cause strictly speaking this is far from the best works of these incredible artists. And on the other hand I'm glad it's done and over with 😭.

I can't wait to see your reaction to their other works, they are so good. Especially dj snake, he has such a good vision in what he wants his works to be and they are just incredible.

All love,

Edit: i believr that dj snake was trying to make a Taki Taki 2.0 with this song (you should react to that too 😭), unfortunately it didn't really work out


You guys should listen to Love Yourz by J. Cole


What about bad bunny !




please reaction money from lisa




I love lisa's voice


Queen lisa👑🔥


DJ Snake(FR) - Ozuna(PR) - Lisa(TH) - Megan Thee Stallion(US)... You guys ought to check out Lisa's solo track "Money" exclusive performance vid. Tysm for this genuine reaction.


I hope you all have a great weekend.

M.G.K.'s version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain


Xxxtentacion Jocelyn Flores - it’s a beautiful song please


I think you guys would love Self Care by Mac Miller


React to Dave from uk! His lyricism is incredible I recommend Leslie or My 19th Bday


Please react to juice wrld - wishing well


Love lisa money lalisa by lisa


Could you react to Jocelyn Flores by xxxtentacion


Please react to Angelina Jordan. She's a young girl with an amazing jazzy voice. She's amazing!


React to Linkin Park Heavy


react to lovesick girls by lisa's group blackpink.


hi guysss love u 😀 yall should react to Run by Joji !!!!


React to Blackpink - Ddu Du Ddu Du


Dj snake did the production and Lisa from blackpink it’s the same artist who did LALISA, she also has another song name money and you guys should check the music from her group blackpink like kill this love or ddu-du ddu-du


Wait a minute here.. if you guys are doing songs in Spanish please please please do LatinoAmerica by Calle 13. There’s a music video version on YouTube with really good subtitles.


You should react to rate mcrae- you broke me first, I think you guys would really enjoy it ☺️


Lisa's Money 💰 Please


Hope y'all will react to all too well (10 minutes version) by Taylor swift 🙃❤️


Hey, will you guys please react to Polo G RAPSTAR?


react blackpink pleaseee , i love u <3


Please react Anitta - girl from rio


I love the content guys!
star shopping or save that shit by Lil PeeP


Hey guys really love the videos, keep them coming. Love from India. Here are some reaction suggestions.
The Scientist- Coldplay
The hills- the weeknd
Any Bruno Mars song.

These are some i can think of right now but So many more requests coming your way...


First lol


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