ETHEREAL! Reaction to Mac Miller – Self Care

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Mac Miller “Self Care” off the album “Swimming”

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That interpretation of "I'm good i'm good" "no, you're not" kinda hit a little.


pausing right at the beat switch is crazy


video starts at 1:55


The whole Swimming album was almost his way of foreshadowing. It was barely more than a month after its release that he passed. A lot of the album goes through the ideas of self love, growth, and healing. But nobody asked until after his demise what he was going through to heal or what else he needed to heal from beyond the break up.


Memento Mori = Memori 😊😉


Mac is a diamond in the rubble. .An artist making beautiful art. .


If you haven't done it already, "Alabama" by Bishop Gunn is perfect. Both the song and video are absolutely amazing


You guys should react to Til I forget about you by Big time rush.


Omg listen to colors and shapes.


Honestly self care is great but the whole swimming and circles albums are the best to introduce new older people or people who don’t necessarily love rap to Mac Miller or his tiny desk concert, it was phenomenal. They go hand in hand and we’re suppose to be part of a trilogy of albums.


He was in a car accident do to being under the influence so the theory of driving and it’s hard to see but it’s alright, does make sense of the thought process he could of had. I never thought that way


He not talking about driving home with his eyes closed, he meant his corpse being flown to his family “i could fly home, with my eyes closed, but it be kinda hard to see thats no surprise tho”


We love you Mac!


i luv thisss song


Memento mori (Latin for 'remember that you [have to] die')


Also I love that you don't skip the songs


The long haired guy looks like Mitch Hedberg


He feels in the box when hes sober and iverthinks, then when he gets fucked up he feels vivey and loose and more himself, rinse wash and repeat


I think the whole coffin thing is a reference to kill bill


Please do ‘Pressure’ by Ari Lennox!!




Yo yall gained my respect for yalls analysis


Love the reactions guys! Can you react to Big Krit Drinking sessions please much love and blessings


can you listen to 911/mr lonely by tyler the creator


Fun fact he actually played lot of the instruments you hear in his songs to put into his music. Also I agree with every one else. Please npr tiny desk Mac Miller.


The spins mac miller


listen to “kool aid and frozen pizza” by mac miller, it has a music video


Wish I knew more songs like that but ion even know what to search for


I shift da bus hoe
What do I know?
Shifting busses on my way home
Yayyaay yo


It would be AMAZING if you guys reacted to Dave - We're All Alone or any other Dave tune. Think you will enjoy his lyricism


Earned yourself a sub! Mac is my favorite! Please do all of his albums literally all of them. From order you will realize how much he grew and how his fans grew with him. The music he put out were new stages for everyone everytime he dropped a album it felt like a new chapter in my life was being made weird to say but thats how it felt.


Please! PLEASE react to "I'm Sorry" by Joyner Lucas


the talking over the beat switch is unforgivable


Mac Miller's song Circles is a hard song to listen too. Highly recommend you listen to it. I will always wonder where his success would take him. He was different from other artist. He will be remembered for decades by us.


Mac Miller was a beautiful person. He brought so many people together. Us fans will always be grateful for his music and actions.


It's absolutely metaforical video for addiction. Even the self care means what it means (in a good way) but also that he's taking care of himself, taking the pain away with drugs, sex and liquor. It's like very bi-polar song in a way but that's what addiction is, you don't want to be an addict but it isn't as easy as people who don't know might think, to just switch it off and be clean, for multiple reasons. Also just the coffin (addiction) his first instinct is to smoke a ciggarette which would be against all your basic survival instincts, he is calm because he is used to the box and high. When he comes out there is gunpowder because you just don't come out of addiction, it's crueling and painstaking withdrawals, getting your brainchemistry back on balance which takes year or more and you are going thru all of these regrets made high while in this hyper sensitive state compared to the haze. So the work isn't nearly done by just stopping aka punching thru the coffing. There is a lot of mentions about driving in the song and how the mercedes got him crazy because he got into quite big of an car-accident not long before this but nobody died. It was bad tho. It's just one of those self-destructive behaviours he had.

How he died was with buying oxycontins (which are strong opioids/painkillers themselves) but because they weren't from real pharmaseutical company but copies from some mexican lab there was fentanyl (that is even way stronger) in them to make the prophit margin bigger. It's just that fentanyl is super hard to dosage because so little amount is so much, like talking about micrograms. So he took what he tought would be in his tolerance of oxycontin and it was too much or there might have been a pill that oops got and xtra laze of fentanyl since ofcourse there isn't any consistency how much can be in what pill and unfortunatelly he was found dead.


walkin denzel curry


the goat mac, great reaction, need more mac...btw he carved momento mori in his coffin, which means remember you have to die


Buried himself alive was just chilling. Came out the ground but it was still an active volcano. He literally predicted this and showed us. sad but beautiful.


I would love to see you guys do good news by Mac as well


Like September I fall


I'm surprised the call back to Kendrick Lamar's "We gon' be alright" went completely unnoticed.


Y’all need to react to “perfect circle/god speed” by Mac Miller it’s one song with two in it and just for reference Mac did pass away young, he was sold bad drugs, than you all love this song.


you guys need lyrics up.


React to nights or pyramids by frank ocean


“Didn’t know what I was missin now a see a little different, I was taking too much got stuck in oblivion” HURTS me everytime 😢😭
We miss you Malcom 🤍


Okay sub


I have a recommendation, it’s a classic, geto boys-mind playin tricks


Intro was comedy. Anything Mac Miller I will watch


R.I.P. Mac Miller


React to mac miller cinderella


You should listen to his song 2009, mac Miller is amazing


Please listen to Grass is Greener by St. Paul and The Broken Bones, it's amazing how the band sounds and the singer voices is so powerfull


Taking about self fulfilling prophecies he straight up said inna song "To those who sell me drugs, watch out for that bullshit cause I don't want to join the 27 club".

Goes on to die at 26...


Can you do Juice WRLD - I’ll be fine


Mac was a legend to a lot of the millennial generation. His death was a real tragedy. We missed out on years of great music.


More mac millerrrr


You paused at the beat switch and it hurt my soul😂😂😂


Wait what really?? I've been thinking about death from pretty much my whole 20s and I'm thirty now.


Yes! Please do more of him ❤


I loved your reaction! I think you got the video and meaning of the song pretty spot on I feel


Please SAD by XXXtentacion


you should react to good news


One of my favourite songs is "2009" defs worth a listen.


react to "good news" Mac Miller!!


Listen to his track Good News.


You should react to Good News by Mac Miller! Keep up with the good work


Lil peep please


Please also do SAD! music video by Xxxtentacion


Can you guys please react to Never Catch Me by Flying Lotus and Kendrick Lamar? Grammy nominated song and the video is great.


RIP Mac <3


Thank you. I was listening to “Good News” on repeat 10 months ago saying for me AND YOU! When I decided to become a recovering alcoholic love you MAC EVERYDAY!❤️ 4-13-21


I think More so with our generation and just younger people are opening more to the fact that the only thing that's sure in our lives is that we will die and it could happen at anytime now whether we want to let that hold us back or let us live each day like it's our last is up to whoever you are but that just my point of view in it


Thank you so much for this reaction!

As a bit of a Mac fan, I looked forward to this video for a long time lol

I hope you both enjoyed what you found, we'll see you next week! Thank you, Dudes!


you should react to rosalía and bad bunny’s song called  la noche de anoche, or any of their songs in general.


I highly recommend Shinigami Eyes by Grimes, a very unique and underrated artist.


Dark place by juice wrld please 🖤


check out Mac Miller yeah or good news


Everybody - Mac Miller


I’m going to be playing this in Milwaukee July 19th, 2023. I’ll be seeing all my musical friends including his girlfriend at the time who was Ariana Grande!


J.Cole: 4 Your Eyez Only


They should react to “the space migration sessions” love that one


Please react to lil peep-star shopping ✨


More mac miller. God is fair sexy nasty


Absolutely would love to see a reaction of “yeah” a bonus track off his faces mixtape. 🐐


They paused on the beat switch 💀💀😭


I really Recommand I Will Survive By Gloria Gaynor, One Dance by Drake,Rolling on the river By Tina Turner,I Wanna Dance With Somebody By Whitney Houston, and Arcade by Duncan Laurence


When i read ethereal it completely threw me off bc of the snot album


I think our generation thinks about death a lot more at a younger age bc most of us have seen at least one of our friends die young with all the violence in todays world.. For me that would be my 16 year old brother in 2017


Star shopping lil peep


"I got all the time in the world, so now I'm just chilling." That's one of the hardest hitting lines, because this is one of his last songs.


I see Mac Miller, I hit like, But the and now your dead part was rude.


Listen to small worlds by mac


There’s so many Mac reactions I’d love to see, but Hand Me Downs would probably be the main one.


React to jet fuel by Mac killer please


A little background, after Mac released his album, The Divine Feminine in 2016, he was pretty quiet, musically. In 2018, he and Ariana Grande broke up, he started becoming an avid drug user after being two years sober, he had a car accident, etc. A lot of negativity was pointed his way by the press. Self Care is him letting us know that’s he’s doing alright and that he’s overcoming everything that was happening in his life. He’s human, so he’s going to mess up. But he’ll also get through it. Swimming and Circles are two albums I’m really hoping is listened to. RIP Mac! One of the greatest musicians of all time.💙


Before the video starts, IVE BEEN WAITING FOR SOME MAC REACTIONS FOREVER!! Thank you for this!


J.Cole- Pride Is The Devil
J.Cole- the Climb Back
Eminem- Lose Yourself
Eminem feat. Juice Wrld- Godzilla
Logic- Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Logic- 1800


Please react to more Silk Sonic. Check out their video for Smokin Out The Window or their live performance of Fly As Me from the Soul Train Awards. There is also a Mac Miller video with Anderson Paak (half of Silk Sonic) called Dang!


Highly recommend "Inside Outside" or "Diablo" from his mixtape Faces, or anything from that tape tbh


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