FEELS! Reaction to Dimash – Love Is Like A Dream

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Dimash “Love Is Like A Dream”

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Questo brano è stato composto per Dimash dal grande / geniale compositore e pianista Igor krutoy e dalla bravissima Lara Fabian.


Screaming por favor, siiiiii


En el piano, el compositor, el gran músico ruso Igor Krutoy.


This song is what it’s like to make love with the most skilled partner around


Hey dude. Do you want to hear Dimashi singing a New High Note ? https://youtu.be/u52XDilf628?si=038aYZwf2QNb8CmF


Igor Krutoy, el compositor de "Love is Like a Dream" y la letra es de Valerya Gorbacheva, la está interpretando en el concierto "Gift for Alla Pugacheva" el 8 de abril del 2019 en Moscú.
Igor Krutoy es un compositor, intérprete, productor y promotor musical de Ucrania y Rusia. Krutoy. Galardonado con el Premio Lenin en 1989; es también "Artista de Honor de la Federación de Rusia", Artista del Pueblo de Rusia y Artista del Pueblo de Ucrania. Como compositor, ha colaborado con numerosos cantantes de renombre en la música clásica y contemporánea, como Anna Netrebko, Dmitri Hvorostovsky, Aida Garifullina, Andrea Bocelli, Dimash Kudaibergen, Lara Fabian, Alla Pugacheva e Irina Allegrova.
Dimash conoció personalmente a Igor en Cerdeña, Italia, pero dos meses antes Igor Krutoy lo había invitado a participar en New Wave, competencia internacional de la música popular que el patrocina. En Cerdeña donde Dimash actuó, él y su padre se acercaron a Igor y Dimash le comento que desde que era niño veía canta a Lara Fabián y el sentado en el piano, y pensaba, ¿porque no soy yo quien está parado ahí frente al micrófono? Igor escribe para él, lo que le gusta a Dimash quien considera que la música de Igor es diferente y especial, para él es una alegría cuando el compositor entiende el alma de un artista y entre los dos ha surgido un fuerte vínculo. Dicen que Igor krutoy se encontraba retirado y volvió a los escenarios por Dimash, al que calificó de “chico galáctico” y “el sueño de cualquier compositor


No,he is Igor Krutoy,a retired composer>/pianist ,considered the richest artist on the planet,he worked with the best in the world.He came out of retirement when he heard Dinash.H said that was a young man that all the talent to come out and work with,became friends and is a composer of many of Dimash songs.And now dimash is going to have a partnership with the world famous DAVID FROST,frost made Bocelli,celin dion,M.Buble,a man of 37 grammys as a composer pianist,producer.Every top artist are lining up to play with the best of the best.


you are observant yes Igor Krutoy decided to leave hes pension to compose for Dimash and its a match made in heaven.




Hola soy Dear. Coincido con tus apreciaciones, me resulta fascinante el poder que tiene Dimash de transmitir emociones, debes saber que es un Ser Humano extraordinario, comprometido con la niñez y la Paz, tienes mucho material aun para analizar, en todos te sorprenderá!!!.. saludos desde Buenos Aires, Argentina


you must play Hello...Be with me....Stranger and many more.


I just did a search for Dimash and watch all the first reactions to him. Of course your name came up and I watched all of your reactions to his songs and enjoyed them. I am very surprised you haven't reacted to Pentatonix yet, they are amazing too. You would have heard of Bohemian Rhapsody, so experience it now with no music... just a cappella. Also Hallelujah and Daft Punk are next level too. I'm off to type in either Pentatonix or Dimash in the search bar and experience more people's first reactions. I'll check back in a month to see if you have become a Pentaholic by then. Enjoy.


The pianist is A famous musician ,composer. Who came out of retirement to expressly to work with Dimash. Between them they both wrote and composed many of the songs


My fav Dimash song. ✨❤️✨


Mi suscripción por nuestro príncipe Kazajo Dimash 👑


Felicitaciones por su reacción. Amo a mi hermoso príncipe Kasajo Dimash. Saludos cordiales desde Chile.


Igor krutoy One of the best composers. He is responsable for Dimash success too. He is not just a pianist. He composes music for artists like Lara Fabian, etc


Dimash has a new song- EL AMOR EN TI. You have to see this absolutely stunning piece.


The best singer in the World 👏👏👏💝💜💗💖


Pianist is Igor Kutroy, who came out of retirement to work with Dimash.


One of most beautiful song of Dimash ❤️


More Zhou shen please,, ring the door bell,, baby,,, just for starters


What happened to lee


Bravo Dimash!! 👍👍✨️✨️👏👏👏👏🇦🇷


This is my favorite song from Dimash 😍❤️🙏 is so beautiful and perfectly ❤️🙏❤️


Sometimes he sings with Igor, but he has own band


Yes Igor Krutoy is very focused on Dimash. I just love to see them together on and off stage. They are both so funny and jet respectful to eachother.
My most favorit backstage video of the two is this
Or when they made a funny video for Igors sister.


Where did your partner go? i've noticed he hasn't been in a video since "bon appitite" why are you doing them all solo now?


Thank you so much 😊Dimash is amazing 🎈


You got to watch Lara Fabian did the same song, with the same “ pianist” ;D

Amazing song with 2 different amazing version:)



Isn't it nice when he stays soft & low - you said... 🤣🙃😂


thank you a lot👍👍🤗


Great reaction Tank You, You don't have subtitles in Kazakh.


Dimash no es un cantante de aguas tibias,, el tiene todo el frío y todo el calor para lucirse cuando le de la gana y como le de la gana ...y como tiene ese poder ,me encanta que lo haga en cada canción y le diga al mundo Dimash soy yo,el único, intocable ,maravilloso de otro mundo...


THANK YOU for another awesome Dimashreaction!! 🙏🙏
Peace and Love from Dear in Sweden!


Yes he did a few sining contests, simply to get himself known outside of his already well established areas around his own homeland Kazakhstan. He holds a Doctorate in Music and other degrees in certain genres. Do u know he plays 7 instruments sings in 15 languages speaks in 4 or 5 maybe more now. Dimash is a composer of music eg war and peace and his latest One Sky, but others too, he writes lyrics, in fact he is involved in all aspects of music and music making and at all levels of performance. Even when he decided fo accept the invite to participate in The Singer competition he was not happy with th arrangement of the 1st song they gave him to sing, sos , and insisted on rearranging it. He will not perform substandard work.
Dimash is already invited to sit on judges panels in singing competitions. Dimash co writes with Igor as well as Igor composing for him specifically. As someone said he came out of retirement so he cud compose for Dimash's voice. He didn't need the money he is a multi millionaire. This is not a performance within a competition.


Es un ángel de Dios para que este mundo cure sus heridas con su voz y letras…


Thank you for reacting to Dimash! I liked and subscribed because you are warm, sincere, thoughtful, and respectful;)
I choose life and I will follow Dimash anywhere. The Story of One Sky.


He is the best!!💐💞💐💞💐💞🇦🇷😍


Subtítulos en español por favor


Goodly. A huge hug from Italy


Information for those who haven't heard anything about Dimash before.👇
Dimash Kudabergen, a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, living legend, genius singer, one in a million, no, one in a billion, the best vocalist in the world. With 23 years of classical training, he has become a unique vocalist. he has become an international phenomenon since 2017 when he was invited by Hunan TV as a wild card in a contest for professional singers in China, “I am a Singer”. His first appearance in the contest gained 600 million viewers in just few days. Apparently, Dimash begins to be exposed internationally since then,. His actual singing career at the international level itself had begun many years prior to the contest.his song has accumulated more than a billion views on various platforms. Simply put, he's a mega star in China, his fan-made video of Dimash just eating something has over 250 million views. Unfortunately, they don't use YouTube in China, so he doesn't have as many subscribers on YouTube as he actually does. He has 8 million followers on Chinese Weibo.He has an amazing musical education, all the technical details he sings and uses, he knows how it works. He is musical perfection. There is no technical detail that he doesn't have, no one has ever had such talent and skills, he can be bass, baritone, tenor, counter tenor, alto, mezzo soprano, soprano and so on, he sings in 15 languages,( https://youtu.be/xG3Uz0ObSkU + Japanese ( ikanaide song) he has the biggest range . He sings many genres, opera, pop, rap and so on. In addition to the talent that God gave, the work that he did is amazing.he has extraordinary and rich style which he also uses geniously in matching the vocals according to the song’s requirements. This makes people realise that he has extremely unique interpretation ability. Dimash always manages to deliver songs into a whole different level. Be it his own song or cover song from different singers. Off the stage, Dimash lifestyle is another source of attraction. In the showbiz world where many artists practice poisonous lifestyle, consuming drugs, alcohol, and addicted to nightlife, Dimash is praised for practicing healthy life. He does not smoke, nor he does drink alcohol or consume drugs, nor does he go clubbing. From the age of 5, he dedicated his life to music, did everything to develop it (swimming in the pool, breathing control, range, healthy lifestyle)He is an amazingly humble, warm simple man, apart from his musical excellence, as a person he is an amazing person.Dimash once quoted his teacher, “No matter how successful you are as a singer, it won’t mean anything if you do not succeed in becoming a human.” This young man then humbly said that he was actually still struggling and sometimes had to fight with himself to make the message come true. Dimash also has exceptional stage presence. He lives everyday life with his family humbly. He is a humble, polite and shy young man, but on stage he turns into a very confident and charismatic figure. Dimash raanks first in The 100 Most Attractive/ handsome Asian Celebs 2021 according to the King Choice ranking ,Dimash scored 9,304,871 points. (He was In top 10 the most handsome man in the world in 2020) His songs are exceptionally complex both technically and emotionally, he is able to properly develop emotion in music both vocally and artistry. As i say Dimash knows very well how to develop emotion in a song, even professionals can't hold back tears while listening to him .https://youtu.be/fd_voAuVtX4
https://youtu.be/NFjzS8IkNHU . in terms of vocals, there is a class in China and another in England where her talent is the main subject of the music degree. ( https://youtu.be/O0cmTPvxXAw)
Dimash has fans (called dears) from 150 countries around the world. I'd say his fans are special because we don't love Dimash because he has good looks (well, he's very attractive and cute) or because his performances are fun We love him because of the talent he has, because of the work he has done almost all his life.his loyal fans makes his first album reached the platinum level within 37 seconds and triple platinum within one hour. Dimash fans are willing to fly across the continent to watch Dimash sings in his concerts. The statistics of purchasing concert tickets reveal that the audiences are from more than 60 countries and the tickets are mostly sold out. He deserves everything. There is no other singer who can be compared to him, he is at the apogee of development.He plays 7 instruments, loves the culture of his country and wants to introduce it to the world. Dimash has been declared a "National Treasure" of Kazakhstan...He is the cultural ambassador between China and Kazakhstan...Dimash is 6'3" tall. Dimash named as global ambassador of the world’s largest distributor of donor medical equipment and charitable aid ( https://en.dimashnews.com/dimash-kudaibergen-became-the-global-ambassador-of-the-worlds-largest-distributor-of-donor-medical-equipment-and-charitable-aid/?amp).As I already wrote, he is very educated, he is still studying. he has 2 degrees in classical and contemporary, and on the way to a doctorate in musicology.I will say here that, like in other professions, education in music is very important, you can sing notes well, but you don't understand in details how it happens, Dimash is at a high level from this point of view, he knows exactly what, how and in what way he does it.Dimash has an incredible range that no one has ever had, full range 7.7 octaves, from G0 to D8.( https://youtu.be/7mo_MJbGSjw) ( D8 whistle note , off the piano) Dimash sang the highest note. Before anyone jumps out at me and tells me there are a few people who hit a higher note, I'll tell you that they just hit those notes without control, and Dimash sang from C#8 to D8 with vibrato for 5 seconds. ( https://youtu.be/LL9e0uIhXtU).I hope you won't have a hard time seeing the difference.I will add here that Dimash did this in front of 150,000 people. He Has very good details, staccato, distinctive vibrato, rifs, melizens, vocal acrobatic, glissando, crescendo, dominoendo, long notes, breath control, correct tesitura, Able to develop emotion properly, fit roles well . Uses professional technique, Italian Bell Canto technique. In his song it feels like he is a professional even without high notes.Unfortunately, as always, geniuses are appreciated late, this guy deserves much, much more recognition, I hope the time will come and he will be properly appreciated. I also want to mention that Dimash is like a drug. I have been listening to him for the third year, I can't imagine a day without listening to him, he is the best, not because he sings high notes and has a great range, but because he enters the soul with his song and you feel something you have never felt before. .But if we consider it from a technical point of view, in this case too
Dimash is the best. As vocal teachers and professionals say, his singing is technical perfection.They also say that Dimash is the best vocalist, Before someone tells me that no professional has said this and gets on my nerves (I've read such comments), I'll leave the links here as proof. https://youtu.be/XWXRttL9Hxo .
https://youtu.be/j4wTSGe8BGM .
https://youtu.be/sY-T . A classical singer claims/admits that he is the best vocalist in the world ( https://youtu.be/pjNygCXOCz0) , The singers are saying that they are happy to live in the same era as Dimash. ( https://youtu.be/AlfL_m2qakU) , ( https://youtu.be/01sc1Gma1lw) ( https://youtu.be/_uSy5T4WZto). "I thought I could sing everything ... until I met Dimash" - Ken Tamplin 2019 .( Ken about dimash https://youtu.be/Q57tkFkXhgg) All this in order to understand by whom Dimash is recognized as the best vocalist. ( by high level professionals) .

On 5 December 2019, dimash Kudaibergen was awarded "Best Vocalist in Classical Music" and won a Special Prize for "Discovery of the Year" at the Russian National Music Awards "Victoria" that are considered the Russian equivalent to the Grammy Awards.
Dimash's parents are singers, his mother is a soprano, his father is a singer and also a producer, as far as I know, Dimash's grandparents are singers, so from a musical point of view, Dimash has good genetics, he has a natural innate talent, which he developed after 23 years of work, and we have a unique singer in front of us. I could probably write a lot more, but I'll stop now, I want more people to know about him, believe me, you won't regret it. I hope I conveyed what I wanted to say correctly. I will leave a video here as a bonus where Dimash sings one of the most difficult song (even for female "queen of the night") just to warm up and have fun, Dimash sings F6 like it's nothing, plus added vibrato https://youtu.be/2cwPBxrQxgU - https://youtu.be/NYiOR0nKXTI
https://youtube.com/shorts/x0e_qMS3ibQ?feature=share . Dimash has a distinctive and unique head voice, he can sing 6th octave notes with head voice, I don't know any other male singer on earth who can sing F6 with head voice like it's nothing. Several vocal teachers even said that Dimash sings better ( in head voice) than soprano singers. ( https://youtu.be/pAedZ1tLFzg)
E6 so effortlessly ( https://youtube.com/shorts/4OuDjAsiLm8?feature=share) Everything I wrote here about technique and vocals is a fact, confirmed by professionals, and not my subjective opinion. If someone (I mean pathetic haters) decides to argue with me that he is not the best, talk to me with facts, not your subjective opinion.

P.S I will leave here the link of Dimash's channel, it would be great if you subscribed to it https://youtube.com/c/DimashQudaibergen_official9


Dimash y el maestro Igor una combinación maravillosa!!!Saludos para ti y todos los Dears desde Argentina!!!🤗❤🇦🇷


Here is a song where he does not do acrobatics and it is very beautiful. Performed in Kazakh. Give Me Love is the title in English. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYnaALj8MwM


Pianist is Igor Yakovlevich "Krutoy", he's a composer, very famous and they are cooperate with Dimash quiet often. They are also friends, and their songs are always amazing and breathtaking ❤️.Thank you for your reaction ❤️


Please do colter wall “the devil wears a suit and tie”


The pianist (Igor) works for Dimash??😇Maybe other way around...
No Dimash and Igor Krutoy had the same intense desire to WORK TOGETHER. They are a true force.


BRAVO DIMASH. Oh he is so brilliant. My Gentle Giant Dimash. Greetings from South Africa. 💕💕💕


Igor Krutoy (on piano) wrote this song the year that Dimash was born. Igor is worth 13 billion, he is a famous Russian composer/music mogul. He came out of retirement to work with Dimash and compose some songs for him, when he first heard Dimash sing in 2018.


Překrásná píseň! A dvojice Dimash + Igor je prostě nepřekonatelná!! 🙂


Two Old Dudes, включите пожалуйста русские субтитры.


Two Old Dudes , здравствуйте, я давно на вас подписана, но последнее время не могу смотреть ваши реакции, так как нет перевода на русский язык. включите пожалуйста.


THANK YOU for your great reaction! Love this performance!


I’m a 64 year old lady and Dimash is the only singer that gives me chills and tears in every song and I’ve heard a lot of singers in my lifetime Great reaction again‼️🇺🇸❤️🇺🇳


Igor Krutoy on piano is the composer. Although this is an older composition, he loves writing new pieces that only Dimash could sing. They often collaborate.


Dmash 🙏❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🙏


Gracias por reaccionar al maravilloso Dimash! Esta es una de mis canciones favoritas, es exquisita, delicada, bellísima! 💕❤️🇲🇽💕❤️🇲🇽💕❤️🇲🇽


❄️💯🇷🇺🌏❤️💥🙂 The man at the piano is not pianist or accomnanist simply. Igor Krutoy is the composer, author of this song. If you see him at the piano it means he is the author of music. Igor is very popular composer, producer and mecenat. Duo Dimash and Igor is amazing always. Krutoy was working with Andrea Bocelli, Dmitry Khvorostovsky, Lara Fabian and other world famous artist 🙂❄️❄️❄️

Igor was one of judges of competition which Diana Ankudinovw won. His fund made the gift to her - an apartment in Moscow for Diana could live there and continue her vocal study in the one of the best musical university of Russia. He support her and many other young artists.


Yes, Dimash often covers many octaves during songs, but after you listen to him regularly, it starts feeling more "normal". I love the fact that, to me, it never feels like Dimash is covering multiple octaves to "show off", rather I feel he sings what he feels serves the music. If you would like to listen to a moving song that has a very limited range, you should react to Samaltau. It is a Kazakh folk song and features some interesting native instrumentation. Dimash said this song is very meaningful to him and is actually hard for him to sing because of that. All the versions of this song are great, but I prefer the 2020 Tokyo Jazz Festival performance. It was during the height of Covid, so it is recorded in his home studio. Very intimate feeling.


Tam bir sanat eseri Dmash🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


DImash is the greatest singer in the world, and Igor is the greatest composer...it doesn't get any better than that. 🙂


Ваши субтитры не работают


Magnificent performance by Dimash ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Bravo Dimash. The best singer on this earth 🌎
Great reaction and commentary. More Dimash please. Thank you sp much.


Dimash -- One dream for a thousand miles | 25.06.2020. -- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBvaZmaMhc0


Queridos amigos, si realmente aman a Dimash, ¡demuestren su devoción apoyando realmente su canal oficial de YouTube! ¡No olvides ver su brillante creación
"La historia de un cielo" con más frecuencia! ¡Gracias por entender!
¡Paz y bondad para todos!🙏❤


Dear friends, if you really love Dimash, then prove your devotion by real support of his official YouTube channel! Do not forget to watch his brilliant creation "The Story of One Sky" more often! Thanks for understanding! Peace and goodness to all!🙏❤


So, that "guy" is Igor Krutoy, a world renowned pianist/composer. He was retired and saw Dimash and was so blown away that he decided to come out of retirement to write music for him. This is one of the songs. They are very good friends and anything that Igor composes turns to magic when Dimash sings it. He also wrote for Lara Fabian who is another amazing singer, whom Dimash has sang with and has huge admiration for. Can you even imagine being SOOO good that a famous composer comes out of retirement just to write for YOU? Only our beautiful Dimash, man. Only him.🤍🤍🤍


Thank you for your words. I enjoyed very much! Dimash takes my breath away 🤍 Until next time...
happy holidays ☮🌸 be well.


What a beautiful interpretation of this song by Dimash. I love watching the faces of the vbloggers when after the heartbeats, the incredulous or ecstatic faces suddenly spread a big smile and turn into happy faces.

The Maestro Igor Krutoy (piano) and Dimash presented the song here on Alla Pugachova's 70th birthday on April 2019. She is a famous singer in Russia. The event took place in the Kremlin in Moscow.
Maestro Krutoy composed this song 28 years ago for Alla Pugacheva. Valerya Gorbacheva wrote the beautiful words. Now Igor and Dimash have refreshed the song and Dimash made it his song, incomparably beautiful. The interpretation is completely different from the original. I melt away every time I hear the song.

* Igor Krutoy, *1954 in Ukraine SSR. He lives and works in Moscow/ Russia. He is singer, a world- famous composer and music titan in Russia (billionaire). His family lives in the US. Krutoy came out of retirement to write songs for Dimash. The maestro and Dimash have been working together from time to time since 2018. They are friends and have a father-son relationship.

Krutoy wrote of what working with Dimash meant to him: “How lucky it is to be doing what you love to do, writing for such a brilliantly feeling singer, evoking deep emotion in the audience and being in demand'.
By the way, all Dears should also subscribe to Igor's channel. He deserves it and also flowers from the Russian Dears.

- Alla Pugacheva – Love is like a dream - youtube.com/watch?v=5UPsEkv-s_s
- Lara Fabian later also sang this song: youtube.com/watch?v=jeiak9rK-qc She is a great role model for Dimash.

Performances of this song by Dimash:
- 70. Birthday, Alla Pugacheva on Kremlin: Love is like a Dream - youtube.com/watch?v=xLEQzfqO_l0
- New Wave 2019: Love is like a Dream - youtube.com/watch?v=bSxZ1PcLj6o
- Slavic Bazaar 2021: Love is like a Dream - youtube.com/watch?v=Ge8rx_223AE


Cada vez que la escucho me gusta más!!!! Thank you!!!!!!🇦🇷


Дорогие, не подскажете, почему последнее время субтитры вроде включены, но не работает или работает местами. Здесь тоже он начал работать только в последнее 4-5 секунд. Ютуб издевается что?


Es verdaderamente un sueño escucharlo...


Hi guys....glad to see yinz today. Good song, great video. I wish I could come up w/ a new song. Hope everyone has a great & safe weekend.😊


Please, react to Dimash's IKANAIDE. Simply outworldly ‼️‼️‼️


Enjoy the journey he will take you where you have never been. I adore him💖🎼💖


Igor Krutoy is the richest music producer, composer on the planet, he’s a multi-billionaire from Russia. He came out of retirement when he saw Dimash perform, he’s written many songs especially for Dimash’s vocal range which of course Dimash performs masterfully.


This is one of his concerts, I believe this concert was in Russia...
the lyrics are about a man who has spent the majority of his life single,
he meets someone and falls deeply in love only to learn that she isn't long for this world and is going to die....


Dimash y su maravillosa voz! Saludos desde Chile 🇨🇱


The insertion with the soprano part is an improvisation by Dimash. It wasn't in this famous song. The author is at the piano.




Love Dimash. ❤️❤️❤️🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷


The pianist is Igor Krutoy, the composer of this song. He left his retirement when he meet dimash and wrote new songs for him, like Olimpico, Your love, Ave Maria, Stranger, I miss you, O'key. They form an amazing team together.


Igor Krutoy is just one (although a very important one in Russia) of many composers getting in line to work with Dimash. Although a composer writes the music, Dimash produces all songs he sings and performs. Dimash was recently approached by Hans Zimmer so we await information on their potential project. He is currently avoiding performing in Russia for reasons you can guess and is now working with Ralph Simon who is beginning to promote Dimash to the western world.


Emocionante escuchar a Dimash ❤❤😍😍🎼🎶 Lo amo


PIANIST: Billionaire Ukrainian composer and music mogul in Russia Igor Krutoy. He composed the special version of Ave Maria specifically for Dimash. Its a must add to your Dimash playlist and reactions if u havent already. Mark


When Igor Krutoy is at the piano you can be sure that he has composed the song for Dimash. He came out of (semi-)retirement to work with Dimash. He has written a lot of wonderful songs fpr Dimash, although Dimash works with other composers, too, and Dimash composes himself (for example “Unforgettable Day” and “The Story of One Sky”). Krutoy is from Ukraine, works a a lot in Russia, but is an international figure, a billionaire, worth $13bn. His wife, Olga Krutaya, has got business in New Jersey.


Ha llegado usted al maravilloso mund de Dimash..... más Dimash!!!


Hola,, que bueno que sigas con Dimash
Tienes muchas canciones presiosas ,te felicito!!!




Excelente reacción!!!!! Dimash the best




I think it's about time you saw a different side of Dimash. He is a shape shifter. Be With Me the MV -


Igor Krutoy is the composer of many Dimash's songs, such as Love is like a dream, stranger, Ave María, The love of the tired swans, Ti amo cosi, Ulises, Olímpico (Ogni Pietra), Passione, I miss You, Mademoiselle Hyde, Znay, and maybe more.. He composes songs specially For Dimash, so he can show off his vocal Range and all his vocal abilities!! They make a great team!!! 👏👏👏😍


Suscribed, liked and commented. Great reaction BTW.


juste sublime....merci pour votre réaction


Dimash sorprendiendome con su voz impecable 💯💯🇨🇷❤️🇨🇷


This is from a concert at the Kremlin in Moscow - Igor Krutoy, pianist, is a Russian composer/conductor extraordinare that came out of retirement to work with and write for Dimash - he's worked with world renowned singers like Andre Bochelli, Lara Fabian etc.


Pura emoción con Dimash y esa voz tan alucinante. Es un regalo del cielo, por eso lo amamos. Es el mejor cantante de la historia.




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