GLAMOROUS! Reaction to Drake ft. Future & Young Thug – Way 2 Sexy

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Drake “Way 2 Sexy” from the album “Certified Lover Boy”

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Please react to Sugarland (featuring Taylor Swift) - Babe


Love how y'all really dig into the details of things.


“Hey guys I’m Micheal, and I’m Lee, and we are TOO SEXY FOR OUR SHIRTS”


Where was this poll taken I would’ve voted for country. I live for country music.


Would love to see some Smashing Pumpkins!


Please please listen to some songs off of take care or nothing was the same


Y'all said country try Morgan Walken and Lil Durk Broadway Girls


This music video is hilarious, I loved it


At the intro I thought y’all were gonna say “WE’RE 2 SEXY!”😂😂😂


When I see you-foolio


You guys are awesome! I hope to see you guys excel!


5:19 this scene where Futures walk past women and gets them pregnant is both horrible and funny in the same time. Since everybody knows in the rap game that Future is super toxic and has several baby mommas.
The song and video is just pure comedy and really did the job, they played roasting themselves and added some cringe to it


It’s okay guys we never know what future is saying !


Please, React to Lady Gaga - i'll never love again


Can you guys do Lady of Namek by Tory lanez!!


The song itself wasn’t supposed to be takin serious it’s jus fun


You guys should do 2009 Mac Miller!!


love your reactions! i found you channel randomly but you just gained a new subscriber 🙂 would love to see you react to no tears left to cry by ariana grande, deja vu by olivia rodrigo, and perfect by ed sheeran!


More Drake


Dadbod by Logic would be a fun one to react to after this song it’s great


more videos more videos more videos more videos


Yall should react to Lil Peep


Y'all should listen too
Lean 4 Real
By Playboi Carti


I think you guys would love "Logic - Homicide" such a good song




I would like to see you guys react to “ Arianna Grande 34+35 (remix) feat, Doja cat and Megan thee Stallion.


Can y’all react to essence by wiz kid ft tems


1:57 the flashes of familiarity and the lean into the camera by Michael are almost exactly how I pictured this starting in my mind omg I’m so excited to hear your take on this


0:37 Michael is too witty hahahaha but absolutely shoutout to the farmers of rural America, they get a lot of sh-t nowadays because of the stereotype. Many are just friendly Americans working hard to feed the masses!

In honor of country, I recommend “fancy like”. It is a blend of hip hop and country produced very well in my opinion. It feels like true “modern” country. It isn’t the best country song or even close, but it is a topical, fun and interesting listen!! You guys may also get a kick out of “Pray for You” by Jaron and the long road to love, I may even recommend that one even more!! (It did come out 10 years or so ago, but it’s a very solid country track you would definitely enjoy reviewing, it’s very creative especially in terms of country music)


I must’ve read the title too much, my brain filled in the gap and was waiting for them to say “I’m Michael” “and I’m Lee” “and we are 2 sexy dudes”, I was like “wait why did they say old I thought it was 2 sexy, ohhhhhh damn my brain must substitute things left and right all the time without me knowing wow what a powerful thing to have in my head, always trying to make sense of the world for me……wait I wanna watch this video why am I still typing”


I’ve been listening to the original song for almost 15 years now, it was iconic and I am so excited to hear you guys do this this!! I’m writing this before starting the video because I’m already excited that you may know and love the original song as much as I do! Glad Drake brought a new audience to this golden oldie! That being said, I would much rather hear the original than the Drake song, I honestly just cannot vibe with it because it feels like an empty shell compared to the original song and message! I despise cynicism and hate to voice criticism, because I know you guys always are so positive and find joy in everything! Going to listen this time with fresh ears and no bias to see if my thoughts change!!


please react to moonlight by xxxtentacion, a real masterpiece


My fave part about this channel is that these two guys actually react to the music instead of pausing and freaking out every 2 minutes like most reaction channels do.


Pls react to Teyana Taylor!


This channel keeps on giving from what I’m seeing and I think everyone is enjoying it, the insight, the sample knowledge, the love for music. You know I think it is going to be really hard for you to actually be blown away by a song recommendation because unfortunately it is the nature of this generation, listening without really listening leads to artists like drake not giving a crap about what they put out. But there are still some major artists that cares about that, here’s a little list from different artists in different genre that can blow you guys away (all with clips on YouTube) :

Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist - Scottie Beam (featuring Rick Ross) (2020 - Hip Hop - US)
Little Simz - Woman (feat. Cleo Sol) (2021 - Hip Hop - UK)
Durand Jones & The Indications - Morning in America (2019 - Blues / retro soul - US)
Greta Van Fleet - Heat Above (2021 - Rock - US)
21 savage - A lot (ft. J. Cole) (2019 - Hip Hop - US)
070 Shake - Guilty Conscience (2020 - Pop - US)




react to nba youngboy, otf, 4pf,ysl, kodak, travis scott, quando,no cap,nle choppa,polo g alll


would love some Mac Miller - Self Care!


Pleaseee listen to Ain’t Shit by Doja Cat! 😭


Drake: why doesn’t the hip hop industry respect me 😢😢

Also drake: makes this shit


Yooo can we get some Mac Miller reactions going


React to chris brown go crazy


Loved the vid! Thanks for the reaction🤣
The shot with the white sand was a homage to Boys II Men's Water runs dry I believe.

I remember you all liking the slightly more retro music/themes so i suggest Victoria Monet's Jaguar Live Performance


Love your guys reactions to the vids. I think you would see the fun side of more doja cat she has fun with music


YAY! There yinz 2 are. Happy Thanksgiving!

NF - Search or NF - Change


Try Bitch Bad by Lupe Fiasco, I think you guys would find it interesting


this my new favorite channel


loved this reaction 😂💘


React to some solo songs by Young Thug pls


You should try doing reactions to whole hip-hop albums! Here are some of my suggestions: My beautiful dark twisted fantasy, To pimp a butterfly, Rodeo.


Please react to all girls are the same for juice wrld, really good one and I think you’ll enjoy it


you guys should react to “watermelon sugar” by Harry Styles (try to figure out the meaning😹)


Loved yall's reaction! Thanks for not taking the song too seriously. It was meant to be funny lol




I also prefer the original song


This song was nominated for a Grammy and I am just shocked that this song is loved. I hate it. I love drake😪


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