GOAT! Reaction to 50 Cent – Part of the Game

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to GOAT! Reaction to 50 Cent feat. NLE Choppa & Rileyy Lanez – “Part of the Game” from the Starz series Power Book III: Raising Kanan

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Each letter is said in NLE. It stands for No Love Entertainment


Its N.L.E. lol


"Bring the propane" is a reference to dealing high grade drugs. Powerful drugs (such as marijuana) are referred to as "gas". So if someone says they are smoking gas they are smoking good weed basically, and he's using gas and propane to mean the same thing. Choppa is saying "not the dope man (he doesn't deal drugs) but I bring the propane" (he still brings the heat essentially)


Please react to: Y2K, bbno$ - Lalala https://youtu.be/N2Y2vQ-1m7M


Could you react to any song from these bands: Nightwish, Ghost or The Sounds?


The clips are from a TV show called "Raising Kanan" that airs on STARZ. It's one of the four spinoffs from their flagship drama series "Power" and 50 executive produces all of them and does the theme songs too.


You should react to Tech N9ne- Speedom. It also features Eminem and Krizz Kaliko


You should react to Aurora she's an amazing artist also kalandra "brave new world" and "Boarders"


Please react to TV and th30 by Billie Eilish


Please react to: Coast Contra - Never Freestyle


I'm so glad it's Friday. Hi everyone. Have a great weekend. Go out & enjoy the beautiful day. Stay safe out there.🥰


Love your videos! One suggestion I have if you like songs with meaning is drug dealer my Macklemore or more Melanie Martinez!!! ✨✨


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