GREAT SONG! Reaction to The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber – Stay

First time hearing and reacting to The Kid LAROI, Justin Bieber “Stay”

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Justin beaver lol


Bieber 💥💥💥🤩


please react to Holy by Justin Bieber


Just found you guys….Love your videos!!!!


The dude w the short hair kept saying Justin Beaver 🤣




This one was great, but 60% of the other songs you've reviewed... I've never even heard of. Wishing you the best of luck though.


This is one of the hardest songs I’ve ever heard. They smashed this!


"Now that is the Bieb"
"You sure?"


Y'all are cool


More The Kid Laroi please!!!


Crazy thing is that The Kid Laroi is Australian


Lucius Malfoy


this song is so much better with juice


React to Go by the kid Laroi! It has a feature with juice wrld who actually discovered the kid laroi while he was on tour in Australia


Awww yes couple more years until I can get my flying license 😂😂😂


Just found your channel love juice wrld ft justin bieber next...and juice wrld brought really help kid laroi into the music


If u want to hear a great/different version of this song, u should react to Kid Laroi's live on Jimmy Kimmel. One of the greatest performances I've ever watched🤯


Lol I don’t blame you for getting the two confused, they do look and sound very similar. Just to let you know Laroi is an up and coming artist, he’s only 18 years old, who started off with (and occasionally does) rap but has been leaning more recently towards Pop. His most popular songs are Pop. This was the song that blew him into the mainstream, it’s arguably the biggest song of the year, in terms of chart success. It was the fastest song in Spotify history to reach 1 billion streams.


If love to see you react to tell me why by kid laroi. The background for it is that laroi was discovered by another big rapper named juice wrld at around the age of 15-16, and juice wrld helped him learn how to make music and taught him a lot, and recently juice wrld passed away. This is one of laroi’s tributes to his former mentor


You two are great. Your reactions are so amazing.


Can you react to Juice Wrld? i love yalls reactions


Would really recommend “Tell me why” by The kid laroi 😍🔥


you need to react to go by the kid laroi, itll open you up to juice... my favorite artist. 999


I know the song but had never seen the video. This song is definitely catchy. I agree they both sound so much alike. I am definitely going to have to look into Kid LAROI to see what else he has.


Amazing duo 🔥


It's kid laroi dude's


I wasn’t a massive fan of Justin but then he released his album Journals and then Purpose and they are both brilliant. Every song a banger!!

I’m addicted to this song boat it in the car on your way to work in the am. Gets you going 🤣 really love your reactions.

Sending love from 🇬🇧


All old dudes should be like ya both... YouTube is the best place old fellas can spend their remaining life, connecting with people


More Kid Laroi please!


More Kid Laroi please!


Justin. Rey 💜


they sounded like 80s <3


React Lonely studio version and live by Justin Bieber or watch some live stuff from Paris. He really growht a lot. Im sure u will like IT 🙂


Please do Taylor Swift 🤩


Great reaction fellas


Please react to Justin Bieber - Hold On , and Justin Bieber - Anyone


Btw the kid Laroi just turned 18 and popped off at 16 years old


listen too without you by the kid laroi


Great reaction, fellas! Y’all should definitely react to more Laroi. He’s a kid from Australia with the life experience and talent of an adult veteran artist. He is extremely talented and hard working. His influences/ similar sounds are juice Wrld, Kurt Cobain, Post Malone, Kanye west and many others. Also him and Bieber are brothers from other mothers. Also he really enjoys and wants to collaborate with different, great artists. The kid is a future legend. Keep up the reactions guys, y’all have a positive energy 👏


Justin Bieber's voice is out of this world. Love you king 👑👑👑👑👑.


Please react to Ariana grande live performance of my hair on vivo


I'm subscribing! I hope to see more reactions to justin!


The kid laroi is a 17 year old Australian rapper and singer, he’s turning 18 in a week


It you want to get into Justins recent work, react to Lonely, Holy or Peaches!


justin just dropped a remix feat wizkid - essence. react to it, it’s so good!


You definitely need to listen to more LAROI


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