GROOVIN! Reaction to Migos ft. Drake – Walk It Talk It

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Migos ft. Drake “Walk It Talk It ” from the album “Culture II”.

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One of their members, Takeoff (last verse) was killed recently. RIP TAKEOFF!😢


I can't help feeling that the whole song is a tribute to this classic from the early days of rap and hip hop


You gotta react to some 21 savage


Greta van fleet 'heat above' please react


Can they please react to Greta van fleet!!!! They will love itt


Got to do Rick Flair Drip! Offset


absolutely love these reactions. they’re always so great. and appreciate how frequently they’ve been coming. keep it up. and we haven’t forgotten about lee, hope he can come back soon.


React to Travis Scott


Hey 2 old guys, can y'all react to selena quintanilla- disco medley


Please react to Synergy by Dance Gavin Dance! Love your reactions


pliz reaction to Anitta - envolver


Keep reacting to more Drake! React to Drake
1. Too much
You and the 6
Look what you’ve done
Tuscan leather 🔥


You should listen to "Frosty" by zillakami. He is one of my favorite artist


This is a classic we need more migos 🔥


You guys should check out I love Louis Cole by ThunderCat


Where’s lee


you should react to eminem without me


Migos are actually related to each other and grew up together, so the chemistry they have is super strong I recommend reacting to Stir Fry, Modern Day, or Motorsport


Love your content. Can you guys do stan by Eminem or wildest dreams by Taylor Swift? Both great videos in my opinion


Hi everyone. I'm so glad it's Friday. Hi Michael & Perry. Lee, get back here soon. We miss you.

Katy Perry - Dark Horse


Love your content can you react to Digga D please


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