HARMONY! Reaction to ZAYN ft. Sia – Dusk Till Dawn

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Zayn “Dusk Till Dawn” from the album “Icarus Falls”

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This song is showcased in movie"the mountains between us"


Zayn has a new album out called Room Under the Stairs, you may like the single Alienated from it. Entire album js amazing


Worst reaction ever



So much yellow in the scenes . He has it soooo bad. Great video. Just like his pipes the production is stellar. Knockin it out of the park Zayn.


they didnt even react on high notee


Sia just adding her voice but Zayn man took it to another level❤


I love your videos


It’s give me goosebumps ❤


I just love people reacting on Zayn❤
Much love ❤


I thought glasess one is girl 🤣


Sia ❤❤


Zayn Alone Carried the One Direction 🔥


Zayn 🔥 listen to "sweat" "commen" "ICARUS FALLS ALBUM" 🔥🔥🔥🔥


You never heard of Zayn? You gotta be kidding me.


U definitely need to react to ZAYN !!!


Zayn was part of a band called one direction along with louis tomlinson, Liam payne, niall horan and harry styles, react to one direction songs and songs by each of them separately


You should listen to the High note in this song ,there is an Acapella of the High note


Zayn- let me react please 😊


Zayn no es cualquier huevon q canta y lanza discos. Su voz es privilegiada. Escuche su album debut en el 2016 y supe que le iria bien.


I thought for sure you were going to bring up the yin & yang tattoo that they both had on the back of their hand when you were talking about them working together but I guess it slipped right by you lol. That's alright, still love you guys. ❤️


Why you not reacting indian song


Better to try the Acapella version of dusk till dawn🥰


Great reaction! I would like to see Two of us -Louis Tomlinson and Falling - Harry Styles.




Oh you should surely hear more of Zayn starting from his first album Mind of Mine , Icarus falls which has some supremely beautiful lyrics to his latest one Nobody is listening..he is more famously known for his insane high notes but has equally amazing lower notes as well and the lyrics are extracts of his own poems that he writes..each and every song out there is unique on its own.


Belle réaction des 2 amoureux de la bonne musique !
MERCI les Gars


Génial quoi



acoustic version of this


In love with his voice


React to begin again from Ingrid michealson and Zayn Malik


Sia is the Best singer


Please watch the acoustic version


thanksss caan u do more zayn reactions?


you really need to do more Sia reactions. One of our best songwriters and vocalists


imagine zayn and harry styles make a song-


Please react to Taylor Swift featuring Idris Elba - Macavity


Zayn's voice is unique


Interesting reaction - Thanks. It happens with this mv that people get so caught up in the visuals the first coupla times. Then the melody gets into your head and you come back for more. THEN you hear ZAYN! Zayn's high notes, the long high run, the tone, the subtlety, the quality, the texture. I love Sia too, one of favourite voices, but man, Zayn's voice and what he can do with it is otherworldly good.


Reacting to zayn in one direction more than this or story of my life


react to harry styles singing with shania twain at coachella!! it’s great


Every song sia sings is pure hit


Hey guys pls do react to more zayn songs from his latest album nobody is Listening ❤❤❤.


More Zayn please he is an amazing artist


Beautiful reaction!! React to more Sia!!


This isn't from a movie ...
This was a music video directed by Spiderman director


Our King .....ZAYN ❤️


Zayn is the one of the best singer, he is ex member of one direction.


We want more zayn


You should react to more zayn songs


The king of riffs and runs.


Zayn high note🔥🔥


Sería bueno escuchar más de Zayn y también a Louis,Niall,Liam y Harry


More of Zayn please.And react to Harry Styles


This is a great song. He obviously didn´t get almost 2 mld. views for nothing. And Zain´s voice is like from another planet.


You should react more to zayn he have 3 albums he's Music videos are amazing to watch


You should react to more Zayn songs....he is incredibly good


You should also react to Entertainer and let me by zayn. The Music videos are connected .


ZAYN is fantastic I hope you check out more of his stuff 💛💛💛




great reaction, u should react more of Zayn he's so so talented and his voice is breathtaking and maybe u can react to Harry, Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan and Liam Payne... they are amazing too!


Thank you Perry for recommending Zayn 🤩🤩🤩 his music is actually really amazing and he's really talented


Please react to more Zayn 💗💗💗


More zayn


more zayn please!!


would love to see you react to more of zayn’s music


React to hollywood is bleeding


React to beyonce be alive oscars performance


Let me is also very good and Don’t want to live forever with zayn and Taylor swift


Zayn is an amazing vocalist. You people should check out his stuff if you're into r&b. He has 3 albums and many other singles. Cool stuff.


would love for you guys to check out the high note he hid in the background of the song. his voice is incredible!!!!


Y'all should definitely react to let me and entertainer


Please react to Dusk till dawn acoustic version Zayn's only. It will give you goosebumps for sure. Also react to Dusk till dawn highnote which is almost a minute long


I think you guys thought most lines Zayn sang were sung by Sia...you should react to the acoustic version of this same song you will realise how much he sung and how beautifully...pls react to that 🙏🙏


I'm so happy you reacted to this gem. Please react to some Sia. She has so many awesome songs. Bird set free, The greatest, Never give up, Angel by the wings, Move your body, Unstoppable, Alive 👌❤️


You should react to this song acapela version by Zayn. You can truly hear his amazing voice!


Zayn is a king of vocal and runs




You need to check out zayn's music he has some amazing songs out there...


God you missed the almost one minute high note...you should react to a capella for that


You guys should react to BTS "House of cards" or "Louder than bombs" as the first song from BTS of you haven't any of theirs. Your minds would be blown!! Thank me later 😉💜


please, react to more of zayn, i recommended "There You Are".


I love Zaynnnnnnn ❤️❤️❤️


You guys definitely need to react to zayns acoustic version of this song and you should also do his song with Taylor Swift






have a reaction on one direction you & i live at bbc radio please, bet you guys will like it


pls react no time to die billie eilish is so good


Hey, checkout some Indian / Bollywood Music. It's completely different melody n industry. Thank you.


Harry styles - ADORE YOU PLZ


yess this song was actually used as a soundtrack for the movie "the mountain between us",, but this was zayns music video he had an ongoing series where he carried on the story line from this mv


fun fact the high parts in the chorus are just Zayn, most of the song is Zayn, Sia just harmonises with him from time to time...


Zayns the one hitting all the high notes btw


We nedd a lady gaga and a nicky minaj reaction


Dusk till dawn acapella version!!!!


More zayn please!!!!


I WOULD LOVE TO SEE YOU GUYS REACT TO ICE BOY BY CORBIN, he has an amazing voice and youd really like it i feel like!


I watched like 20 of your videos, really loving the reactions 🙂
Here are some song suggestions to react:
The search- NF
Enemy - imagine dragons
Toxic - boywithuke


Yall should react to Billie Eilish & Khalid - lovely!


Also, it didn't come from a movie. However, there is a storyline which continues in other music videos. See the following Music Videos in the same order to understand the plot:
Sour Diesel
Dusk Till Dawn
Let Me
All of them are Zayn's and you will get the plot.


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