HEART WRENCHING! Reaction to NF – How Could You Leave Us

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to NF “How Could You Leave Us” from the album “Therapy Session”.

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I love watching your reactions two old dudes. I cried too with this song


Thanks for the reaction guys!


I loved this reaction!!!! Please, if you dont know him, you must react to "HI Ren", by Ren!!!!!! He will blow yuour minds!!!!!!!!!!


This is my favorite song form him becouse this was exactly how my childhood went except my dad wasn't present


By any chance, can y’all do any of the songs Mansion, Time, Paralyzed, or Therapy session? These songs are some good starts by NF that have deep meanings as well if y’all want to start reacting to him more often


He had to keep stopping as you can hear him sobbing through the song and his producer actually took him to the cinema to calm him down and then he insisted on finishing song and doing the last bit alone with everyone out of the studio and was sort of speaking to his mum




i do not usually comment on videos, but i just want to let you know that this is one of the few reaction channels i have seen that truly "reacts" and adds value to the video you are watching / music you are listening to. Thank you and keep up the great work!


Other people mentioned it, but I know he asked everyone to leave... There was supposed to be a 3rd verse but he couldn't do it.


well i just balled. i never cry but this just reminded me of my dead friends and a best friend of mine died from pills she was a mother also and i just balled during this. i can't.


This is not just a song °this is a soul deposid #NFREALMUSIC 🔥


i cry every single time i listen to this song basically since it was released
more recently he said that he doesn’t feel the same anger he felt when he wrote it and with time he managed to understand what his mother was going through a little better


Big props to you guys for being genuine and actually feeling the music


My prayers are with you all Michael. This song for me has been powerful for me. This was the first song from NF I listened to. I had a friend that share this song with me when we went with Andy Mineo concert. It was on the night of my 6th year sober from alcohol. Currently blessed with 10 years. But this song got me hooked to NF. Love the channel thank you both for the reactions. Hopefully a song from Andy Mineo is possible sometime.


These has me crying in the car lmao im 16 and most my life my moms been in and out of prison and jail cuz she was caught with drugs and to this JUS LAST WEEK she was doing drugs she decided it was time for her to go to treatment it made me so happy but it makes me sad cuz it showed me she only just started carying cuz i was having my own addictions i was becoming an alchemist infront of her and doing drugs with her knowing that theres people whos moms wont ever probably realize it or just go to far into it and they just get taken away by their own addictions hurts there were so many times i almost lost my mom idk how id be able to move on with anything without her…rn shes the only one i have i love you mom


This is awesome to watch you guys go through this. True emotion. NF is incredible. Keep going guys. Subscribed for sure.


That's awesome you guys checked this out!


Hope to see more NF


I had a friend who passed away last October right after he had his bday, I knew him since middle school back in 2006, I still can’t believe that he’s gone…I don’t wanna accept it, he was like a 2nd brother to me and I was always there for him.


I love NF because even if I haven’t experienced everything he’s singing about I can still visualise the pain and the strong emotions as if I had experienced it. It’s amazing


Great reaction
You two guys should react to why! and just like You from nf


❤️❤️❤️❤️ ty


It's bittersweet knowing his a father now himself and his mom isn't alive to see what his accomplished and the family he started


Great reaction!!!


Guys check out an oldie but a goodie if you get
the chance. Disco Medley- Selena Quintanilla-
(Kin-ta-knee-ya). Will definitely be entertained.
8mins but it will take you back in time.


Could you 2 react to "Maybe It's Time" by Sixx AM/Artists For Recovery? Corey Taylor, Nikki Sixx, Ivan Moody, Brantley Gilbert, to name a few. Thanks


yees I love Nate


The song manison is hard for me bc its all about mental illness. You guys should check it out..


Please react to Melanie Martinez Cry baby🙏🙏🙏


Both my mother and my younger sister died within the last 2 years after dealing with addiction for the longest time and I can’t hear this song without crying even after hearing it hundreds of times


To be able to cry and perhaps find some connection with this song and then just continue to laugh about it. I mean it might sound wrong what I'm trying to say. But yea to have the strength to pick yourself back up that takes real strength. Michael you're indeed a really strong person and one of the most genuine coolest people I've ever seen. I'm glad I stumbled upon this Channel. Thank you for your sharing your reactions with us, it's genuinely appreciated.


Great tough reaction, you feel this, no matter how many times you listen to it!! NFrealmusic 💯💯


React to story by NF it’s good


We’ve been waiting for this one!! Please do more NF 🙂


Love your reaction can you react to therapy session by NF please


Have you heard of Ethel Cain? She’s an amazing singer and songwriter and a few weeks ago she released her new album Preacher's daughter. I would like to know your opinion about the album. Greetings!


I'm so sorry, Michael that you had to go through that. I've also lost a friend on May 19th. I'm still dealing with their loss. My heart and love go out to you and your family and loved ones. This video always makes me cry. Just so you know, I cried with you. ❤❤


Glad to see yinz two are back. Love some NF music. Great Song, Great video. So glad you're here.


If you guys like, giants by Imagine Dragons is also such a powerful song!! Definitely recommend!


U guys make awesome content. This just proofs how good you guys are at these reaction videos. W o w. My condolences for your lost family member. Keep up the good work! NF is so good in bringing messages.


I would love to see more reactions of NF, he helped so much people, me included to understand my own issues.. I can’t name One song that’s noch good.. by the way.. kind regards from Germany, I love you’re videos


NF comes to all that need his messages when they need it! stay blessed old guys!


beautiful reaction! NF always makes you feel something.


Nate has helped heal and has saved countless lives through his ministry of REAL... thanx old dudes.. 😉


Love NF!! Thank you for your reaction


Thank you for your reaction.


The ending section was very much a therapy session for NF. He made everyone else get out of the studio and it was just him and a microphone when he recorded the last part.


NFs mother died when NF was 18 years old from an overdose as you saw in the video and heard from his lyrics, the last part you heard of him just being raw was 100% real, he asked everyone in the studio to give him it to himself and when everyone left it was just him speaking to his mom from the heart, amazing how much emotion NF can trigger others with his music, I have 0 to relate with NF on this situation but with his brilliant lyrics he can give a decent picture of the pain he went through and make you feel a fraction of what he might’ve gone through while also giving people that don’t relate at all like me that had great parent role models feel grateful for it and grow the love one already has towards his parents even more after hearing this master piece, great reaction from you both and happy you guys have continued to react to such an under rated rapper in my opinion 👍


Such a strong song ❤️


Letters from the sky by civil twilight is the best song of all time, pls react to it.

Also react to some kanye or j Cole (flashing lights, miss america, under the sun)


New subscriber here..I'm here 4 nf reactions tbh


Hey could you guys do Imagine Dragons? That would be awesome!


Great reaction guys


The last talking part, he actually kicked everyone else out of the room.


Can you please react to selena Gomez song
Kill em with kindness






Absolutely love this song. Glad to see you reacting to it


I think this song should be played at every rehab facility!


This is Nate's story. His mom died right before he graduated high school.


Y'all need to do a video on Cash in Cash out (21 savage, Tyler and Pharell) the music video is extremely creative and feel like yall would enjoy watching it!


Him talking to his mom at the end always chokes me up.


react to "Glimpse of Us" by Joji, new song and great


I know you guys probably have hundreds of song requests to go through but I really think you guys would like Post Malone's Love/Hate Letter To Alcohol, the live SNL performance, Its fantastic!


Hello sir
I really hope you can report this channel https://youtu.be/UPGcX_zu7nU coz he use ur material content for sharing hoax information about out musicians thx you


I like your guy's reactions, they are different from everyone else's. It also seems like a genuine reaction. It's nice and refreshing.


Could you guys react to "Glimpse of Us" by Joji? Beautiful song


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