HEARTBREAK! Reaction to Juice Wrld – Lucid Dreams

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Juice Wrld “Lucid Dreams” off the album “Goodbye & Good Riddance”

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Hope y'all did more Juice ngl


Not met another soul who doesn’t love Juice Wrld.


Empathie <3


first sentence and they got it wrong. old people am I right


thankyou for this


RIP To Everyone Who Died


RIP Juice Wrld


bro said poggers lmfaooo you guys are awesome


Keep bridging generations guys, someone's got to do it.


Im not gay but Id live w Juice💯


The melody is Sting that's how you recognise it


"Who knew the prettiest girls have the evilest face" the complete opposite 🤣


As someone who's been through this, her being so ugly was her insides. He was in love with her but inside she was so ugly and she was someone who would drag him down.


hes dead


yesss this was so good ! i needed this thank you ! 999 forever




Who knew evil girls had the evilist face xd


React to book of rhymes, think you'll rock it!


R.I.P. Juice Wrld 🥹❤️🙏


So the melody of the guitar in the back is actually a Remake of “Shape of My Heart” by Sting!


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Where has this channel been lol love you guys




I would pay to see a reaction for What's poppin remix by Jack Harlow ft Dababy, Tory Lanez, and Lil Wayne


A bar is a bar!


The beat is a sample of Kiss’s - Shape of my heart.


Y’all have to react to “Wishing Well” by juice wrld it’s arguably his best song


Listen to this one by Juice Wrld next https://youtu.be/C5i-UnuUKUI


I really would love to see y’all react to Machine Gun Kelly “In These Walls”


The guy on the right well there left longer hair gives me kurt cobain vibes and i love it


Evilest face🤦


rip juice


5:08 absolutely sir❤️❤️


This song sampled sting and his greedy ass sued juice wrlds estate after he died


Who knew what...


The idea is that she’s evil so like a demon


u two look like cobra kai villain


You guys have the best reaction every other chanel is just disrespectful towards him


I was hoping they recognized "shape of my heart" in the melody. They did say it sounded familiar though.


This the only reaction channel where I actually believe this is your first time hearing these songs lol.


“Dangerous thing” uhhh as a person with narcolepsy I don’t feel it’s dangerous 😂😂


Listen to Jocelyn Flores, by xxx. Backstory is Jocelyn was a girl who he was 'dating' who he falsely accused of stealing from him. She then later killed herself.




2:35 It sounds familiar because he sampled a song called "Sting -Shape of my heart" , from that perfect movie.


Rip juice🥺


Going thru a break up right now after 7+ years and this reaction helped. Thanks guys


Please react to 2021 em uma música, from Inutilismo


His ex girlfriend was goth. Thanks for Juice wrld breakdown. He always made hits through his free style...love Juice..R I P Juice!! 999 forever


Thanks for all the Juice wrld...one of the most talented ever...keep doing what you guys do! RIP Juice!! 999 forever!


Listen to IFHY by Tyler the Creator


Juice wrld really was an amazing talent. Like UBER talented. RIP… even older people always liked his lyrics and he could freestyle for hours. Nonstop


I’m a recent subscriber, try xxxtentacion


Everybody dies in their nightmares by triple x!


Please do more lil peep and u guys should try out zillakami


She’s one of his demons now


8:42 "i dont know if a psychologist could unpack all that", well Reaction Therapy did 😄
great video, im so happy that juice still gets all that attention. lljw999 <3


More juice please


please react to more juice wrld


more lil peep!!! my fav is gym class or switchblades


I like how you guys actually give new music a chance and you don’t just bash it and call it trash, y’all are so cool 🅿️


The goat 🐐 juice the kid


It’s originally a Sting melody from the 90s that’s why it sounds familiar!


I gave a like for the long hair guy, he showed he liked it. The other dude knew he liked it and still hated.




5:00 wow man you just perfectly described the situation im going through right now


more juice wrld


Y’all would be amazed by his album legends never die


Juice wrld - can’t die . Stay high , wishing well. is a must !!!


Please do more juice wrld


React to some XXXTentacion!


Can you react to always do by the kid Laroi. In my opinion one of his best songs


I always hear about this song but never really listened to it. It’s so sad 😭 I liked it tho.




999 juice wrld confide


Great reaction! Juice Wrld is amazing! One recommendation for another deep, emotional message would be “Dark Place” by him.


Thank u


Im requesting you react to juice wrld you wouldn't understand , it's from his latest album , juice was the musical translator we needed , from his brain through his mouth to the mic with no filters , wishing well and rightous by him also songs to check out my mum and my son and I listen to him, so multi generational fan base


How don’t 2 old dudes know that Sting sample. Yikes.


Xxxtentacion would be a great video too. Some of his aggressive stuff like look at me or the more sad stuff like sad or moonlight


The corpse thing was more or so a reference it being haunted by the memories


I like to see older people keeping up with modern music
R.I.P Jiuce Wrld


R.I.P to the G.O.A.T. </3 999


Please do more reactions of the freestyle king 999.


Great video 😁 Could you please react to Xxxtentacion ether changes or SAD


Rip juice🕊


“He’s actually expressing how all of us feel, but no one has the guts really to say these things. He’s saying them.” Spot on.




listen to Robbery by Juice next he has so many good songs but Robbery top 5 all time from him, it’s honestly scary how good he was smh LLJ 🕊 he saved me and hopefully he saves you guys also or helps also🥤🌎🕊 all love


RIP Juice WRLD. Gone way too soon


bro i swear to god these guys are rhett and link in 50 years thats so funny








Off topic but response to the lyrics can't change you so have to replace you...
His response "yeah its hard to change someone" this is true but I think we shouldn't try and change someone but learn to accept them for who they are. We all have our flaws and these flaws are also what make us who we are along with the good that follows
Don't know if I made sense


Funny thing is they don't know juices situation so that's what is so crazy I would love to see your guys reaction to burn by juice wrld


Hella old


She is a corpse because she is dead to him


Subscribe straight away. You guys really listen and I love it


the melody is from Sting


Please react to “Jocelyn Flores” by xxxtentacion. It’s about this girl he was seeing at the time who killed herself. He’s was a very talented young man.


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