HEARTBROKEN! Reaction to Zach Bryan – Something In The Orange

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Zach Bryan “Something In The Orange” from the album “American Heartbreak”.

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Funny a california transplant discouraging emigration cause 'you're full'

But I got it, I settled in vt very much by choice and let me just say, Vermont socks, don't come here


Bout time ya’ll discovered country. You’ll find the greatest lyrics ever there.


Try waited to long by Blue October


From hateing to beging


Shit broter


GD! Music can be powerful!


Such a good reaction


"Dude!...... i think this is a country somg!"


Could you do "68" by Nolan Taylor?


poison myself = getting drunk I think


i hate country music but I LOVE Zach Bryan with all my heart


You should check out the song revival by Zach Bryan


My kind of country; the ones that stirs your soul and leaves you wanting.


It's because the sunrise represents the beginning..and sunsets are endings..the orange brings both..not with discremination..but daily..cycling..beginning and ending..the orange is a metaphor for perspective..whether the orange is in the sunset or sunrise..it is the oarnge..it is change


until 5 minutes ago i had only heard this one, just heard another song by him called Dark, definitely recommended.


If you've ever been in oklahoma you know the orange he's talking about


If want something different codfish gbb 2018


I’ve never liked country music as a rock and metal fan, but Zach Bryan’s music always leaves me with chills, this man has something special


The orange is the tail lights driving away. Into the darkness until theyre gone.


Bro, you have no idea what you're getting into with Zach. This dude will give you sooo much material to cover. He is an amazing artist. Great reaction, friend, don't stop now...


Check out Dark by him. Its superb


Listen to him doing this song live.


Its true…When heartbroken you hate them at night bc they arent there and youre alone. You miss them in the morning when you wake up and have dreamed about her all night. Its a rough start to each day…


Don't ever compare zach bryan to Neil Young again,Neil Young can't hold a candle to zack bryan


He doesn't hate her. He's talking to the trees, grass and dew turning orange making him thing about her!


Wait until you hear the version where Phillip Bowen adds his fiddle overtop. It's even better.


Zack Bryan is a wizard with lyrics.

Hes 1 of a kind


Please check out the song "For Props" by Yves Jarvis. It's one of probably 3-5 songs I've had on repeat these past few years, honorable mentions would be "Allocate" by Damien Jurado, "The Path" by Lorde and most currently "Something in the Orange".
I look forward to your reactions!


"To you I'm just a man
But to me you're all I am,
Where the hell am I supposed to go?"
.... Wow. Just the way he sang that. All I can say is wow!


So Zach became famous during Covid. With his original song I believe “heading south” but he had a few others. His originals can still be found on YouTube and have him playing guitar by a bonfire


I get goosebumps every time I see a person react to this video because every single reaction is exactly how I felt the first time I heard this. My wife and I just discovered Zach less than 3 months ago and this was the first song we listened to so this has a special connection. Gonna see him live twice this year and we’re so excited.


You need to try out Whiskey Myers "stone" acoustic version. You won't be dissapointed


Whiskey myers Broken Window serenade


My vote for reaction is “Stone” by Whiskey Myers


ZB has some really good songs. I recommend Colter Wall The Devil Wears a Suit and Tie (original 16 brewery sessions) he's got a unique that might surprise you 🙂


Check out Dance Gavin Dance- Inspire the liars!


Listen to “signed, sober you” hardy


The entire song is a double. Ita about the sun and her leaving. But it's also about the orange pill bottle


@Two Old Dudes he is an awesome musician! Not just good with lyrics but well rounded with guitar and harmonica. One of my favorites is “Old Man” as it reminds me of my dad and I think everyone who has any kind of relationship with their father will love the song!


Nose on the grind stone tyler childers. Just go for it.


React to Ditto by NewJeans!!!


You need to check out Jason Isabell and his song “Cover Me Up” or “ If we Were Vampires”


Please react to wait in the truck by Hardy it’s a great song


Its both at once... the sunrise and sunset. In the morning as day breaks and the sky lights in orange, red and pink the world seems full of hope and possibility; as it set and the orange returns before the darkness comes things feel hopeless and empty. Its about a person that you love but doesn't love you back yet won't let go. She keeps coming to him for her fill when she wants him and he keeps letting her because despite everything he still loves her.


Zach Bryan has been making me cry for too many damn years, man, he needs to be stopped, but please nobody stop him


Definitely recommend colter wall and Tyler Childers


Best reaction I’ve seen. Most don’t seem to fully grasp the lyrics. Clearly a breakup, going through the motions, getting drunk, flip flopping from love to hate to begging.

My favorite lyric though is the change up in the middle of seeing orange in her eyes and then missing when they used to dance and the wood floors they danced on would creek. That’s real.


I'm an old dude(55) and made my kids listen to a lot of Alt Country/Americana over the years. It's come back around because my son turned me onto Zach Bryan and we ended up going to see live. Some of the young generation of Amercana artists are really putting out some powerful stuff. Maybe check out Tyler Childers, Nose to the Grindstone. Anything by Jason Isbell is really powerful songwriting. Both those guys influenced Zach Bryan heavily.


Sunrise - Sunset


The best version of this song is the one where only says please turns those headlights around at the very end. Great song and he’s got many more


You are first commenter I’ve seen that actually GETS his lyrics ❤


Here's my take. She was his sun! from sunrise to sunset as the first verse alludes to. Second verse ties to the chorus line "to you im just a man, to me you're all i am". one sided love. It's about the leaving coming to a head while he waits up at night for her to come home because he cares and wants the love they once shared reminiscing the good times (dancing, wood creaking).

I picture the metaphor of her driving away as the sunset fades. The grass, trees, and dew how i just hate you .. is jealousy and sadness (they still get her light "the orange touches all things around"). Picture the sunset (her) sharing/reflecting her orange hue across the horizon as she drives away and fades out of his life. What a perfect blend of lyric and poetry that snapshots pure emotion and captures the moment. Please turn those headlights around....


Emotion..😭 🟠


Wit Lowry - Move on


Please react to Cody Williams lord bless my horse


Tyler Childers!


This is a great song! Though this is labeled, "country" but it's more southern rock. There arent many true country songs/singers anymore but this guy is awesome.


awesome reaction! would love more country! blessings!


Tyler Childers is bound to be on here’s soon


I love how closely you listen to every word. A lot of reaction videos don’t do that well. Props to you sir


Try out some country songs, as a normal country girl I listen to country if I had to say one it would May We All by Florida Georgia Line or Body Like a Back Road, I would love it


saw someone else comment this on another video about this song, "At sunrise the orange brings him hope. At sunset the orange is the hopelessness of his relationship. The orange stretches out and touches everything. He doesn’t hate those things. He hates her for leaving even though he loves her. It’s his way of expressing the extreme emotions of hope, hopelessness, love and hate... “I hate you... but turn your car back around and come home because I love you!” very accurate.


I think he is saying he hates the morning dew and the trees and grass he can now see again in the sunrise. It symbolizes the fact that she never turned those headlights around and she truly did leave

Or I could be completely wrong and he is speaking directly to the girl. But the up and down emotion, regardless is what he is trying to get across


Y'all ever heard of Cody Jink's "Somewhere In The Middle"?!


Do someday that’s a awesome some. Godspeed and she’s all right is a good


So someday


I used to not like country music but Zach Bryan changed my opinion he’s got raw talent


I believe it's a bit deeper than a "girlfriend leaving" song. He had a spotty relationship with his mother who died during his teenage years (I believe) and it's about her finally never coming home again amongst his other feelings of frustration and grief that go along with losing a parent or loved one..


Plz do more of his stuff


It’s crazy that he’s released close to 50 songs this year


Watch the legendary red rocks show from Nov 3. A true moment that will give you goosebumps


This was the best analysis I’ve seen. You are phenomenal sir.


Zach Bryan has been my favorite artist for almost a year now since I discovered him and I have not been able to stop listening to him since, he’s one of the most humble, caring and pure artists on the earth please listen to more of him


Please do tyler childers way of the triune god


Zach is so frigging awesome. I haven't heard a bad son from him yet


Thank you guys for doing this video. I am a kid who grew up on my dads music. Del Amitri, Jimmy Webb, Glen Campbell, and I was dying to finally show my father a songwriter just close to the caliber he had growing up. Zach reincarnates all the great songwriters of all genres and stays true to himself. He keeps releasing music it seems when you hear the newest he already released 10 songs. God bless.


Colter wall. Any song lol. Your choice


this song always gets to me... I don't even have a particular memories or person that it strikes a chord with, it just brings out the hurt!


If you think these lyrics are good. Please do "From Austin"


Best song of 2022!
Fucking brilliant!!!


I've recently began to like this song more and more after hearing it several times and really paying attention to the lyrics. I didn't really understand what it was talking about when hearing on the radio with the lyrics "Something in the Orange" but after seeing the video from here shows what it's referring too, I then thought it was really brilliant. I like his voice also and have experienced several times with the message so I can definitely relate to to it. I was thinking the same with the harmonica in it sounding a lot like a Neil Young song also


Yes sir! Your the first to get it


Check out Oklahoma Smoke Show. I could list them all really but that’s a beast.




Awesome reaction would you go another great song of his called Oklahoma City id love to hear what you think of that


Please check out 'Starved' by Zach Bryan. I've listened too all his songs and I feel that's the STRONGEST song yet!


Loved this reaction! Please check out Hardy! He’s a country singer/songwriter but is breaking into rock. His song “the mockingbird and THE CROW” is a great blend between the two genres and he’s also a fantastic lyricist (current back to back ACM Songwriter of the Year). “Jack” is another great song by Hardy, written from the perspective of a Jack Daniels bottle speaking to someone. And I can’t end my comment without mentioning “Wait in the Truck”. It’s straight country; no rock n roll, but is a storytelling masterpiece and the music video paired with it creates a whole cinematic experience that just draws you into the story. It’s a beautifully crafted song about such a dark and touchy subject.


I’ve subscribed in hopes you make videos on Zach Bryan! I will also check some other of your videos out


Well his music isn’t from Nashville. Lol


I just saw Zach live in Greenville, SC it was pouring 🌧 🌧 🌧, but I’ll be damned if that wasn’t the best concert I’ve ever been too it was so electric!!!! And he leaned into playing in the rain, just amazing period highly recommend him LIVE to anyone


You should probably leave by Chris Stapleton would be a good country song as well. Great breakdown!


You need to react to artist like Tyler Childers, sturgill Simpson, colter wall.


He’s the best , try Benjamin Todd using again or Wyoming also check out Charles Wesley Godwin and Zach “Jamie”


Thank you for doing this. Hope Tyler Childers is on your list.


A country boy from Oklahoma, grew up about 30 miles from me. Really cool watching his career just take off from such humble beginnings!


React to Burn Burn Burn next !


Starved by Zack Bryan (it’s new) The live version great.


Burn Burn Burn is a good one well I mean they are all good just happened to be the last song I listened to 😂


He’s a master lyricist. Any song is a winner. Godspeed would be a great next song.


you can check out my ordinary life by the living tomeStone its so good and nostalgic!


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