HEAVY! Reaction to LOGIC ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid 1-800-273-8255

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to LOGIC ft. Alessia Cara, Khalid “1-800-273-8255” from the album “Everybody”

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The best feeling is sitting in the car at night talking about your feelings with someone who care about you ❤❤❤


If no one has said it, Logic says he made it in 3 parts 1) the person wants to die 2) someone telling them there’s hope 3) the person wants to live (something like that).


I can’t stress this enough that people that are in a dark place need to get help I know it’s hard I’ve been their myself before and it’s not good at all.
People that are experiencing this to this day hang in their we care about EVERY single one of y’all, just thought someone could use this message and spread positivity to others it’s sad the way the world is going but we definitely don’t need people committing suicide I hope no one takes this the wrong way because it’s supposed to be a positive message from me anyone that’s going through this right now. Just hang in their. Call that number, talk to a friend or family member that your really close with. and just talk to someone. I promise it will help you see, I don’t think I seen this video when I was battling my demons I battled them TWICE and wanted to die. I believe that people have a reason to live. No matter how severe the conditions. I hope y’all have a great wonderful day. Spread positivity y’all and stay strong! ❤


The onion is one person to talk to to not judge you to try to understand you. And the funny thing is at least he stayed true to himself and they show him with a different guy in the truck I don't know if that's the right he marries or or what exactly but the funny thing to me is the other guy who probably lied about the situation like old he came on to me and everything he could be married with a wife and children and hiding his true self and the sad thing is that he didn't let his wife choose to say I'm okay with it cuz what if he's like on the weekend saying I'm working late but actually doing stuff with other guys and can't come to terms but he is gay and I know some men that when they don't want to recognize that they are they don't use protection because by using protection it's admitting that you're going out to have sex with these men and that's the sad part is that they could bring home anything to their wives and they're hurting more people who they're supposed to protect instead of just being true that's the hard thing about high school about if your family doesn't support you because one thing is bullying at school and then if you're being bullied at home you know that's the only sucky part about social media


“Joyner Lucas feat Eminem - What if I was Gay”

Great song and from perspectives & twist


i literally sobbed my eyes out through this video because i know exactly what he’s going through. as a queer person with depression


That phone number is the suicide prevention hotline


hello my boss 😎 how are you doing today allso have a wonderful time and days ago 😊 still I'm very trust with the best of life 😊 thanks so much 🙏 everybody is makes perfect 🥰 really good 💞


I’m sick of killing myself slowly when I know it needs to happen now.




😂 the "you pegged it" had me rolling 🤣 with love from South Africa.


I've heard this song probably about a hundred times at this point and every time, without fail, it's brought me to tears.


I'm so late to this video but the phone number is the national suicide prevention line


Every year for my birthday I raise money for suicide awareness. I never get more than 1,000$ but I try my best. I know life is hard, but never take life for granted. We only have one.


I was wondering if you could please try to if you have the time to react to lost in the moment by NF if you haven't already I would greatly appreciate it I love your video's and you guys you're amazing


thats the number for the suicide number


love the channel , I think you should check out she knows by J.cole


React to more Alessia Cara songs please!!




Am I the only one that didn't realize that's Luke from Modern Family


I’m homophobic but this video is interesting


You need to do Logic - Homicide


I can't watch this video with out crying


I found this song not to long after somebody my brother knew passed away from suicide. This song holds so much meaning for me not just with that situation but also being somebody who goes through depression


I humbly request more Logic
Black Spider Man please 🥺


That car scene was actually him selling his body to get some money since he doesnt have home... which is sadly common for homosexual outcasts


loved this video


I haven't listen to this song in so long listening to it again made me cry


Great channel! Thank you reviewing this powerful song. Subscribed! 🥰


Yeah, big actor.
He's great.


“Oh God, not a double suicide” 😂😢


React to the Indian rapper divine, 'city slums' and '3;59' and 'mirchi'.............


Y’all should definitely watch Macklemores Same love music video. Always loved that one.


The number is the suicide hotline prevention


TW ⚠️

I know this song is about a completely different hurt.. but it just reminds me of my best friend who was killed a while back. After she died I didn’t wanna be here either. So the, “I don’t wanna be alive, I don’t wanna be alive. I just wanna die today, I just wanna die..” gets to me so hard and the refrain of “I want you to be alive, I want you to be alive. You don’t gotta die today, you don’t gotta die.” Really hits me harder because it feels like it’s my best friend telling me to stay. And then the “I finally wanna be alive, I finally wanna be alive. I don’t wanna die today, I don’t wanna die.” Gets me again because I’ve finally found happiness again and I’m so glad I stayed… even though I miss my best friend so terribly every day. I know she wanted me to stay too… this song really helped me through the hard times. I still cry some times when I hear it. I miss my best friend, but now I know it’s not time to see her yet. 💗💚


Hey rlly enjoy your guys reactions and getting a perspective of older and more experienced in life ppl. If you guys would react to another nf song that would be great preferably let you down. Thanks


Please do James Blunt - Monster Reaction.


Hi! I recommend you guys reacting to Kaleo! Any of their songs(way down we go, I can’t go on without you, backbone, skinny)


As someone who struggled with not only their sexuality for most of my teen years but also came from an abusive, unaccepting home, this was a double whammy for me. I couldn’t (and still can’t really) sit through this song without absolutely falling to pieces. I relate, literally as it asks, so much to this song. I’ve called the hotline more than once in my life (and I’m now going on 31). This song not only expressed so many peoples feelings when they couldn’t do so themselves but it also helped so so many people, myself included.


Under pressure is not only my favorite logic song, but one of my favorite all time songs


Logic is a fantastic artist. You guys have got to check out more by him.


Codeine Crazy by Future


A great song. Definitely one if my favorites. Yall should check out Homicide featuring Eminem!


Can you please listen to The 1975?


Could you do more post malone? For example: Goodbyes, Congratulations, I fall apart


if you enjoy a deep deep story, I’m sorry by Joyner Lucas is an amazing double sided story. I would highly recommend it


Hi! I just found your channel today! Its just one of those im trying to expand my music taste kinda days lol
Im not too much of a fan of music that the majority people are into so id like to introduce you to some of my music!!
I recommend Dance Gavin Dance and either the song Prisoner or Strawberry’s Wake
Slight warning though its got screaming 🤫


As a gay man (with my partner almost 28 years) this song/video hits home. I would like to thank you both…presumably straight and “older” males, for your empathic reaction. Empathy from anyone is always appreciated but…coming from your particular demographic makes it all the more meaningful. We (GLBTQ) are nothing without allies and I never take that for granted. You may never know it but there’s a chance your reaction could save a life. God bless.


I will die if they react to The Weeknd's new album, especially Out of Time but with A Tale By Quincy before it


stay ~ post malone


please react to imagine Dragons - Enemy


Please check out AK. Let Loose great motivation 💯💯🔥#732Bzz


I have a suggestion, JID - Never


Please react to Troy sivans blue neighborhood short movies! They’re so powerful


Been binge watching your videos lately. Notice you say that you love a good music video and I'd recommend Clout Cobain by Denzel Curry


Pleaseeee do little simz introvert or I love you I hate you! You won't regret it 💕🇬🇧


not a big logic fan personally but this song will always have a special place in my heart. Came out at a time where i was really struggling about the exact shit in the video. And that video makes me cry every damn time haha. great reaction guys.


Frank Ocean please!


This song always makes me cry.....so glad it ends in a happy scene.


I love it


are u reacting to camila cabello’s new song on friday (Bam Bam feat Ed Sheeran) excited to see your reaction.


yo u guys should react to Nicki Minaj


youve gotta do family ties by baby keem featuring kendrick lamar!! the video is incredible and so is the song, you'll also get to see kendrick again because i know you guys liked alright


Michael your hair is amazing love the glasses to. I love you guys!!! So glad I found y'all and subscribed. ❤️.


Tribe Society - “Kings” next PLEASEEEE I would love to hear you guys’ feedback on that video


Can u guys please do more JUICE WRLD


Good video. Please react to Kanye West Heaven or hell. Visual masterpiece


Can you please do NINE by JADEN


Since you guys are going down the emotional song rabbit hole lol, react to joyner lucas-im sorry


I would again like to politely ask if u fine gentlemen could react to See You Again by Tyler, The Creator or Goodbyes by Post Malone. I also thought of another song too that I think you gentleman would like, which is Die For You by The Weeknd. Please do one of these!🥂


Snarky puppy snarky puppy snarky puppy


May I ask you two Old Dudes to react to Logic and Marshmello - “Everyday”? This video really puts life into perspective for me.


Could you please do how much a Dollar cost by Kendrick Lamar


I'm so sad I missed this yesterday. Hi, hope you all have a safe & fun weekend. Good song!😊 If my son came to me & said "Mom, I'm gay!", I wouldn't care, I'd just be so happy to know & would fully support him. It's so sad when parents don't except their kids. It's so heartbreaking.

Korn - Freak on a Leash


You guys should react Alessia Cara's "Best Days" music video from her latest album "in the meantime" I'm sure that you will like it


Please react to Joyner Lucas "Ross cappicchioni". I'm sure you'll love it


can you please react to something from twenty one pilots?


Love this guys! I sent this to song to them after hearing about my friend who unfortunately committed suicide a few years ago.


I think the title of the song is the number you call when you think about suicide


Can you please react to NLE Choppa - Letter to my daughter 😁


Truly a beautiful song


I would love for y’all to react to some encanto songs




You guys gotta do aint it funny by Danny Brown


If possible, please react to "Shook Ones" by Brodha V. You wont regret 😅.


That part where the coach/teacher took note about the well being of the kid, the his mood change, he sleep in class and not eat, just caring and make a difference when he don’t know how at home is.. broke me in tears each time and when he have a breakdown in his bedroom


Next, you should react to Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Rihanna...


I know this is not relevant but I hope we all can hope or pray or yearn for peace for Ukraine, I know this is a nice escape from the world, but I just wanted to say that we need to keep Ukraine and it’s people in our mind. Another lovely video though!


Pretty Please if you could react to Take It Back by Logic I would love that. To not give away what it's about I will just say some of it is stuff that was said to him by other people. Love your reactions as always <3


Sir's can you please do Linkin park next


Gotta do Benny the Butcher feat J Cole Johnny P’s Caddy


Please react to Wretch 32 Daily Duppy New 2 https://youtu.be/rmtflEV9oEc


The dad walks in on them, and he goes he pegged it 🤣🤣 don’t think it was intentional but I laughed


I'm sorry but the nonchalant "He pegged it" had me laughing at 6:23 😂

Great reaction video


omg you guys finally reacted to this video thank you so much


You guys should react to paramore: Misery business


It would be really cool if you could listen to Mac Millers tiny desk concert, its a fantastic performance, and it was released very shortly before he died


Great reaction. Another song with a powerful message is Joyner Lucas I’m sorry


I cry every single time 😭
Thanks for doing this song guys!


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