HELLACIOUS! Reaction to Billie Eilish – Bury a Friend

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Billie Eilish “Bury a Friend” from the album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

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You guys should react to all the good girls go to hell now. Its sort of a follow up to this music vid.


You guys both look awesome for your age. This is coming from a 38 year old woman. Good on you!


I think it's about a nightmare. She starts, "When we all fall asleep, where do we go?" Then it goes off with all these creepy mixup of dark monsters. She's under her bed, hiding.. It's about a nightmare.


its about drugs and friends being addicted to drugs, and billie's spooky narration sounding voice is the drug talking to the person.

the drug asking her "what do you want from me [answers? relaxation? a thrill?], why don't you run from me [you know how dangerous i am, why arent you running from me?], what are you wondering [are you trying to find lifes purpose in the drug, are you trying to transcend or find yourself?], what do you know?[trauma, secrets... what knowledge do you have or have you experienced that is so fucked that youre numbing it with drugs etc]

"the way im drinking you down like i wanna drown like i wanna end me" - being reckless with drugs not caring just wanting to numb everything and going so hard that it looks like youre trying to end yourself

"i'll meet you int he park, i'll be calm and collected" - drug deal in a park trying not to act suspicious
"but we knew right from the start that you'd fall apart cause i'm too expensive" - starting drugs and knowing its bad and ruins lives and that if you got addicted you'd fall apart and that its super expensive to be addicted to drugs and it eventually becomes peoples main expense in life, and they cant afford it so they fall apart and become homeless etc. their life falls apart

"its probably something that shouldnt be said out loud, honestly i thought that iw ould be dead by now" - no respect for own life, feeling so down in the dumps and lost that you thought you would have died by now from drug overdose or suicide or being in a bad situation because youre not trying to stay alive youre just doing anything to feel anything, no matter the risk because you dont care what happens

"bury the hatchet or bury a friend right now" - give up drugs or you'll die/friend will die

idk i cant be effed to type more hahaha but just apply the same logic to every lyric and its so obvious (to me anyway) that its about the downward spiral of taking drugs because of trauma or wanting to find meaning and it gets out of control


Lee: "This looks like a relationship".
Michael: "So it is death then".


The lyrics goes to her Tourette symdrome AND her nightmares


Very true that time in your life gives you a special bond to types of music. For my friends and I it was emo. You should check out The Used - The Taste of Ink.


This song is basically about nightmares and sleep paralysis


Not everything is about relationships…. It’s about sleep paralysis and how our brain can literally take us to another place whilst our body stays still in sleep paralysis.


IT’S ABOUT DRUGS. Gentlemen, the subtext and metaphor and imagery are all there.

She’s talking about the nightmare and the hell of drug addiction.

At times, she’s speaking AS a drug; at others she’s speaking as a drug addict, at others still as the friend of someone who OD’d.


Her pain= art × masterpiece = excellent


'bury a friend' is apparently some kind of imaginary friend he is trying to get its attention not sure though


"Shes in a living hell......... Shes in imense pain"
You're correct. But its about her relationship with sleep paralysis.


As others have mentioned, this song was about her struggles with sleep paralysis, and in part was told from the perspective of the monster under her bed (which she sees as herself)...one of the things I appreciate most about Billie is that she's been very open about her struggles with mental health issues (depression, sleep paralysis, suicidal thoughts, etc) and these themes can be interpreted through her music and/or videos...but she's always been very open to people drawing their own interpretations to the meanings behind her music. While she may discuss what inspired her with a particular song/video, or where her mind was at the time, she doesn't like to tell people that there's a specific meaning that's "correct", or that what they draw from it is wrong. She also has synesthesia, which is likely why her videos are so visually dynamic...since every sound to her has a taste, shape, color, texture, temperature, etc, imo her videos kind of represent that to the viewer.


The “relationship” is with the monster under the bed, witch she portrays in the video


@6:09, Good job!! She was suicidal at this point in her life and career...she truly wanted to end her life..ps. not much of her stuff is attributed to a relationship y'all!😉 She's a deep person. And she's said that she has just always asked the 'weird' questions "when we all fall asleep, where do we go"?


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if its alright i'd like to suggest a song called "idontwannabeyouanymore" by billie eilish its really good even though it has a sad meaning.
also i just came across your channel and im already inlove with your commentary and videos in general!


The bridge of this is one of the more brilliant bits of music I've seen.




This song is inspired by her sleep paralysis and night terrors and the monster under your bed and she's the monster talking to the person


Watch 'You right' by Doja cat and The weekend.. it's a great song with wonderful video.


I like that take a lot "bury a friend" isn't actually burying someone in the ground but burying a friendship because it turned into something else and the terror you feel that you might lose that friendship forever but if you want what could be you have to bury those feelings to an extent to allow the other feelings to take root and flourish. Visually most of the video is great, think they definitely over did the needles / hands parts just to be "edgy" the first time was impactful but then they just kept throwing it in randomly.


You should reat to : When the party's over - Billie Eilish


Billie pushing that satanic shit to the youth


Please listen to the Black Pumas - Colors live session, it's mind blowing


I cannot see which ones you have and have not done yet but the scene with the needles in her back correlates to the beginning of all good girls go to hell if you haven't reacted to that one yet


I would love to see you guys react to You should see me in a crown by Billie Eilish, it's one of my favorites!


you HAVE to listen to "all the good girls go to hell" it's a must , it keeps the dark and creepy theme, and in my opinion I think it's kind of meant to be watched right after this one.


"All the Good Girls go to Hell" and "Everything I Ever Wanted", is also a great songs from Billie Eilish.


Please please, I’d love to see you guys reacts to xanny


From this one old dudet (age 59) I have sleep paralysis. It absolutely is horrifying! The part where she, "my limbs are froze and my eyes won't close" I so can relate to that. Also my sister died (leukemia) 4 months before she would have been 4 years old. I turned 6 years old 14 days after she died. I've always questioned death, dying and where do we go. I can relate to so many of her (and her bro Fineas's words) She is 19 (40 years younger than me) but I love everything she stands for.
Don't know if you've seen her, "All the good girls go to Hell. It's done so well and it's about climate change. She mentions all the fires. I was born and live here in Orange County, SoCal. Every years the fires are worse.
Enjoy listening to you guys.
Another is "You Should See Me in a Crown"...a Sherlock Holmes quote.


Idontwannabeyouanymore vertical video by Billie Elilish <------- next


As people have mentioned it’s inspired by sleep paralysis and the monster under the bed. As someone who has sleep paralysis, you get hallucinations and a lot of them were represented in this video.


Please react to Billie Eilish's song EVERYTHING I WANTED & her song with Khalid called LOVELY. They sound really pretty to me and are my favorites of her. Thank You. 🙂😊


'All the good girls go to hell' is the sequel of that song.


There's a video out there where she and Finneas talk about the production of this song and all the sound effects used. There's even a dentist drill in there from when she was having her invisalign taken off. And she's said that this song can reference the sleep paralysis that she has dealt with.

I'd love to see you react to Billie's song No Time to Die performed live at the Brit Awards. She's phenomenal. What's crazy is that she was worried about being able to sing that night!


I would actually love to see you react to "Everything I Wanted". I feel like it gives you a good sense of her state of mind at the time. It's definitely deep though. I feel like it's a very vulnerable song.


The thing about Billie's songs is that they're often written by bother her and her brother, and as a result they often have multiple layers of different meanings. This one was inspired by the experience of sleep paralysis, with the chorus meaning to be her "sleep paralysis demon" speaking to her, but it's also got layers of meaning about internal demons and struggles, grief, and being overwhelmed.


the line “my limbs are frozen my eyes won’t close and i can’t say no”
it’s talking about sleep paralysis


Please listen and watch the mv of xanny you will love it the intense bass at the chorus 💓


Next you gotta do when the party’s over


Watch “all the good girls go to hell” the video is connected to this one


I love u guys! And Billie. Can you also please react to Melanie Martinez and Lana Del Rey?


Please react to "All too well" by Taylor Swift! The 10- minute version, the film!


all the good girls go to hell reaction next 🤞🏽🤞🏽


Hello! I was hoping I could finally understand from you the meaning of this song: probably because English is not my mother tongue or because I'm in the "Shining aisle" between 50 and 70.... 🙂I haven't yet understood exactly if she has lost a friend, a boyfriend, is she talking about somebody who really really hurt her, it just didn't sound to me like somebody literally died..
Anyway, would it be interesting to watch your reaction to Maneskin's rock version of Billie's song, much less sophisticated but more energetic, if you accept the challenge here's the link https://youtu.be/qqNggLqeK7A


When I see you-foolio


It is about sleep paralysis🙋‍♀️


I would LOVE if you’d react to Amigo the Devil. He’s absolutely incredible. Cocaine and Abel or Another Man’s Grave I’d recommend as a start. Love the channel!


Still waiting for you to do Mac Miller 💜




Please listen to xxxtentacion


I think it’s always helpful to switch on the subtitles for the lyrics, especially with Billie. In this instance the theme is sleep paralysis, but she’s also talking to the “monster under her bed”, which for her, is herself. So when she’s saying, “what do you want from me?” Etc, she’s talking to her own inner demon, so to speak. Additionally, it probably helps to know that she had just buried a friend in real l life that year, so I’m reading this as a nightmare and then sleep paralysis: “bury a friend, try to wake up”. I personally think this is her best song to date. It’s not necessarily one I can always listen to or that is always comfortable, but it’s incredible. My favourite songs of hers are another story (“Everything I Wanted” is my favourite). But “Bury a Friend” is the best. In my opinion, anyway.


I would love to see you guys react to Bring Me The Horizon - "Doomed" (live at Royal Albert hall) also could be cool to see some of your guys favorite songs from back in the day


michael is giving me present mic vibes from my hero academia. love your guys’ content!


Black pank pls


Just found your videos and love your content! I’m going to binge it all its so good. Love to see you react to juice wrld’s new album that just released. I know machine gun kelly has new music coming too. Keep up the amazing stuff, can’t wait!


great video! I love the billie videos you make


Why don't you guys do any more Kanye? 🙁 your second most viewed video is of him, you lose out on so much from him..


Just started watching you guys and love y'all.
Check out, Sueco - paralyzed


Can we get more juice wrld? I suggest black and white and all girls are the same. Keep up the good work you guys are killing it!


I love your channel, always looking forward to your new videos! Would love if you could react to FKA twigs - Two Weeks sometime. She´s a really interesting artist and talented dancer. Greetings from Germany 🙂


I forget which interview it was, but she did say that the song is coming from the perspective of the monster under her bed, with her being the monster.


Could you guys react to xxxtentacion- Jocelyn Flores? Appreciate the content! ✌🏻


Gotta do more juice wrld every one of his song are fire he had a true gift best on the planet for this🔥


You could also check out the new songs of her brother Finneas. He does all her stuff and his won music is quite different but also very interesting. A concert six months from now is one of my favourites and has a music video.


React to lovely by billie eilish


Please react to Rico Nasty!! You guys would really dig her music she’s an alternative rapper and some of her music contains elements of rock.


You should react to Joshua Bassett Set me free. It’s about a lot of things including a relationship. He mentions the time he spent in the hospital in January with septic shock and heart failure and also mentions the SA he went through as a child and teenager. I think you’d really like the song.


Oh man here goes the rabbit hole lol You Should See Me In A Crown next!


We wrote this together. I experienced a TBI while in college. I thought Billie could sing it. My friend from high school unfortunately committed suicide 🙁


Billie suffers from sleep paralysis (or at least she used to). She has said that this song is written from the perspective of the monster under the bed.


Please react to Lindsay Stirling carol of the bells 🔔🎵 great song! You won’t be disappointed


Day one of recommending: Face the World - Nipsey Hussle


Hostage or When The Partys Over by her next


All too well the short film pls!!!!


I like that guys about my age ( 68 in 12 days ) are listening appreciatively to Billie - I love her music. I liked both your replies ...I can't recall if I was baffled when I first heard it. { I may be giving myself the benefit of the doubt, but I believe I figured it was about Nightmares, etc. } Billie begins with the chorus, the last line of which is "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP WHERE DO WE GO" and it's repeated 2 more times AND IS THE LAST LINE OF THE SONG, so it's significant for understanding what's going on. [ AS WELL AS BEING THE TITLE OF HER DEBUT ALBUM ] SEASONS GREETINGS TO YOU!


this song is in part the perspective of the monster under her bed, like she is the monster, and also is about sleep paralysis


I would love to see you react to Lil Uzi Vert, I would recommend you to check out his old and by my opinion best song XO Tour Llif3 or newest Demon High


Would have rather seen you do Therfore I Am


Are y’all going to react to nicki Minaj us barbs have been waiting for y’all to lol


Billie was home schooled ,she was given an assignment to write a song about a movie, she chose. The WALKING DEAD, the song is called,
check it out, she was 11 years old then.


1:06 I felt that “oh yeahhhh” lolll I love Billie, this album, her debut, is one of my favorites of all time, it was so inventive and incredible start to finish. Her vocal work is incredible all over this album, I just listened to Xanny again yesterday, and it still blows me away. Keep the Billie coming!!! Thanks to Perry as always 🙏


I can't wait for you to see "See Me In A Crown" vertical video hahahaha


i hope you'll react to all too well the 10 minute version 🙏


You should check out Wesley's theory by kendrick lamar or wishing for a hero by polo g


Do nf reaction more please


You guys should make a twitter/instagram


that was fun, watching two old dudes have an in-body experience 😜


You should watch you should see me in a crown by billie


I love your energy ❤️ Billie likes to leave her songs up to interpretation but as people have commented this one is related to sleep paralysis


React to more juice plz


It make a take a second but it's worth figuring out trust me. Billie is a genius! Literally! It helps sometimes to listen to her albums from start to finish I would suggest that at some point 😁


Y’all should react to lil peep


If you haven’t already, you should react to “This is America” by Childish Gambino. It is very dark, but potent in it’s message.


It’s interesting that you mention the death of a friend, because I believe a friend of her’s passed away while this song was being written.


My theory is that the lyrics are about drug addiction. That's why there are potential references to drug dealing like 'meet you in a park' and 'gotta sell my soul'.


Love your Billie reactions! Recommend checking out this cool clip for background on bury a friend including Billie recording a dentist drilling in her mouth for one of the samples! https://youtu.be/xeGT5uu_lR0 Also bear in mind Billie was 16 going on 17 in the video!


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