INFATUATION! Reaction to Tyler The Creator ft. Kali Uchis – See You Again

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Tyler The Creator ft. Kali Uchis “See You Again” from the album “Flower Boy”

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Oh no yonkers....


you should do a react Chilliwack - Whatcha Gonna Do (When I'm Gone)


Que grandes ozzy Osborne y gordon ramsay


I honestly thought that the song was about a person loving someone who only exists in dreams in not in the real world, enhance the sentence "You live in my dream state , I stay in reality. You live in my dream state
Any time I count sheep That's the only time we make up, make up You exist behind my eyelids, my eyelids
Now I don't wanna wake up". as for kali, the senence "i dont know if i'll see uou again" can mean anything, but we never know if we see our loved ones again in dreams.t


Wait both songs ft each other use that same lyrics “look both ways before u cross my mind” 🥺🥺🥺




Please do more Tyler


Hey Just2OldDudes I recommend yall checking out Snoh Aalegra - NEON PEACH ft. Tyler, The Creator


Tyler is a true Creator!! #ptvgfx #ptvent


Mexican man, present. ✋





4 your eyez only J cole please react


Whichever country wins, do a song from an artist from that country after announcing who won


Pleaaase react to Kali Uchis latest álbum. It's soo good


I’ll be releasing my first rock album July 19, 2023! That’s why Tyler talked about rock and roll!


you guys should do a reaction to joji unbelievable artist!


You guys should react to i think by Tyler its soo good the drums in it are sick


Os brasileiros obviamente vão ganhar


React to hollywood is bleeding


React to beyonce be alive oscars performance


Love your reactions as usual.
If you haven’t already (I don’t think you have) please react to
Joyner Lucas - I’m not racist
Childish bambino - This is America

Sending love from 🇬🇧


Love Tyler's art. Greetings from Latvia!


Can you please do MF DOOM


You guys definitely NEED to listen to Frank Ocean. He’s amazing!!!
Pyramids, Thinking Bout You, Nights and Self Control are really good


if you guys wanna see something fun again like Earfquake before, try watch his "Fly your wings" 💀 thats another fun time with musically good stuff


toubles featuring tpain by denzel curry


Hello Sir’s I would really enjoy to see your guys reaction to Poe mans dreams (His Vice)- Kendrick Lamar , Sing about me, I’m dying of thirst- Kendrick Lamar! I have many more Kendrick songs hahaha but I’ll start with those !!!!! I hope you guys get to see this and I really appreciate your guys content!!


Tyler’s visuals are always like a Wes Anderson movie


Hi! How bout a Lil Dicky reaction?


New Kids On The Block - Bring Back The Time (Ft Salt-N-Pepa, Rick Astley, En Vogue) please react to this


british boy band: one direction😹


u guys should react to bita and the botflies❤️


Just a random song you could do is Childish Gambino- Sweatshirt one of my favorites from him.


LETSGOOO i love this song so much




Pls react to Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Wembley 1988


Who is here after 'I know NIGO'




I take this as a story of a man who wants to see his girl again and is wondering if he's thinking about her then on the girls side it is the girl Reminiscing on the man by saying I'm about to go to war and I don't know if I'm going to see you again as like the final words that she was told while at the same time she's trying to make it to him and that's why she's on the boat but then the other people on the boat jump off and die which makes it even harder for her to see him


I'm pretty sure they're not on an actual aircraft carrier but a green screen set the sky looks a little too weird the floor looks a little too solid with not a lot of texture


Shoutout from New Zealand! You guys are brilliant haha


yall needa watch this is america


React to after the storm by kali uchis and tyler the creator, is so good !!


Could you react to tory lanez lady of namek thank you !


great video


Can you guys please react to Rod Wave - Tombstone!!


We need something about Taylor swift 🥺🥺🥺


I just saw him at the concert in Atlanta and this couldn’t be timed better




Armed and Dangerous or Bandit by Juice WRLD next please


I think a way to make the bet even more interesting is some stakes! Maybe get a silly wig and whoever loses has to wear it for a video?


Can you please do devil’s work by Joyner Lucas


Missed a couple great vid please do pursuit of happiness by kid cudi


Do more tylerrrrrr please.


love this reaction and him please do his song 911 / Mr. Lonely


Yay! It's Friday! Yay...New Video! 😊


LETS GOOOOO!!! YOU GUYS ACTUALLY WATCHED IT!! You have no idea how happy I got when I saw this notification


React ' telepatia ' from kali , is so good


React to Disney movie encanto song “We don’t talk about Bruno”. It surpassed frozens (let it go) in streams on Spotify and it was #1 for weeks


Check out kali uchis!!!! love her


React to 90210 by Travis Scott please


I recently saw him in concert in Orlando, Florida it was soo fun 🤩


A great companion piece to this song is Kali Uchis song “After the Storm” featuring Tyler. Despite it being on her album both songs transition into each other beautifully!!


she by tyler the creator another classic tyler tune, PLUS an even better intro to frank ocean for you two. Would love to see you guys react to that song for the next time you react to tyler


Lil dickey is another guy you’ll geta kick out of. Haha nice reaction as always 🤝


I love Kali


You guys would get a kick out of the UK RAPPER, Dave. 💪🏼 love the videos!


you should do IFHY by tyler


Kali uchis after the storm is my recommendation




Please react to Dave. My recommendation would be "Heart Attack".


I love these guys


The Whistler by The White Buffalo at Guitar Center


Why y'all keep reacting to rappers as if they're the only genre that we have in this generation.


The brits 🇬🇧


Please do UGK INTERNATIONAL PLAYERS ANTHEM its a great song and great video its southern rap !


You have to react to Corso by Tyler...btw great video. Greetings from Czech Republic


Just so you guys know, at the 6:53 mark in your video, it transitions into a different song on the same album called "Where This Flower Blooms." Not sure why both are combined in his video, but if that seemed jarring to you two, that's why.

Enjoyed the video! Thanks!


Brazilians are the best


loved this!!


We need to see some frank ocean reaction preferably self control 👀👀


Is it just me but do they always pause just before the drop every time 💀 it always causes the flow to not work


You guys should do one of his album reactions. Really appreciate the content.


love this song, great reaction!


Saw this at his recent concert with her! So good 🙂 it was his 31st birthday and we all sang to him. Btw, Tyler also likes men so some of his songs address that for future reference and it's not always about a woman! The concert had him come out through the Philly flat stage on a little boat while he danced. VERY FUN ❤️


Right on time👌👌


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