INTENSE! Reaction to Kanye West – Come To Life

First time hearing and reacting to Kanye West “Come To Life”

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"You better get some water" 🤓👆🏻


Wait until they find out he has a song on the same album called "Up From The Ashes"


the best reaction to this song iv heard.


the song is about God, brilliant song!


This couple is confused…this meant to a New Born Kanye bro… stop saying Kim Kim Kim. Its GOD.


I think the magic of the video has a lot to with it being a live performance and still, the video team and audio team, as well as the performers getting it perfect. This is probably my favorite song on Donda, its so uplifting and triumphant whereas most songs about the same things would be depressing or self destructive. The chords and keys are *chefs kiss*. All these things are just a mirror on kanyes artistry over the last 20 years, man never settles for less.


You guys are so likeable ❤ great review


"uncle right back to the pin"
"I'ma go back to the pen i think he means he's gonna go back to writing" 😭


My favorite song off the album!!


He says “Uncle right back to the pen”


Kanye is a genius


@5:40 "uncle right back to the pen" means, uncle right back to the penitentiary (prison). lol not a pen to write with lmao


one of Kanye's best song! It would be cool if you reacted to some more ye! great reaction btw


Cool video, i like your guys' content. Subbed


Can we talk about the fact that this music video was performed live at the final listening party for Donda?

no retakes, one take, and done live! pure artistry from a misunderstood genius.


If you ever do another kanye song a couple stand out of obvious listen. touch the sky, gold digger, through the wire. Personally, id say life of the partu ft andre3000


Ye has some great stuff throughout his career. Heaven and Hell, Moon, and 24 are some of my favorites off the Donda album.


Uncle back to the pen= Penitentiary!!!!!! 😂


Song makes me cry every time


People loved his songs without even listening in depth to his lyrics! Let alone they all did listen to the lyrics kanye a genius for real


Y'all should try through the wire for them to hear him rap


Through the wire- Kanye


What an amazing reaction by some dudes that could be my pops. love this stuff. and what a great commentary to music!


this music video is actually just footage from a 2hr live show he did to promote his new album donda, which this song is on. thats why it doesnt really fit the mold of a typical music video. watching this live was incredible


About setting in a scene for a long time, Beyoncé and Jay-z done this in Apeshit. I reccomend it for u guys!!


Please do Kanye West Heaven or’s visually brilliant


It's barely a music video it's actually his listening event. But it works.


That church is actually his childhood home with a cross on top.


No he's saying his uncle is going back to the penitentiary and he's worried about his aunts well being. Just a bar that shows people are going through tough things


This song hits different


React to lil durk !


All i got to say is, Fuck Taylor Swift lol God i can't stand her or her music.


was this all a live show?


Not a big Kanye Fan... he's a better producer of videos than a singer and performer. (Thank God for autotune, his live performances are really bad... and not in a good way. He pretty much just talks through his songs instead of singing. He had gone a bit crazy for a while and now he's found, Jesus. (and that's a good thing) I think he lost it for a while when his mother died. They were very close and he loved her very much. I hope he pulls himself together. He deserves to be happy. This video is very deep because it shows how vulnerable he is at the moment but also that he's aware of it and is finding his strength again through Christ.

If you've never reacted to LeAnn Rimes you should. Her song "The Story" is well worth a listen. She has a powerhouse voice. Every bit as good as Celine Dion.


What’s crazy is that was live


Anybody who tries to say that this album trash. Just go and listen to simple ABC bubble gum rap without substance. This album is deep,fire in many ways. It's genius,Ye got back to his creativity.


Fire is a symbol of The Holy Spirit, as you could also hear the lady speaking in tongues in that scene.


Runaway from kayne west please


Runaway from kayne


Runaway by kayne


"Pen" as in Penitentiary. Uncle Right back in the Pen, Tell me how aunty been.


This song (and video) is a masterpiece. Kanye is a musical genius. As much as people may not like him as a person, as an artist you can’t deny how talented he is. Definitely check out more from Kanye. I recommend ‘24’ which is from the same album that Come to Life is, his latest album Donda.


do more kanye, do frank ocean blond, do more tyler, do carti


You guys should do the Tyler the creator Tiny Desk concert he did with NPR


He’s always been religious in a sense


That was shot live in front of a huge audience


kanye is very religious


More Kanye


I think the “pen” refers to uncle getting locked up in the penitentiary, and checking in on how auntie is doing without him.

Kanye frequently advocates for abolishing the 13th amendment


Guys, the one in white walking is the bride of the Lord Jesus Christ that represents the church. In this scene, while all the others that rejected God go the other way, the bride is on the way to her wedding(the church reunification with God the son, Jesus Christ in the day of the Lord in the apocalipse).


Top Tier Content​


Awesome. Can't wait for more Kanye!


Hey old dudes


Yea Kanye's always been pretty openly religious ever since his first album, with Jesus Walks


Would be cool to see you guys listen to a whole album, especially Kanye. Dark twisted fantasy or 808s, you guys would enjoy it based on your reaction.




Just subscribed. Love when ppl actually give Kanye a listen with an opened mind. I hope you guys do more of his stuff. He is without a doubt the best artist of this generation.


Attended the listening party in Chicago and saw this happen live. Was truly a breathtaking & unexpected moment. For further context, this truly was the first time Kim & Kanye had been seen together since their divorce


Pleasseee do Runaway by Kanye.


loved the reaction! Beautiful individuals!


Guys, the Bride in the video is the Bride described in the bible that one Jesus will come back for


this IS incredible comming from you guys thx


Yall seem like dope guys but I looked at your channel and think you’re reacting to the wrong stuff. I think if you got deeper into rap your channel will see some dope numbers with the way you guys seem open minded to new art forms. You can just do better than the cringe pop stuff (not referring to this video ofc. this song is incredible)


thanks for the reaction


Uncle right back to the pen means his uncle right back in jail


Uncle back in the "pen" is jail guys 😄 then he's asking how auntie is because the uncle (her husband) isn't around. Doesn't mean the uncle is writing. But glad you enjoyed.


Cutest couple #pridemonth


I loved this reaction. I am a diehard Kanye fan and I love to see people discover his music. Although he has had some outburst and unpopular opinions he truly is a musical/creative genius. It was nice to see you come in with no pre judgements and really react to the video. You've gained a new fan here!


"This is getting whack" lmfao


Idk why YouTube put this in my recommended but glad they did 😀


Subscribed because of this video! Do more like this and ill be a happy camper lol


"has he found religion?" i think its wild so many people think religious kanye is a "new kanye", ffs one of his breakout hits from his debut album was jesus walks ROFL


Could you react to “Sing for the Moment”?
It has a Aerosmith sample!


woulda loved it if when it ended they were like “… maybe he IS a genius”


Look at the influence of Kanye at work, Well done!


I was there..on Soldier Field as a was amazing!🔥🔥🔥


Kanye has a video and song called “only one” it’s a song sung from the perspective of his dead mother talking to him and his daughter from heaven, him and Paul McCartney came up with it


Listen to 24 and moon by Kanye


Manifestation , heal your chakras good luck everyone love an light from Liverpool England


You know you don’t listen to many when you say you never imagined that from him 😂😂


You guys should watch "24" from the DONDA Album next


this was such a cool reaction


Whew intense reaction to the video. Your pauses gave me a second to breathe! Haha

Great reaction video. Definitely subscribing.


Beyoncé should’ve won that award


This is one of the best comment sections on any video. 🙏🏾




The church/his house never burned down. Kanye walked outside on fire.


The album is about his mother


He says Uncle right back in the pen, not I’m right back to the pen. But good review!


mad when she home, sad when she gone. 😔


3700 like


Was there live, so fucking good. This song is incredible.


Coming up through your child and surviving through hell is what the house, cross, and fire means… Kanye is always creating imagery of a new character with each album. We all change throughout life, but Kanye has the power to show that you can suffer and choose to be a better man as you age. We all learn, but we have a choice to learn and be better. It’s not about yourselves but the ones around you in the end. We have a choice but it’s time to come to life for everyone who hears this ❤️. I hope everyone can hear this from his lyrics.


One thing about Kanye... He's a very very passionate person to what he believes in. As you guys said what he did to Taylor Swift... For the average person, if we really thought someone was better, we'd shut up and go about our day. This dude's passion for music and what he believes, wouldn't let him shut up lol. Definitely wasn't right, but that's Kanye... He gonna tell it like it is. As for his music... He's top tier. Musical genius. While he does have his issues, when it comes to music and production, there is none other like him. Literally all his albums are golden! When I first heard Life Of Pablo, I didn't like it at all... No lie, it be on repeat now. It's one of my favorites from him. I went to his yezus concert here in Oakland, some years ago and I was in heaven. My two favorite... Kendrick Lamar and Kanye. They know how to throw a concert! Check out Kendrick Lamar - Good Kid Mad City album! Y'all won't be disappointed. It paints a picture while it tells a story!


Wish you talked about the song.


Went back and watched all of your videos after being recommended this video by the algorithm. This is by far my favorite reaction from you guys. While I think the concept of two guys from an older generation reacting to this generation's music is solid, I think this video is your best one because this song has actual substance as opposed to just being a pop hit. These guys had some really interesting insight into not only the song but also the cinematography, which is what I really appreciated from the video. That's not to say you should completely go away from the pop reactions but I'd personally like to see more content along these lines. I'll make a few recommendations below:

Bo Burnham - Welcome to the Internet
Tyler the Creator - EARFQUAKE
Kendrick Lamar - ELEMENT.

Also, I love the editing. Adding the clips of the references the guys make is a simple addition that adds a ton of entertainment value.


Liked your reaction! Kanye did another video called ‘24” you guys should check out


kanye burning himself and being in that burning room is the death of his old self


This was shot live during one of the album listening parties


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