JOYFUL! Reaction to Drake – God’s Plan

Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Drake “God’s Plan” from the album “Scorpion”.

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Here's some lyrics.

"And, they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin'
They wishin' on me, yeah

I been movin' calm, don't start no trouble with me
Tryna keep it peaceful is a struggle for me
Don't pull up at 6 AM to cuddle with me
You know how I like it when you lovin' on me
I don't wanna die for them to miss me
Yes, I see the things that they wishin' on me
Hope I got some brothers that outlive me
They gon' tell the story, shit was different with me

God's plan, God's plan
I hold back, sometimes I won't, yeah
I feel good, sometimes I don't, ayy, don't
I finessed down Weston Road, ayy, 'nessed
Might go down a G-O-D, yeah, wait
I go hard on Southside G, yeah, Way
I make sure that north side eat
And still (2X)"

Bad things
It's a lot of bad things
That they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin'
They wishin' on me
Bad things
It's a lot of bad things
That they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin'
They wishin' on me
Yeah, ayy, ayy (ayy)

She say, "Do you love me?" I tell her, "Only partly
I only love my bed and my momma, I'm sorry"
Fifty Dub, I even got it tatted on me
81, they'll bring the crashers to the party
And you know me
Turn the O2 into the O3, dog
Without 40, Oli', there'd be no me
'Magine if I never met the broskis

God's plan, God's plan
I can't do this on my own, ayy, no, ayy
Someone watchin' this shit close, yep, close
I've been me since Scarlett Road, ayy, road, ayy
Might go down as G-O-D, yeah, wait
I go hard on Southside G, ayy, Way
I make sure that north side eat, yuh
And still

Bad things
It's a lot of bad things
That they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin'
They wishin' on me
Yeah, yeah
Bad things
It's a lot of bad things
That they wishin' and wishin' and wishin' and wishin'
They wishin' on me


Ohhh Canada 🇨🇦 ♥️


Do Z-Ro- T.H.U.G.


Kodak black has a documentary where he does the same thing for his block pretty much's always touchin to see artists/celebrities do things for the ppl especially where they came from.... ❤️


Everyone who got stuff directly from him deserved the help. Drake has always given to those in need this time he decided to do it as an example for others. Drake's Mom worked hard to keep him in a neighborhood where he could go to a good school and have every opportunity.


Toronto is a horriblenesses of a city think he would look out for his real city


The fact he’s from Toronto Canada he goes to Miami and gives them money


Such an amazing song but an even better video.


I just came across your chanel and boy! You are great people and it's really refreshing to see geniue stuff here. I really think you should react to something from Beyonce, either from lemonade, self titled, the gift, they all have great songs in them but the gift is crazy in terms of visuals. And Jay-z. We gotta see some of jayz's work here. Great content. Honestly.


I can't stop watching


Love you guys !! Never seen your channel before , but I love you ... 💪🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿


you guys should do Joyner Lucas broke and stupid


React for aissa la bonda 16 please


reminders by mariah the scientist pleasee


React to childish gambino! Redbone, This is America or Heartbeat are good ones


Please check out Blink 182 Rock show, same concept, giving money from the video budget. 😄


Great reactions guys 💯💪🏾


Please do “Book of Soul” by Ab-Soul!


Next react to post Malone with ozzy take what you want or eminem with lil Wayne no love or eminem beautiful


You guys should do life of the party by Kanye


Can you react to INVU by Taeyeon ı think you might really enjoy it🌌💙


Can you please react to devil’s work -Joyner Lucas. Y’all are my favorite reactors


Please react to a Montaigne song. I'd love to hear your thoughts on For Your Love in particular, but you could also do Always Be You, Technicolor or now (in space)


kid cudi please


React new bad bunny Moscow mule


Please react to conan gray comfort crowd or memories


React to yeat please


I absolutely loved the one second insert of Perry handing the envelope to Michael that was high class


not to get political but that guy sayin hes what a president should look like really would make a better president than most who would run. He would understand and have empathy with the working class way more than a guy in a suit ever has


Yall should definitely check out Future - WAIT FOR U (Official Music Video) ft. Drake, Tems


You guys should do a video where you talk about some of YOUR favorite artists from back then to educate us on some of you're favorite music


i beg you guys to react to all falls down-kanye west please it is a masterpiece you wont be dissapointed


6:12 40 is his producer and when he mentions “imagine if I never met the broskies” he’s talking about bird man and lil Wayne that signed him.


The girl he gave the scholarship to graduated like last year. She posted graduation pictures thanking him


Would love to see you guys react to Jackson Wang's "Blow"!


Y’all should listen to “Not the only one” -Michael Christmas


Can you do more Kanye? You guys reacting to Kanye is just mad entertaining


React too The Weeknd “less than zero “


Can you please react to Habit by Katie Noel .🙏🏼


Another great reaction. Can you guys react to some kanye west again in the future ?






Please react to 'All Too Well - Taylor Swift' music video! You will enjoy it 🙂


Can you guys do more Juice Wrld please and thank you btw I love the channel keep it up and positivity of you’s are the best like how you describe everything


You guys should do, walk it talk it by the migos, featuring drake! Very funny concept!


I’ll be playing with him on July 18th, 2023 in Milwaukee!


I would love to see yalls reaction to the Country Greg parody of this song and video it is hilarious.


PLEASE react to the 1975 - give yourself a try


React kodak black - tunnel vision


I am praying you watch Ari Lennox’s music video for her song “Pressure”!! You will LOVE it!!


Please react to The Weeknd House of Balloons/ Glass table girls!!!


You guys should look into XXXTentacion literally any one of his songs slap he’s one of my favourite rappers 🔥


This was wholesome rap video 😂


Waiting for harry styles 😅👀👀


When Drake is gone people will finally realize we will never get anyone like Drake ever again...

The GOAT 🐐


Pls react to some iann dior songs his music is 👌


Would love to see you guys react to Stan by Eminem!!!


We need some Harry styles


Every time that song gets played at the club, everyone gets crazy when he says " I only love my bed and my momma I'm sorry" this song is such a vibe. You should do more songs from that album


React to XXXTENTACION - Moonlight next please! 🫶🏼🫶🏼


T.G.I.F. everyone! Good song, great video! Have a great weekend & keep it safe...
...wrap it up! (Lisa Lopes aka left-eye) 😊
Korn - Freak on a Leash


Great song and great dudes!


The song is good, but I just love the video so much!!


Nice reaction! Can u guys please react to Lucky Daye ,,Over“


This is one of the most beautiful videos I have seen in hip hop in some time. Such a great reaction! I am so glad you both understood what Drake set out to accomplish in this video.


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