LEGIT YO! – Reaction to Jack Harlow – Nail Tech

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Jack Harlow “Nail Tech” from the album “Nail Tech”

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The nail Tech line means: he pays for multiple girls to get there nails done. So the tech keeps the secret.


L with two fingers, I do believe is a shout out to the 502. It is the hand sign for the university of Louisville. The boxing May allude to Muhammad Ali. And he’s “I’m back home” I think y’all are right but he’s talking about people from home.


the L is for louisville cus hes from KY


L still means loser or losses haha


Give out Ls he hands out losses and the two fingers is cause he from Louisville..and Jack is a genuine dude and artist.


that’s young miami


Hello, can you guys please react to Cardi B's WAP 😁 Thanks!


That wasnt nicki or cardi it was one of the city girls lmaoo💀


Kid Cudi - Day N Nite
Kid Cudi - Pursuit of Happyness
Kid Cudi - Mr. Rager
Kid Cudi - GHOST!




You guys should react to BTS "high notes and falsetto's"


I thought Mitch Hedberg was alive again for a minute


react to Aaliyah- Are you that somebody


Youre amaziiing. You should react The Carters Apeshit or any beyonce's song. Thanks for your energy and these wonderful videos


I'll come when they react tô bring me the Horizon


Can you please do Devil’s work by Joyner Lucas


you guys should react to more kendrick lamar such as songs like “PRIDE” “untitled 02” “bitch, don’t kill my vibe” “money trees” “ADHD” all of these are great songs and it would be cool to see y’all react to them


React to “Omar Apollo - invincible”


You guys are wonderful! You should definitely react to Only- Nicki minaj ft. Drake, chris brown and lil wayne. You’ll have a fun time reacting to it. Likewise, we’ll enjoy watching you guys react to it.


Hi guys can you please react to any Harry Styles song maybe like Golden or Falling. Appreciate you guys I hope y'all reach 200 years old ❤


hello, I love your reactions, I would like you to react to "this is not america" ​​​​from Residente, a Puerto Rican artist, it would be great for your Latin fans, thanks


Plz do humble by Kendrick lamar


can you react to Poppin by YEAT


NF - leave us


React to godzilla eminem


Please react to “ Fair “ by Normani. Performing in Jimmy Fallon


You guys should check out paperboys’ lonesome traveler or Barcelona featuring Madcon.


You should react to dear alcohol by dax, its a song with a message a meaning something thats bothering people


Please Streets Doja Cat


Streets - Doja Cat


You guys are so lost in this reaction 🤣😂


Yo, loving the reaction vids. You need to react to Essay’s (UK) new track ‘Wok Fried Vibes’ - https://youtu.be/RaFQ3_5oXVM


Nice react, you should react to This is not America, of a massive Puerto Rican artist, talk a little bit of USA, has english subtitles and I think could be cool to see you talk about the topic of the song


throw these dudes for a loop and play obedient by bladee and ecco2k. i think id die laughing oml


Please react to Ginger Root - Loretta ✨


Miss the nf soon


You did not just say Nicki or cardi 💀💀💀


Can you react to Jocelyn Flores


Joyner Lucas - Keep it 100


You guys should check out Alec Benjamin - Shadow of Mine, Haim - Now I'm In It, Maggie Rogers - Dog Years, or LeeHi - ONLY


Can y’all react to blick blick by coi Leray and Nicki Minaj!!!!!


I remember drinking out of a hose as a kid. Tap water was so clean and delicious back then. Today’s water doesn’t taste the same


more Mac Miller would be so sickkk


You guys should check out lady of namek by Tory lanez!


Zach Bryan - Old Man

Please like this so they can listen to true artist at work. 😮‍💨🔥♥️


hahaha wait till you react to any lil dicky song. You'll crack up LOL


y’all should check out Already Best Friends also by Jack Harlow such a good song


You guys should react to Kanye West, he’s got a ton of incredible music, I suggest “Bound 2”, take care!


Love your video can you guy react to some harry styles


Chucking up the L is for Louisville, his hometown


You guys should listen to boywithuke


Great video! Thanks for reacting to this! I remember meeting Jack at the airport in 2020. Got a picture with him, he’s a cool dude.


Y'ALL THAT'S YUNG MIAMI!! Now you've got to react the City Girls lmao


Ls are for Loses. He doesn't take loses. He wins. He hands out Ls to everyone else.


It’s losses, losses and Louisville


Lmaoo nicki minaj or cardi🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 hell nah lol glad you both listened to it but there is no “rapper” look or image not now a days.


Save dat money by Lil Dicky would be amazing for you guys to cover! You'll laugh so much but its actually brilliant


the Ls out is for Louisville where Jack is from


YAY...it's finally Friday!!! Great to see a video today. Yinz are the best! Good song! Everyone have a fun & safe weekend.
Korn - Freak on a Leash
MGK's version of Rhianna's - Love on the Brain
NF - Clouds


J COLE wet dreamz just to see y’all laugh more
Or even Drake God’s plan for a feel good episode


Hey guys I love your reactions! here Lana Del Rey fans we are waiting for a reaction to any of her amazing music videos that are almost a small movie or any of her incredible and impeccable songs.
You could react to "West Coast" I think you would love it. I send you lots of Kisses from Venezuela!! 😘❤️🇻🇪(sorry for my bad english)


yup it's definitely Nicki Minaj or Cardi B


that’s yung miami y’all 😭😭


Can you react to mgk mabe ft bmth


Love Jack!!


Try colab with hivemind, they remind me of a younger you guys


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