LET’S RATTLE! Reaction to Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby – My Oh My

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Camila Cabello ft. DaBaby “My Oh My” from the album “Romance”

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Please react to All too well: The short film by Taylor Swift :))


React to Bam Bam by Camila Cabello ft. Ed Sheeran


You should react to Living proof, it's a incredible song and video 💜


React more to Camila Cabello’s music!


Love Camila 😍😍


Lol. Old dudes don't know double Ls in Spanish sound like a Y? I guess this should be renamed two old ANGLO dudes.


react to her tiny desk performance please


Please react the new song of this girl... Oh na na na from Camilla Cabello and Myke and tainy


You'd like her Havana's video as well probably 🙂


React to Liar! It's so good





Camila Cabello is amazing 😍 react to her song Senorita with shawn mendes or Good 4 u bbc lounge live


u guys need to do more react to the mainstream-pop singers


Camila's videos are always visually fun to watch, Havana, Senorita, Shameless, Living Proof to name a few, Newest one is Don't Go Yet,


I enjoyed your reaction! React to more Camila Cabello she puts so much thought into all her music videos! They are all mini movies! She’s such a good artist who writes all her music and her live performances are even better! She always delivers!!! 💃🏽🙌🏽


we neEEEEd reaction dont go yet, pleaseeeeeeee


CAMILA IS EVERYTHING !!!!!!!!! 🤠 thanks for react.
please react more to camila cabello, her clips are very creative and her songs are THE BESTS :)))


Yoooo 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 this was nice! Can you checkout “BlueAnon” or “jukebox” by Nick Nittoli next! #teamnick


Guys please react to camila cabello albums pleaseee


Could you do some Lana Del Rey


You guys should react save me by xxxtentacion


React to Fue mejor by Kali Uchis & SZA🙌🏼🙌🏼


The guy on the right almost looks like steve perry lol.


Please keep making these videos, you two are fantastic. Youre like my cool uncles


If you like the video's by Doja Cat, you'll love love love Victoria Monet, "Moment." It has subduction, with a twist of romance, & a sinister ending that's totally unexpected, & I know you'll love it.


Hi! React to Anitta "Me Gusta" and also "Will I See You" from her. "Nem Um Pouquinho" by Duda Beat and "Meu pisêro", also by Duda Beat. These are great jobs. Both are wonderful Brazilian artists! I love them. I would very much like you to react to them! ✨


React to Xxxtentacion look at me video pls
RIP X 💙🕊


Hola! You are the coolest 🤩 please react to Selena Quintanilla 💜 you should start with "Como la flor" live from the Astrodome 👑 hugs from Venezuela 🇻🇪👋🏼


Camila ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


You guys have to do ain’t it funny by Danny brown


You'll love to react to Victoria Monet, "Moment." The video is a masterpiece, very unique, well thought out, & a very unexpected sinister twist at the end.


Here you go - a band that is current, putting out songs that have deep roots in classic hard rock, mixed with grunge and a bit of punk and some other elements - The Warning. Their 2014 cover of Metallica's 'Enter Sandman' got 22+ million views. Now they have an EP and 3 albums out. Try 'Evolve' or 'Choke' from their YT channel.


Loved ur reaction, guys, it's really interesting to hear the way you perceive this video! Please react to more of Camila's videos, they're so creative...Liar, Don't go yet, Havana, Shameless...


Love your reaction . You should react more to Camila Cabello songs


Wow por fin alguien que si sabe de arte!


also it's Pronounced cam-E-la cabeYO :))


i loved your reaction! you should react to Coldplay, Camila Cabello, and Shawn Mendes signing yellow for global citizen. it's on youtube 🙂 and it's literally my favorite there voices fit so well with that song


more camila please, i neeeed and would be happy to follow you guys on a journey through her career because she really is so musically gifted. subscribed 🙂 for starters you should react to her on BBC Radio where she performed her own song Don't Go as well as a cover of Olivia Rodrigo's GOOD 4 u


Please react to Don't go yet de camila cabello.. is so good!🔥🕺💃


Can y’all react to dababy - bop


Can y’all react to Normani PLSSSSS- wildside


Please react to lalisa and money by lisa from blackpink 🤗


Y'all are fantastic! I just found the channel today and I'm binging it all now


React to alright by Kendrick Lamar, it's a fantastic song


Nice y’all should react to Hey Mama by kanye


Then you guys should really react to Is silk sonic, Bruno Mars, and Anderson pack leave the door open


Omg there is so much more you could react to from camila if you like her music videos ...like havana or liar are also pretty good from the music and video also i can say react to shawn mendes he has also pretty good songs i can recommend wonder , in my blood ,lost in japan this are also pretty cool videos and also amazing musically !!


PLEASE react to god is a woman by ariana grande !!!


Always look forward to your reactions. Thanks for putting a smile on our faces.


Really love the reactions can you guys do beware by death grips


Like these old dudes. Hope their channel grows exponentially in the near future




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