MAGNIFICENT! Reaction to Lil Dicky – Earth

Watch Two Old Dudes blind reaction to Lil Dicky “Earth” from the album “Earth”.

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I wonder what happened to these guy's 50k subscribers is good


Lil Dicky is Jewish thats why he said "we forgive you Germany"




I love your videos


Yall should react to more Lil dicky. He's funny as he'll and a really good lyricist. He does a whole animated music video with Snoop Dogg about why he should be in the rap game lol its so good


honestly I really like Lil dicky, until heade a song with Chris Brown. Who almost beat Rihanna to death literally, and a history of violence against women. so I lost all respect for Lil dicky, who I was listing too from his first big song with "Professional rapper with snoop dog" but after that Chris Brown collaboration I have trouble listening to him at all.


Do as much Dicky as you can... you can't go wrong with any of it, including his freestyles.


Lil Dicky is 🔥🔥🔥 Please check out more!!


I have never laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣


damn what a throwback, haven’t watched this since when it came out. probably sounds weird me saying that cause it wasn’t even that long ago, 2019 i think, but it genuinely feels so much longer.

don’t really listen to much lil dicky but you have to check out freaky friday with chris brown, if you haven’t already


Please react to this is America by childish gambino 🫡🫡


You guys need to react to "Molly", "Lemme Freak", and "Save Dat Money". My absolute favorites. His videos are the best part though!


This is somewhat throwing you into the deep end but being old, I think you can handle it. See what i did there. 🙂 This is a heavy metal all female Japanese band who sings in english. Song teaser: they are a heavy metal band, just remember that when you see what happens. I will be happy to share their heavier thrash / Power metal...but this is one of their masterpieces; and it is absolutely a masterpiece! Band LOVEBITES, song is A Frozen Serenade enjoy! Be prepared for my fellow Wolfpack to invade your channel if you post your reaction.


Kanye was Kevin hart


Pls react to Dancing With The Devil by Demi Lovato


I'm a new sub and I must say I love your channel and your vibes! Also I was shipping you guys just to find you're not a couple 😅 sorry


You did god is a women do god is a women cover by aurora


React to star shopping by lil peep


Next video can you guys please review Yungblud- God Save Me But Don’t Drown Me Out it’s one of my favorite songs and he is phenomenal person as well


You guys got to check out molly from him!!!


Lil Dicky is an Amazing rapper.. and funny as hell!!


reupload the liar reaction pls 🙁


Lil dicky is perfect for you to react to


Could you guys maybe react to LiL PEEP "Crybaby" or "Hellboy", those are 2 of his most meaningful songs. Love your videos ^^


Pls react to lady gaga and nicky minaj


Can i ask where y’all are based in? I almost LOST MY MIND because I could’ve sworn one of y’all came into my restaurant, but I didn’t want to approach on the off chance I was wrong. Love the videos! Upvote this so they see this comment!


Do Pillow Talking too


You might like Lil Dicky- save that money


Happy Friday everyone! Please have a safe & fun 4th of July. Good song, Great video. So glad yinz are here. Please stay hydrated, it's hot out there.


“There’s a lot of voices in this , so I’m wondering if maybe some of them are famous” oh boy do I have something to tell you


please do molly by lil dicky! Its such a great song, I think you guys will really appreciate it


Can u react to warm embrace by Chris Brown plz it's so good


I loved your reactions so much it should be illegal 😂 could you also react to Hailee Steinfeld? Shes an amazing underrated singer <3


Fun fact: the Kanye west line was actually Kevin heart.


Really, really enjoyed the reaction guys, definitely one of my favorites


Professional Rapper by Lil Dicky is a great song! You guys should definitely check that one out next!


Y'all should listen to Pillow Talking and Professional Rapper by him


Pls react to save dat money by lil dicky!!
Very entertaining music video concept


Smoking out the window is a good song. Please


Glad you guys are getting into some Lil Dicky. I will say, this song doesn't really highlight his musical skills as much as his other work, it's more of a project to bring more awareness. If you really want to see what Dicky has to offer, I'd recommend "Professional Rapper" or "Russell Westbrook On a Farm". He's usually got comedy in his raps, but he's definitely a fantastic rapper even without


Lil Dicky in 2019: "Hey Russia, we're cool."

The World in 2022: "Are you sure about that?"


Glad you guys finally got Lil Dicky on here! All his videos are pretty funny and more conceptual than the average. I hope one day you guys can react to "Save Dat Money", I think you guys would really dig that one!


Lil Dicky is hilarious


First comment lol. Loooove the reaction guys!!


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